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Chapter 2

She sat. She didn't want to stand, she didn't want to talk and she certainly didn't want to sleep. So Evie sat. Staring at everything for at least an hour until James couldn't stop bugging her. Evie finally stood up and walked around the hospital. Everything but nothing was inside her soul and there wasn't much that could heal that right now. But she had time that she didn't know of, so how could she say when all would be fine? She couldn't and she understood that. Evie was smart. In school she was average but with the world, she was the most clever and intaking 15-year old that you would ever meet. She returned to the door where her mother was being looked at and sat down again. In presence of others she had felt hope around the hospital, she had felt that others had hope sitting outside their doors, but Evie didn't have hope, neither did she feel she was in the presence of hope or that it wanted her to join the party.“ Miss Chester“, „umm,- yes?“ „ Follow me, please. I know and you know too that you have been seated from your father for a reason, but now let me take you to him“ said the doctor. So, Evie got up and followed him into the room. Her Dad's face was red, and little drops and lines of tears were Clear to spot. He looked up and immediately got up to wash it. As soon as he got back the doctors explained…….
„ -so I am so sorry to say that your mother has passed away.“ Dr. Harper ended, in tears.

1 Month later everything was sorted out, the Funeral was planned and everyone was slowly getting used to not waking up with breakfast made. Evie was using another day to go outside and ask her Friends to go to the Hammer. The Hammer was a nice little Bar made for kids from 13-21, which was the fun part! When Evie, Holly, Lucy, and Chris arrived, Evie was hugged and told to tell her Father good things, which was a different welcome than normal. Lucy, who was standing staring at everything, was new in Halped. Coming in from the door, left, was the bar, with lots of bartenders, Champagne glasses, and juices. On the ceiling were Marble stones in Gold rings, being litten up by ceiling lights.
There was a glass sky window, which was nice the night especially since the Hammer was on the top floor. „ Hey, so who is this new lady? „ Paul asked „ may I check that you are 14 or over? „ „ she's with us „ Holly said-and continued: “ don't worry Paul, she's 15 and not a smoker. You’ve got nothing to worry about.“ „ Well then, enjoy!“ They walked to a table, and only then did Evie tell what had exactly happened to her mother.“So she just had a panic attack? Like a really bad one?“ Holly asked.“yep…..“
After a while, they decided to head back, home. One step after the other, eyes all tired, they speed-walked, until they ran. They ran and they ran and Evie couldn't stop feeling free. As she waved goodbye to her friends, while bringing theme each other to their doorstep, Evie suddenly realized how much she needed them. 5 steps to her doorstep at 9 pm it started pouring rain. Instead of going inside this girl stopped at looked at her clothes, soaking wet. Clearing her head in the rain had always been what she was known for. So she decided to be late at home and ran off to a place where there was only one other person who knew of it.
By the time she got there, it was almost dark. The stars were now glowing and it reminded her of something. Her Mom had, (wow I have to say had now..) always taken her to watch the sky at least once at the beginning of the school year. Evie now stood losing herself. Then she felt a hand on her shoulder, and as she turned around, her lips were being kissed like never before.

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