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Imagine Your Crush Story

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Imagine Your Crush. (FOR GIRLS ONLY)

    You wake up early because you have a big day today. It's summer and your crush, c/n invites you and your friends to a pool party. For some reason, he only invited you first, but you texted him to invite your friends too. You feel special because he did that, but he might have just forgot about them. It's time to go to the pool party and your swimsuit looks great! You and your friends arrive, and you see c/n waiting for you all at the door. He says, "Hey y/n! Uh- and also hello y/n's friends…" You and him are blushing and staring at each other. You and your friends hop in the pool and c/n tries to impress you by jumping on the trampoline, into the pool, by doing a backflip. He impresses you and your friends start pushing you to asking him if he can teach you how to do it.

    You finally ask him, and he says, "Oh, really? Uhm, I mean well, of course sure!" You say you're a bit scared, but he says he will catch you. You did it and he caught you! You say, "N-nice catch!" He smiles and you and says, "Anytime!" You get hungry, so you go get some chips, but c/n stops you and says, "No worries, I can pay for you!" You say, "Oh, thanks so much!" You guys have that one awkward stare because you're literally one inch away from each other. He pays and gives you the chips awkwardly. You say, "Thanks…" After all that, your mom calls you, and she says it's time to go. You say bye to all your friends and c/n but c/n says, "Wait, I have something to tell you." You say, "I was about to say the same thing." He smiles at you, and you go to the back of the house.

    He says, "I've been wanting to tell you that... I have a really big crush on you and I think you're really cute!" He blushes and covers his face with his hands. You say, "I've liked you since 5th grade. I think you're really cute too." He looks back at you with the sweetest smile. He says, "R-really?" You say, "Well, of course! You're so smart, funny, and…my type." You blush and smile at each other. He kisses you on the forehead. He has the softest lips. You loved it. You ask him if he wanted to hang out tomorrow. He says yes. You hear a car honk. It's your mom's car. You get picked up and tell your mom about everything. She is so proud of you and also thinks c/n is great for you! Your life is way better after that one day. You and c/n are in a healthy relationship, and you lived a happy ever after.

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