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Love, crushes, BFFS and drama queens

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Kelsie has a huge crush on Ryder but so does Evelyn, the most popular girl in school! Can she get Ryder to go with her to the Halloween dance, stop drama with her friends, and put Evelyn in her place, all whilst dealing with her crazy classmates?

    Okay, yes, I know. The most popular girl in school, Evelyn Talford, has a crush on Ryder .. my crush. My friends, Serena and Adriane, were definitely not listening when I ranted about this to them - they were busy staring at Ryan Gress, a boy that they think is cute. Personally, I don’t see it, but whatever. Anyway, the Halloween dance is nearing - the biggest school event in the year. It’s a HUGE deal here for some reason. And of course, Evelyn will ask Ryder, Jozefina will ask Hunter, Layla will ask Tristan, etc. And of course, they will all say yes! I really, really hope that Ryder says no. We are actually quite good friends, but I don’t know if he feels the same way. Oh, got to run - Evelyn’s little gang is walking by. See you later Diary!

    So, I actually just had a great conversation with Ryder! He says he wants to play his guitar at the dance. He’s SUPER talented, and I totally think he should do it! One problem though - I don’t know how Evelyn will feel about this 😒. I mean, she hasn’t asked him yet, but it’s basically guaranteed that he’ll go with her. I just wish that there was something I could do about it! I’ve gotta get to maths now. Ugh, with Sara and Fred. They keep kissing in the lesson, and when they are not, Fred NEVER shuts up. See ya later Diary!

    She did it. Evelyn asked Ryder to the dance. And. He. Said. NO! Woohoo! He said he’s gonna ask a friend. I wonder who?
    Ugh! Evelyn is acting so mean! She clearly thinks it’s my fault that Ryder said no. I mean seriously! How could I have anything to do with it? She was all like, “Oh hiiiii, Kelsie.. eww, what have you done to your hair? Are you wearing a bird's nest for a free wig?” Then she snickered, along with Jozefina and Sydney, and sashayed off sassily. It made me cringe so hard! I don’t get how she has any friends. Practically everyone WORSHIPS her!
    See ya later Diary!

    Omg, today was soooo boring! I had English with Fred (but, thankfully, not Sara). He kept tapping me on the back and asking for all the answers! First of all, it’s English, so there weren’t even any questions to answer (he knew that if he was paying attention) and second of all, IF YOU WANNA BE SMART, FRED, PICK UP A BOOK! I’m gonna say that to his face one day. Like, on the last day of school. Until then, I’ll just have to deal with him:(.
    Sorry about the rant.
    See ya later Diary!

    Ticket sales for the dance went out today, and 1
    30 have been bought already .. including mine! Adriane and Serena are hoping Ryan will ask one of them. It’s really unlikely, but I don’t want to make them sad, so I’m not saying anything about it. He keeps staring at Hannah Smith, one of the stupidest people in the universe! It’s really weird, because her twin, Ava Smith, is incredibly clever! Like, full-marks-on-every-single-test-she-ever-does clever! The sign-up sheet to help out at the dance also went up today, and Brooke, Marsha, and Brendan have written their names on it.
    See you later Diary!

    Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg! OMG! Ryder. Asked. Me.To. The. Dance!
    I said yes as loudly as my voice could go, and then ran off before I FAINTED with excitement! Tomorrow, I’m going shopping to find the perfect dress to wear to the dance. I honestly can’t believe it! I’m sooooooo happy! I can’t wait 😊!
    See ya later Diary!

    Today, Ryan asked Adriane to the dance completely unexpectedly! But then, he called Serena UGLY, PATHETIC and STUPID. If anyone is ugly, pathetic, and stupid then it’s Ryan! What an *insert rude word here*! I can’t believe he did that! The worst part is, Adriane was so happy because she was asked out that she didn’t believe Serena! How horrible is that! I have to make things right...
    Okay, thank god, problem solved! Phew! I had finally got Adriane to believe me (sort of) when we saw Ryan FLIRTING with Sara! Yep, Sara, who makes out with Fred in the middle of maths! Adriane totally dumped him! It was hilarious! Thankfully, Serena and Adriane are friends again, but I was scared for a moment! See ya later Diary!

    I went shopping for my dress today! It took me HOURS to find the right one - I wanted to look absolutely PERFECT for the dance! I like Ryder so much, and I really want to impress him! My dress is turquoise, black, gold, and silver, and looks like the dress that the queen of spiders would wear! I’m going to put on black eye-shadow and wear my favorite Halloween necklace (a spider's web) with it, and a turquoise and black masquerade-type mask! I just hope Ryder likes it!
    See ya later, Diary!

    Omg! The dance was completely, absolutely, totally PERFECT! It was definitely the best night of my life! When I stepped inside, I saw Ryder immediately, wearing a tuxedo! I think he needed reminding that this was a dance, not a WEDDING, but he was so cute that I didn’t say anything. A slow song -one of my favorites, by the way- came on, and Ryder said “hey, Kelsie, want to dance?” I said I’d love to! We did a ballroom dance, and it finished with me - and I know this is unusual- going back to the bridge and back up again! Then, we gazed into each other’s eyes - that is, until we realized that EVERYONE was GAWPING at us! I took a step back and apologized profusely, but tripped on a sweet wrapper and -

    FELL ONTO RYDER, ACCIDENTALLY KISSING HIM ON THE LIPS! Then, we kissed again, on purpose! Evelyn actually FAINTED into poor Brendan, who was just innocently sweeping the floor! It was hilarious!
    Afterward, Ryder and I agreed to start dating properly! Yay! Adriane found a date .. SERENA! Turns out they were both secretly in love with each other, and they were just pretending to like Ryan (who, by the way, ended up going with Evelyn because Sara and Fred got back together) so that the other one wouldn’t know! Awww! All of our nights were perfect!

    And that is how I deal with my funny, silly, stupid (sometimes), mostly nice

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12 days ago
220 days ago
I feel like it was too short and predictable but for a random story off the internet, it was pretty good! If the writer is in a grade higher than sixth then she or he can do better, otherwise it's great.
259 days ago
LOL. Evelyn got what was coming for her. This story is so funny and has a really good twist at the end when the two friends actually liked each other!!!!!
P.S. that outfit would've been beautiful!!!
266 days ago
great love story :) although its probably made up :D
331 days ago
I love the part wr u & Ryder kiss! So unexpected. Great story! :) ***
Did you & Ryder actually kiss?
386 days ago
I love this story btw: I don’t remember the name of the sequel so can someone tell me.
453 days ago
Also if you think this is unrealistic you should read dork diaries 🤣
455 days ago
I know this whole book was a joke my friend dared me to write it 😆 she’s obsessed with dork diaries so I made it like that. I wrote this in like 20 minutes so I know it’s terrible lol
456 days ago
456 days ago
I liked the spinoff better
457 days ago
so unreallistic, it 🌻and too many characters made it too confusing