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🌸’s Crush Advice

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Well, I know a lot of people are kind of guilty of doing this but do not worry! Yup, I am talking about researching on the internet to see if your crush likes you or not and how to make them like you if they do not. So, I decided to look at pages like these (WikiHow specifically) and I did notice a few errors. This fan page is for advice that hopefully works out better for you. But it will also maybe give you advice! Hope you like it- and if you have a problem you are very welcome to write it down in the comments.

    So chapter 1 is all about if your crush actually likes you or not. There are many signs so don’t worry if you have not got any basic ones.

    1) A boy stares at you. He is basically checking you out! But if your crush is a girl then they will do the complete opposite- they will look at you and then look away. They want to check you out but are shy if you notice them so they pretend they were not looking at you.

    2) They ask for your number. This shows that they want to get to know you better to create a friendship as they can have a way of contacting you outside of school or work.

    3) They smile at you. They deliver want you to notice them.

    4) They give you ‘gifts’ when it is not even an occasion they are giving it for. They want to show appreciation!

    5) Their friends talk about you two- or maybe they won’t! They will either try to express their friend’s feelings for you or the friend will have told them to be quiet!

    6) When texting (if you have them in your contacts) they will often send long texts telling you about their day or will send you hearts on their messages. For the long texts, they want you to know their daily activities and for the hearts, they are trying to express their feelings but they think they are not doing so in an obvious way. This is wrong! They totally like you otherwise why would they send the hearts in the first place?

    Chapter 2 is all about how to tell or show your crush that you like them (or how to make them like you) without saying ‘I like you.

    1) Personally I think saying ‘I like you’ (or love) is a big mistake. No wonder there is probably a higher chance of getting rejected. It sounds weird but I shall explain! So, you have (I will assume) been bottling up your emotions in order for your crush to not know you like them. So they might not really know much about you or your crush on them. But then, BAM! You hit them with your feelings and tell them you like them. You get rejected (maybe you might not I guess). You got rejected because you didn’t show any other affection to them or maybe not enough for them to wake up and think ‘this person likes me’. They are basically puzzled and want time to think! So, instead of just telling them, maybe use actions instead of words.

    2) Be yourself! So it sounds cheesy but you will not regret it. People want (or sensible people) authentic people who are themselves because there is no point in being someone else. They can just find that somebody else anyways if they are toxic and forget all about you.

    3) Connect with them a bit more- especially if they don’t really notice you. If they don’t know you then slowly (and I mean slowly) introduce yourself to them so they can get used to your sort of environment. If you know them then try to be friends. If you are already friends then show more affection!

    4) Do not rush into anything! This links to points 1 and 3. Making friends takes time, trust, and mutual care (plus respect).

    Bonus chapter 3! This is all about toxic crushes and why you should avoid them.

    1) The popular, cool one. No, no, and no! This is probably one of the worst ones ever. So, I am not telling you to go for a nerd but probably do not go for this one either. The popular cool one is always full of themselves and will never have respect for you if you are not considered cool. From personal experience, they will always try to date the person who is considered the coolest at the time. ‘At the time’ is a key part. The most popular will always change so if you are going out with someone like this then you will most probably get dumped at some point. Also, they will want you to change yourself but they will never respect you so just avoid it anyways.

    2) The lazy friend. A bit of a weird one but just no again! They don’t care about love, they care about getting someone else to fix their problems, which would be you. Also by ‘lazy friend’ I don’t necessarily mean ‘the friend that is funny but is a couch potato and always eats something’. I just mean someone who is rude and, well, lazy. If they are your friend as well then maybe have a think about that too.

    3) Someone who is not compatible with your zodiac sign. Yes, I love astrology. It sounds crazy at first but astrology can be true! You can reveal someone’s personality and compare it to yours!

    Thanks for reading and also I know there is not much at the moment but I shall keep on developing these pages! Have a lovely day!

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thats ok. good quiz btw! You really helped me
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Sure I am currently developing this so I can certainly do more research!
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Anymore tips (these are so helpful)