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Likes Her Better

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Selena is the daughter of one of the richest families in town. She must always have the best of everything. There’s just one problem...her best friend, Lucienne. No matter where she goes, everyone seems to like Lucienne better. Will anyone ever like Selena best?

My name is Selena, and I’m the most important girl in town. Everywhere I go, people stare and whisper. “Oh, that’s the rich girl!” they say. “Oh, her family has so much money!” And it’s true! My dad is a diplomat, which basically means we have a LOT of money. This is why I’ve always been confused as to why people like my best friend, Lucienne, better than me. Before Lucienne came to town, I was always the first pick, always the favourite. Then she came around, and suddenly, I wasn’t the star of the show anymore. Everyone LOVES Lucienne. I mean, come one. Her dad is a GROCER. A grocer, I tell you! Where’s the money in that? She always has crappy clothes and dirty hair. On the other hand, I always wear beautiful designer labels, and I have a personal hairdresser to wash and style my hair every morning. I really don’t get it. HOW can people like her more than me? Her father is a grocer! But of course, nowadays people don’t care about hard-earned money anymore. All they care about is “LOVE” and “PERSONALITY”. I mean, COME ON. My town used to be really great. The rules were simple. Whoever is the richest, is the queen of the whole town. And, baby, am I rich! But nobody ever looks at me anymore. All anyone cares about is Lucienne.

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428 days ago
whens number two coming ouuuuut
706 days ago
Sorry there’s so many extra bits at the end 😂