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If you miss him...

3 Chapter - 359 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 100 taken-The story is currently being written

This is a love story.

    "Why do you have to go? Can't you stay? Last year you said.."
    "I know Lily," said Noah. They lay in Lily's bed that night. Promising they will never let go. "But..." Lily responds. "NO BUTS LILY! I CAN'T CONTROL WHAT MY FAMILY DECIDES WHAT I DO!" before Lily could respond, Noah's phone rings. "Hey, mom. Okay, I'll be there. Yeah, mom just a few minutes. Okay. Bye." Lily looks up. Thinking about what it will be like without Noah. "I got to go Lily. Ember needs to go out on a walk and everyone is needing my help in the kitchen." They say their goodbyes, and once Noah walks out of her room, Lily cries so hard, she can't feel her face.

    The next day Lily's friend come over. They talk about Noah and give her advice. Lily's best friend, Ember, said the most enchanting words to Lily, words that Lily Will never forget, even if she got amnesia.
    "Lily, if you miss him...
    Knock on his bedroom window after school. Say hi, talk, then do it over again every day.
    If you miss him, draw pictures of roses blooming in the summer sun
    If you miss him, ask him to hang. Just because he goes to a different school on the other side of town, doesn't mean you can't see him ever again!"

    The next day, Lily did exactly what ember had told her to. She did it once a week. They were so happy. And then came the fight...

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529 days ago
Good story. But as my bestie would say (she’s a super book fan) there are a lot of holes, about as much as Swiss cheese. So I would really appreciate if you could make a Part 2 that answers all the questions. Anyway, keep up the good work as an author!
559 days ago
Part 2??? Or was that it??
564 days ago
Hi I'm the author and if you have any questions or comments pls do It in the chat pls don't be in appropriate too. Have a lovely day!