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Love Ties

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This is a short little trailer for the story I plan to write! This is NOT the first chapter, but simply only a teaser trailer! I’m not the best at writing, so don’t expect too much quality content out of this! This will be a romance, and it will be my first!


    I’ve heard the word being thrown around thousands of times.
    I’d seen it all around me.
    I’d grown up with unconditional love from my family and friends.
    I’d always wanted my own person to love and call my own, but here, being 17 years old living on my own, I still hadn’t found the one.
    I didn’t care that all my friends were growing up, getting boyfriends and girlfriends, becoming real adults, and starting the rest of their lives. I hadn’t thought about it earlier in my life, though now, it felt as if I had always been thinking about it. In all honesty, I expected “The One” to find me so I didn’t have to do anything except sit and wait.
    Heck, I’m not even sure if I’m straight or not.
    But here I am, still a single pringle.
    For all 17 years of my life.
    Love is a strange thing that I may not be ready to risk my life
    for, but I’m all in for the ride.

    —————Authors Note———-
    Gah! I wrote this off the top of my head in Mexico while I was on vacation! It’s pretty rough, this first preview, but hopefully, you’ll come back for the first chapters and work along with me! I’m always open to suggestions as long as they are kind for me and the others reading! (The title name is also pretty random too, it may change in the future!)

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539 days ago
That was neat,you should make more!
576 days ago
Hi! I hope you like the short random little trailer! The chapters will be more thought out, don’t worry, haha. Can’t wait to see how everyone likes it, and feel free to leave suggestions for editing! I’m always open to friendly ideas!