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Truly Something (Part one)

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This is the love story of two girls, Adriane and Serena. It is a spin-off of Love, Crushes, BFFS, and Drama Queens, but no context is needed to understand it. Serena and Adriane like each other, but they each think the other is straight and likes a boy called Ryan Gress. Can this be solved before the Halloween Dance?
Please note: this is one of the first books I’ve ever written, and it is really long. This is only part one. I will write part two of people want me to. If 3 people ask for it in the comments then I will write it.

Adriane’s POV I haven’t seen Serena since the start of summer. Now that we are back at school, I’ll finally talk to her again. I see her walking
Adriane’s POV

I haven’t seen Serena since the start of summer. Now that we are back at school, I’ll finally talk to her again. I see her walking through the gates, looking around. I wave frantically at her, and she notices, breaking into a run to get to me.
“Adri!” she cries. “It’s been waaaay too long!” Her deep green eyes laugh as she swishes back her silky dark hair.

I’ve had a crush on Serena since, well, since I first met her 3 years ago. She was reading a book underneath the willow tree. She was the new girl. I walked up to her and said hello. She said, “ Hi. I’m Serena. And I can tell that we are going to be besties.” She was right.3 years later, and we are best friends. She is beautiful, intelligent, kind, funny, serious yet goofy, crazy yet completely normal. It’s amazing how she does it all at once.

“Let’s find Kelsie!” I suggest. Kelsie is our other BFF, and though she is completely bonkers, she is one of the best friends I’ve ever had. We spot her by her crush’s locker.
“Kels!” Serena shouts. They hug me and Kelsie hug, and finally me and Serena hug. I feel myself blushing bright red, and hope she doesn’t notice. That girl gives me butterflies. Every time.

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12 days ago
Are you gonna wrote a part 3? I wanna know do they tell kelsie~
12 days ago
Amazing!!! But i don't see part 2 anywhere? Can you sent a link please🥺👉👈
12 days ago
367 days ago
adriane is the perfect description of my girlfriend.
386 days ago
Could you please write part three?
453 days ago
Thanks! I’ll write another as soon as I finish part 2 of this story.
454 days ago
You should obviously make another book I loved all your stories so far and can’t wait for another!
455 days ago
By the way after p2 should I write another book?
455 days ago
Aww thank you so much! I’ll get started on part 2 right away!
456 days ago
lol, my crush's name is evelyn- I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! TOTALLY MAKE MORE!! (thank you for this addicting story)
456 days ago
U should make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
456 days ago
I luv the story so much!!! I am lesbian too!
456 days ago
Is that where it ends?
458 days ago
undefinedsorry for the typo at the end
458 days ago
Should I write part 2? (I wrote this btw) to