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Deeper Than Wounds

5 Chapter - 5.649 Words - Developed by:
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When Jazz is stung by a jellyfish severely she needs someone to tend to her and do a few things around her house. When she sees an ad for an assistant she emails them and the new guy starts working for her, but what Jazz doesn’t realize if this man is her brother that ran away years ago from home. While he is helping Jazz, he knows who she is, but she doesn’t remember him because she was younger at the time. Jazz brother tries to keep it a secret but when her mother comes by, she tells it. When an argument starts, Jazz has to decide will she be on her mother's side or her brother's side, and how can she help them fix this?

    This story is about a woman named Jazz and her brother Ejay. So let’s get to their story. Jazz went to the beach today because she needed a break from city life. It was a beautiful windy day and there weren't that many people at the beach.
    When Jazz got to the beach she didn’t pay attention to the sign-up that said (Caution Jellyfish Increase Stay Only In Shallow Areas Of Beach). She was walking along the beach picking up shiny rocks and seashells for her collection. “Wow today is so nice and cool. I’m glad I came out here.” She said, smiling and taking in the fresh air.
    Jazz was tempted to go into the water. It looked relaxing, and small waves were crashing. She decided to dip her toes in the water for a few minutes. While walking in the water and feeling the waves crashing against her legs, she felt something squishy on her leg, but she wasn’t paying attention. She started walking a little more in the water and then all of a sudden, 2 jellyfish stung her on the legs. “AHHHHHH HELP!” She hollered in pain.
    A lifeguard saw Jazz fall back in the water screaming, and he ran out there as fast as he could. The jellyfish kept stinging her legs and she was crying in pain. Then she looked down and saw more jellyfish. “SOMEONE HELP ME I HAVE BEEN STUNG BY A JELLYFISH!” She hollered. The guard made it there in time and pulled her out of the water. People started standing around looking concerned. The jellyfish were still attached to Jazz legs. The lifeguard had to remove the jellyfish and Jazz was crying badly.
    After the lifeguard and his crew got Jazz to their medical center, they had to carefully get the other tentacles off her legs, they put medical creams on her legs as she laid there in pain. “My legs are stinging and turning purple!” Jazz hollered. “Hold on ma’am we are trying to help you.” The man said. They put antihistamine ointment on her jellyfish stings and gave her some ibuprofen. Jazz was still crying while stretched out on their medical table.
    After 5 hours of keeping her there to watch her and help her, the lifeguard and his team dismissed Jazz, and she went home still in pain. The next day, Jazz legs didn’t feel any better. She needed someone to help her around the house and to tend to her swollen painful legs. She was looking online and found a full-time nursing assistant for injured patients. The website was called Doves Regional Care Facility.
    She filled out an application then sent it and called the facility. “Hi, my name is Jazz Williams and I just filled out a patient application for your facility. I need a nurse assistant ASAP.” “Okay Miss. Williams, I see your application right here, so you've been stung severely by jellyfish and couldn’t really walk at the time?” The man who owned the facility said. “Yes, exactly. How long do your nurse assistants work for and their hours?” “We have day nurse assistants and night nurse assistants. Each assistant works from Monday to Friday and has a schedule for 7 to 12 hours depending on what they prefer to do. We give our nurse assistants a month to work with that patient, and then we move them on to the next patient that puts in an application.” He said.
    “Okay, and how much will it cost me?” Jazz asked. “Well how many hours do you want them for?” “Since y'all are full-time I just need someone for 7 hours each day.” “Okay, so you have to pay $12 an hour, and you have to pay them every week on Friday. So, that will be $420 each week.” “Wow that’s a lot, but it will have to do. Can I pay through debit card?” “Yes, you can, and I will call you tomorrow at 10:00am to let you know who will be coming as your nurse assistant.” “Okay thank you.” “You're welcome to have a good day.” The lady said. “You too bye.” Jazz said, hanging up.

    The next morning at 9:00 Jazz got a phone call from Dove Regional care facility. “Hi Miss. Nickels this is Dove Regional facility, and I was calling to let you know we have a worker that can come out to you today, so you can meet him. His name is Ejay.” “Okay great well I already put my address on the application. Can you send him over now because I’m in pain and can’t really move off the sofa right now? I had to sleep on the sofa last night.”
    “Yes, of course, now he will be coming over there from 10:00 in the morning to 5:00 close tonight every day for a month or until you call the facility and let us know you no longer need him. Don’t forget it's $420 every Friday and you can pay with your debit card and just have to get his information, so you can pay him.” “Okay thank you.” “You're welcome and if you have any questions, you can call back and ask me. My name is Shelly.” “Okay thank you, Shelly, I appreciate it.” “No problem, have a good day Miss. Nickels.” She said, then hung up.
    Jazz looked around, and her home was a little messy, but she couldn’t really move much to get around and do some cleaning before the nurse assistant got there. 30 minutes later, someone was knocking on the door. “HELLO, MY NAME IS EJAY I’M THE NEW NURSE ASSISTANT.” “OKAY THE DOOR IS OPENED COME ON IN!” Jazz yelled. When he came in, Jazz smiled, and she thought he was really handsome.
    He was 6’4, light skin, he had a man bun, and he had white scrubs on. “Hey Miss. Nickels, it's nice to meet you.” “It's nice to meet you too.” “So, you got stung by a jellyfish?” He asked. “I got stung by 2 of them and It's pretty bad. My legs are really in pain, and I have wounds and purple red marks on my legs.” “Oh man, I'm sorry to hear that.” “Thanks….ummm I’m sorry my house looks a mess, but I can’t get up right now.” “No, your house is fine, but if you need me to help you clean up I will.” “Yes, that would be nice. So, what things do you do for your clients?”
    “Well I have a list on a sheet that I have to check off and turn into my boss every Friday. I check off things like I clean, cook, help you take your medicine, do other errands around your house, and help you to walk or go to the bathroom. Also, you have to sign the sheet stating that yes, I did all those things.” “Okay well I appreciate you coming here to help me.” “You're welcome, now what is the first thing you want me to do?” “Could you go in my bedroom and on the bed I have my ointment and my ibuprofens, would you hand them to me because right now, I can’t move? I'm in pain.” “Yes, of course.” He said and went to the back. After getting her medicine, he went to the kitchen at got her a glass of water. “Here you go.” “Thank you.” Jazz said.
    “Have you eaten yet?” “Nah not yet. Would you get me a chicken biscuit and potato wedges at Wendy’s?” “Yes, I don’t mind I might get me some breakfast while I’m out too.” “Okay well my wallet in on the kitchen counter could you hand it to me.” “Nah don’t worry about it, I will pay for your breakfast.” Ejay said. “Really thanks that’s nice of you.” Jazz said smiling. “Well, I will be back.” He said and walked out the door. While Ejay was gone Jazz tried to hop to the bathroom, but she was in so much pain.
    When Ejay came back, he had their breakfast and they sat and ate. “So, Jazz what do you do for a living and tell me about yourself and the things you like.” “Well, I have my own t-shirt business. I make t-shirts for men, women, and children and I do it how my customers want me to make it. I do family reunion shirts, baby gender reveal shirts, sports shirts, birthday shirts, regular shirts, and name shirts.” Jazz said smiling.
    “Really? Now that’s cool. That’s what’s up. I wish I could have the skills to be my own businessman, but I like my job now.” “Yes, it's a good business to get into. I sell all my shirts for $10 a piece. And the things I like is I like dancing and I like to roller-skate, but I haven’t done it in a while.” “For real I love roller skating. As a kid, I did it all the time.” Ejay said smiling. “Me too.” Jazz responded. “So what kind of person are you?” Ejay said.
    “Well, I’m a chill kind of woman and I like to be myself. I’m fun to hang around, but I can also be feisty. I’m not really adventurous, I like to stick to a routine, and I like to just relax and live a stress-free life.” “Well that’s a good way to be.” He said. “So, what about you, how long have you been working at Dove Regional Care facility and what kind of person are you?” “Well, I have been working there for 1 year and it's been pretty good, and I’m the kind of man that’s patient, kind, and helpful, but if you push me too far I can be the meanest person ever. I love to meet new people, and I am adventurous, but I like peace. If someone steps to me with foolishness, then you will see the ugly side of me.”
    “Well, I don’t blame you.” Jazz said, eating her food. After eating, Ejay cleaned up around the house, and then he helped Jazz walk around when she needed to do something. That whole time Ejay was working he was doing a great job, Jazz liked him. “Okay Miss. Nickels.” “Call me Jazz.” She said. “I mean Jazz well it's 5:00 I have to go. Do you want me to do anything else before I leave?” “Yes, could you turn the heat on for me?” “Yes, I will.” He said walking to the thermostat.
    “Thank you, and that will be all. Thanks for your help today.” “You're welcome, I need you to sign this paper stating I did everything on this list and that I stayed for 7 hours.” Jazz signed the paper and then he left. “See you tomorrow.” He said and closed the door.

    When Ejay got home, he went to the fridge and pulled out a beer and sat on his couch. He looked at the photo he had in his pocket. “I can’t tell her right now. I want to, but I don’t want to shock her too early. I need to wait to tell Jazz she is my sister. Currently, I just need to focus on taking care of her.” He said looking at an old photo of them when they were kids. He was drinking his beer when his doorbell ringed. “Hold on, I’m coming.” He said, getting up and walking to the door, when he opened the door, it was his ex-girlfriend Tiffany.
    “What are you doing here?” He said angrily. “Ejay you told me to get the rest of my clothes and shoes today remember?” She said sadly. “Oh yeah, we'll make it quick! I don’t want a cheater that slept 5 men to be around me!” “Ejay look we can work this out. I mean you were working so much that I got tired of not spending time with you, so I found interest in other men.” “Just shut your mouth, get your things, and get out of here before I toss you out!” He said with his blood boiling.
    “Every time I was paid I gave you $100 of my money, so you could buy you something nice. I bragged about you at work. I even brought your parents a new tire when their tire blew out on the highway! So get out of my face with all that sad stuff. First off, I’m the one who should be sad when we have only been dating for a month, and you cheated on me that quick! You're no kind of loyal woman!” “Ejay please I still love you!” “You don’t love me Tiffany, you just don’t want to go back living with your controlling parents. Look, we had our fun, but I can’t go back to someone who had 5 men in their inbox and went to link with all of them while you were staying in my house! It's not fair.” He said frustrated.
    “I understand well you know my number if you want me back. I want you to know I’m done with all those dudes. Well…..let me get my things, so I can get out of your way.” She said and then walked to the back. Ejay rolled his eyes and kept drinking on his beer and looking at him and his sister’s photo.
    The next day, Ejay came to Jazz's house, and he knocked on the door. “Come in.” Jazz said. He walked in and he greeted Jazz. “Hey Jazz, what would you like for me to do today?” “Well, would you mind handing me the strawberry mini wheats on top of the fridge and the milk and a bowl? I want to eat some cereal for breakfast, and I’m in too much pain to be reaching on top of the fridge right now.” “Yeah, of course.” He said and grabbed the cereal box, milk, a bowl, and spoon and gave it to her. “Thank you.” She said, smiling.
    “Do you need help going to the bathroom?” “Yes please, before I eat my breakfast and take my medicine.” Ejay helped her by holding her arm while she limped to the bathroom. After going to the bathroom, Ejay took Jazz back to the sofa. “Well that’s all for right now Ejay.” She said. “Well how about while you're eating I go ahead and put the ointment on your legs for you?” “Oh, thank you, yes that would be nice.” She said. Ejay put the ointment on her legs while she was eating. “So if you can’t barely move, how do you get into the bath tub?” “I have to limp in there and I don’t stay in the shower long because it hurts my legs some.” “Oh well, I hope you have a speedy recovery.” “Thank you, so Ejay you're a nice-looking guy. You don’t have any girlfriend?”
    “No not anymore. She cheated on me with 5 different men and I kicked her out of my house.” “Oh my goodness, I’m sorry to hear that.” “It's okay Jazz you know I learned that when you see red flags from the beginning, you will pay if you choose to ignore them. I should have known I met her at the club, and she was wearing the most trashy dress. I think I need to stay away from those wild women.”
    “Well it's her loss. Don’t you dare feel bad? I can tell you're a good man, and you didn’t need a woman like that anyway.” “Yeah you're right, maybe one day I will find the right one, but she won’t be in a club.” Ejay said, shaking his head. “I don’t even go to clubs and I like to wear stuff covering my whole body. I’m not trying to be named a fast woman in these streets.” “Good stay that way. So, you have anyone?” “No I don’t. Love has worn me down.” “Well you just wait until the right man finds you. You will know when you look at him, you will feel warm inside, and you won’t be able to stop smiling.”
    “Well ain’t that puppy love?” Jazz said laughing. “Nah, that’s true love. True love will make you feel peaceful, joyful, and thankful. It's a beautiful thing. Just don’t rush into a relationship like I did and if a man shows he doesn’t respect you the first time, kick him to the curb.” “Thanks Ejay I appreciate you saying that.” Jazz said smiling. After a few hours, Jazz had fallen asleep. Ejay walked up to her and pulled the blanket on her, tucking her in and he smiled. “Rest up baby sister.” He said, and he went to cook dinner for her in the kitchen. Ejay went into the kitchen and made a meatloaf with gravy, some steamed broccoli, and some macaroni. After cooking, he made some peach lemonade.
    Jazz woke up by the smell of the food and she was feeling hungry. “Oh what is that lovely smell?” She said sitting up. “That is your dinner for tonight. I made meatloaf and gravy, steamed broccoli, macaroni, and peach lemonade.” “Well, I want you to stay to eat with me. I get tired of eating alone.” Jazz said. “Okay well let me help you to the table, and we will eat.” He said helping her up.
    When she got to the table, Jazz was amazed. “Wow Ejay this looks good.” “Well thank you, now wait until you taste it.” He said sitting down. The two ate and laughed, and after dinner Jazz complimented him. “Ejay you did great on that food. My belly is full and I enjoyed everything. That’s why I ate two plates.” She said laughing.
    “Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Well, I must be going Jazz I will see you tomorrow.” “Okay.” Jazz said she tried to stand up and give Ejay a hug. “Aww you have a warm hug.” He said and then left.

    2 weeks passed and Jazz really enjoyed Ejay’s help. Her legs were feeling much better, and soon she would not need his assistance anymore, but she knew she was going to be told that he had to leave. Jazz called Dove Regional Care facility to talk to Shelly. “Hi Shelly, is this you?” “Yes, hello Miss. Nickels, how is everything going with Ejay?”
    “Everything is going great. He is so kind, and he is fun to be around. He helped my legs to heal much quicker.” “That’s good news.” Shelly said. “Well, since my legs are 80% healed, and I can walk better now, I was wondering could this Friday be Ejay’s last day assisting. I want to say Friday, so I can pay him one more time before he leaves.”
    “Yes, since today is Thursday that works out fine. At least you will have him there for one more day. Make sure you tell him.” “Yes I sure will, and thanks for your services.” “You're truly welcome.” Shelly said. “Okay bye.” Jazz responded then hung up. Right then Ejay came in. “Hey Jazz, how are you today?” “Hi Ejay, I'm doing fine. My legs have healed 80% thanks to you helping me.” She said, “That’s good news.” He said, smiling. “Ejay, I wanted to say that since I can walk better now, I hate to say this, but I called Shelly and let her know that after tomorrow then I don’t need any more services, but I told her how great you were.” Ejay looked sad.
    “Ejay are you okay?” “Umm yeah, but I didn't expect it would be this soon.” “I know and I appreciate everything you did. The reason why I wanted you to leave on a Friday is, so I can pay you one last time before you leave your full amount, but Ejay I’m not giving you just $420 this time I’m giving you $500 because you really helped me out.” “Awww thank you Jazz I’m going to miss taking care of you because my last client was something else. He was grumpy, and he was a little hard to get along with, but I enjoyed helping and spending time with you.” He said. Jazz stood up and hugged him.
    “How about we play tic-tac-toe before you help me with shopping today?” “Okay cool.” He said. Jazz took out a sheet of paper and 2 pencils, and they played tic-tac-toe for 30 minutes.
    While going to the store to look around after the game, Jazz had to get some house supplies like soap, detergent, dish detergent, sponges, a mop, toothpaste, toilet paper, and bleach. “Thanks, Ejay, for taking me to the store.” “No problem, he said. When they got into the Dollar Store, Ejay crashed into his ex Tiffany. “Oh so this is your little tramp that you're leaving me for!” Tiffany said hatefully looking at Jazz. “Who are you calling a tramp!” Jazz said getting mad. “Tiffany, what the heck are you doing here!” Ejay said, grabbing her arm hard. “Get your hands off me! You act like you own the Dollar Store. I can come in here when I please! Plus, I’m doing errands for my parents! So, who is she Ejay!” Tiffany said, getting loud and people were staring. “Shut your big mouth! She is my client!” “Oh so you are a gigolo now!” She hollered. “Shut up Tiffany! This is Jazz. She got stung on her legs by jellyfish, and she called my job to get someone to help her around the house!” “She looks young, so why do you get to help her around the house. You're lying and if she was stung by jellyfish so badly, how is she standing up now?” “Tiffany she is feeling better now tomorrow is my last day helping her, so mind your business.” Ejay said, staring at her with hate.
    “Fine, I believe you, but you make sure you call me when you're done helping her.” “Leave me alone. I don’t want you no more don’t you get it.” He yelled. “Just leave him alone girl. Have enough pride and respect for him that you will just back up. He is hurt by how you've been cheating on him. He told me, so just give Ejay some time.” Jazz said.
    Tiffany looked angry and left. “Jazz I’m so sorry you had to see that.” Ejay said sincerely. “It's okay Ejay you didn’t need to be with her anyway she has issues.” “Yeah, you're right. Well, let’s finish shopping.” He said. When they got back to the house. Ejay helped Jazz tote some of the bags in.
    “Thank you Ejay, you can go home early if you want. I think I will be fine here.” “But I want to cook you something to eat,” he said. “Well, I’m not hungry at the moment, but I have strawberry shortcake ice creams in the freezer. Would you like one?” “Yeah sure.” He said, smiling. She pulled 2 out of the freezer and handed Ejay one. After eating them, he helped her with the chores and put some ointment on her legs.

    Today was Friday, and it was Ejay's last day working with jazz. He was sad and knew that today he needed to tell Jazz the truth that he was her brother, but he didn’t know how he was going to say it. Most of all, he didn’t know how she would take it when he said it would it make her happy, sad, mad, curious, or confused?
    He was hoping his sister would react in a good way, but that wasn’t a guarantee, but what Ejay didn’t know was he was going to have a bad day full of drama. When Ejay got to Jazz's house, he breathed deeply in the car, closing his eyes and then hopped out the car and knocked on the door.
    “It's me, Ejay.” He said. “Okay, come in.” Jazz said. Ejay came in the door and walked in. “Ummm Jazz, could I talk to you for a minute? It's important.” “Hold on one minute Ejay let me spray this grasshopper in my kitchen because I don’t want to lose him in the house. I'm scared of jumping and flying bugs.” “Okay.” He said sadly.
    After Jazz sprayed the grasshopper, she came back to the living room. “He was a huge grasshopper," she said laughing. Now what were you going to say?” “Well you might want to have a seat. It's something I should have been told you when we first met.” He said. Jazz started to get nervous.
    “Ummm okay sure.” She said sitting down. “Well Jazz…..” All of a sudden, the door opened. “Hey sweetheart I just came to check on you today.” Her mom Milly said, walking in. Ejay froze; he was hoping she wouldn’t recognize him. “Hey mom, this is the man who has been taking care of me. His name is Ejay.” Jazz said smiling.
    Ejay just stared at his mother. “EJAY? THAT IS NOT A NURSE ASSISTANT THAT’S YOUR BROTHER!” “MY WHAT?” Jazz said shocked and puzzled. “YES IT TOOK HIM YEARS TO FINALLY COME BACK, HOW DID YOU FIND US AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!” Milly, their mother hollered. “Wait….Ejay is this true are you really my brother?” “Yes Jazz I am. I was about to tell you today until she came busting in! You might not remember me because you were 4 at the time when I ran away from home.”
    “YEAH AND TELL HER WHY YOU LEFT!” “Shut your mouth and stop acting like you're so innocent!” Ejay said to Milly. “You think she’s a good woman. Well, her and our daddy were not. I had to run away. I got sick of those two!” He started to cry. “Wait what is going on here! Mom, what happened? Why did my brother run away from home?” Jazz said confused. “Let him tell you that!” She said in a cruel way. “I will tell you why I ran away. Since mom would never let me have the freedom to do anything, I snuck out to go hang out with my friend at his parent’s house. Mom and daddy would never let me stay the night at my friend’s house. I remember it like it was yesterday. At the time, I was only 16 years old. Those 2 were worse than Mommy Dearest. I went out to my friend’s house, and we played video games and ate so many donuts. We had a great time. When I got back home, I snuck back in the window. It was 12:00 at night I only stayed for 1 hour. But they treated me like a criminal. It was like I had to live in a boot camp since Daddy used to be in the military. I couldn’t watch TV, play video games, go outside, have a cellphone or nothing. I had to go to bed at 8:00 every night and I had to wake up at 6:00 in the morning doing chores and going to school. If I made less than a A+ they would beat me hard until bruises would be on my back. I couldn’t even talk during dinner or breakfast. I had to be quiet unless they were talking to me first.” Jazz looked sad, and her eyes filled up with tears.
    “I do remember mom you used to be strict on me like that, but I didn’t realize until now that was abuse.” Jazz said. “NO ME AND YOUR FATHER HAD TO MAKE YOU BE RESPECTFUL AND SUCCESSFUL WE COULDN’T LET YOU BE LAZY BUMS. WE WEREN’T BUMS SO YOU WEREN’T GROWING UP TO BE A BUNCH OF NOTHINGS!” She hollered. “Just shut up because I’m not finished!” Ejay said, pointing in her face. “Back to that night, I didn’t realize those two were waiting in the dark in my room like 2 big goosebumps characters. I tried to take my shoes off and sneak in the bed, but they cut on the light and jumped me. They were kicking, punching me, hitting me with objects and holding me down while yelling at me and calling me a little punk. I was bleeding from my nose, mouth, and body, and they then tied me to the bed that night, so I wouldn’t go anywhere. I cried so hard that night and kept apologizing, but they wouldn’t hear me. The next morning, when they burst into my room I was hollering and telling them to let me go before I called the police on them. They didn’t like that and poured a huge bucket of water on my face. I thought I was drowning. But when they left I found scissors not too far from my bed and I used the scissors to free myself, jumped out the window, and never turned back again. I had to stay with my friend for 4 years until I went off to college.” He said crying. “Ejay I’m so sorry you went through that! Mom how could you!”
    “Shut up Jazz! You don’t realize because of me and your daddy you two grew up to be great and successful. That’s why we were hard on you!” “NO MOM YOU AND DADDY WASN’T PARENTS Y'ALL WERE PSYCHOS! WHO WOULD HURT THEIR KIDS ON PURPOSE AND KEEP THEM FROM BEING A REGULAR KID! AND YOU'RE STILL NOT APOLOGIZING!” Jazz said sad and upset. Milly slapped Jazz hard in the face. “YOU UNGRATEFUL LITTLE BRAT! YOU SHOULD BE GLAD WE RAISED YOU RIGHT, OR MAYBE I SHOULD HAVE THREW YOU AND YOUR BROTHER IN FOSTER CARE AND LET A STRANGER RAISE Y'ALL!” Ejay was so mad that Milly slapped his sister; he looked her straight in the eyes.
    “We don’t want to be your children anymore. We are free from all the things you and daddy did and one day you will have to pay for everything you did and when you need us the most we won’t be there.” He said, squeezing her arm and staring at her in anger. Milly, their mother, got scared and backed away. She took one last look at them and then walked out the door and slammed it.
    “Are you okay?” Ejay asked. Jazz rushed into her brother’s arms. “Ejay I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I see why you ran away, maybe I should have too.” “It's okay Jazz, as long as I’m back, and I want you to know I will always protect you and take care of you. You are my sister, and we got to stick together.” “Right and I love you Ejay, and I’m proud of you for making a better life for yourself.” “Thanks sis now let’s forget about all this and watch some TV.” “Okay.” She said, smiling.
    Meanwhile, when Milly left, she was speeding on the highway back to her house talking trash about Ejay and Jazz and not paying attention a log truck crashed into her car on her side instantly killing her. The log truck made her car flip into a huge marsh area and the car was sinking.
    But the weird part about it was that the truck didn’t stop. He kept on going. No one knew what happened to Milly. She was just gone, and the car was sinking in a marsh land area. The car was sinking further and further into the marshy ground, swallowing up the car like quicksand.

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