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My Celebrity Boyfriend

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Amy falls in love with a celebrity actor guy by the name “Reflex” but his real name is Jackson. Jackson is every girls dream guy and when Amy’s friend gives her a birthday present of meeting Jackson for the first time after one of his stage plays, Amy is excited and jumping for joy. Jackson takes an interest in Amy because of her beauty, and he starts to date her, but Jackson’s ex is not too happy, and this woman will do anything to make sure she ruins their relationship. Will Amy and Jackson last?

    Amy was watching her favorite movie called Memories. Her favorite actor Reflex, also known by his real name Jackson, was acting in the movie. For years, Amy had a huge crush on Reflex. He was every girl’s dream guy. Reflex played in action, drama, mystery, and comedy movies. He has won over 10 awards for best actor in the past years. Amy had always wanted to meet him, but she never got the chance. Today was her birthday and she was bored wishing she could meet Reflex for her birthday.
    “Man, if I could just meet him 1 time, that would be a dream come true. I wish he was my boyfriend. These other guys are all jerks in this town. If I could just wish for him, and it would happen, I would be the luckiest girl in the world, but instead I’m stuck in this stupid house on my birthday. My family forgot my birthday. My friends forgot my birthday. Nobody cares about me.” Amy said, starting to cry on the sofa. All of a sudden, Amy’s phone ringed. “Hey bestie! Happy 21st birthday!” Her friend Cece said loudly.
    “Awww thanks bestie, at least you called. Nobody has called me all day!” Amy said sadly. “What? I can’t believe that! You mean your family and our friends Kay and Keyla didn’t call you either!” “No Cece, nobody cares about me.” Amy said softly. “Well, I care about you bestie, so don’t worry about everyone else. I know you haven’t been stuck in that boring apartment all day!” Cece said madly.
    “Yes, I know it's my birthday, but I don’t have cash right now and..” “Say no more my friend, I’m coming over there. I have a big surprise for you that’s going to get you out of your birthday blues.” Cece said happily. “Okay.” Amy said feeling better. “Alright bestie I will be over in 20 minutes.” Cece said, then hung up the phone. Amy felt a little better since her friend was coming over, but she couldn’t believe her own family forgot her birthday. It hurt her feelings, but she knew she could always count on Cece.
    Amy remembered last year Cece brought her a makeup kit that was $25 and took her to an ice cream shop for her birthday. Amy felt thankful to have a friend who was always loyal to her when nobody else cared. After 20 minutes, Cece had come over and had a chocolate peanut butter cake that was Amy’s favorite from a bakery downtown, and she had a gold sparkly small bag in her hand. “Awww Cece you didn’t have to do this.” Amy said about to cry again.
    “Hush Amy, you know every year I will get you something. You've been there for me when I lost my grandpa 3 years ago, and I will always be thankful to you.” Cece said, hugging Amy. “Thank you friend, you can put the cake in the kitchen.” Amy said, smiling with joy. Cece put the cake in the kitchen and gave Amy the little gold sparkly bag.
    “What’s this?” Amy said nervously. “Open it and see.” Cece said. Amy looked in the small bag and saw tickets to see Reflex in a live stage play and backstage passes to meet him. “AHHHHHH! CECE OH MY GOODNESS!” Amy jumped so high she could have stumped a hole in the floor. “I got them yesterday morning. They were on sale online. It was only 5, and I got the last one on time before someone else could get it.” Cece said smiling. “Cece I can’t believe you did this for me! I can meet Reflex.” Amy said with her heart racing.
    “Well friend, I hope you enjoy it. The play Reflex is acting in is called Teach Me How To Love. It's a drama play.” “Oh my goodness Cece, you are truly my best friend. Are you coming with me?” Amy asked, still excited. “No bestie, I’m not a fan of his. I like his brother in movies better.” Cece said laughing. “Okay, well, I will let you know how the play went. Where and when is it?” Amy asked.
    “It's right here in Texas at the Royalty Theater 1 hour away from your apartment. The play starts at 7:00pm at night so don’t forget. It’s today.” Cece explained. “Oh my goodness. What am I going to wear? How will I do my hair and make - up? What perfume will I put on? What if I’m not his type? What if..” Amy panicked.
    “Calm down Amy. I will let you borrow my hot pink leather jacket, my short black tight sleeveless dress, my black high heels, and I will just flat iron your hair, put on some hot pink lip gloss and eyeshadow, and you're good to go. Oh, and I got a new perfume that will make him drool over you. It’s called Spicy Girl. Reflex will flip if he smells it on you.” Cece said excitedly.
    “Okay, thanks Cece.” Amy said, hugging her. “I owe you big time on your birthday.” Amy said. “Yes, I know you do. Now I will go and get the outfit and perfume from my house. I will be back in 20 minutes. Enjoy your cake bestie.” Cece said and walked out the door. Amy jumped in the air pumping her fist and dancing. “I’m going to see Reflex… I’m going to see Reflex.” Amy sung.

    Cece came back over 20 minutes later and started doing Amy’s hair, helping her get dressed, and doing her makeup. “Wow Amy you look great friend! Now put this perfume on and go have fun tonight. I hope Reflex is a cool guy and that he likes you out of all his fans.” Cece said.
    “Thanks bestie, you truly made my birthday wonderful and that cake was excellent.” Amy said, hugging her. When 7:00 came, Amy had walked into the building and handed the man at the front desk her tickets. “Okay, after the play you can go backstage and meet Reflex, his room will have 14B on it.” The man at the front desk said.
    “Okay thank you.” Amy said and walked into the audience to watch the play. She wanted to have a front-row seat to the play, but she had to sit in the 3rd row. Over 55 people were there watching the play. While watching the play, Amy was staring at Reflex and imagining herself in the play. “He looks even better in person.” She whispered to herself. The play was 1 hour long, and it was even better than Amy thought it would be, a big twist happened at the end of the play and everyone clapped loudly and cheered. “Wow that play was amazing!” Amy said gladly. “Now it's time to meet my future boyfriend.” She giggled. Amy had a sticker on her shirt that the man at the front desk gave her, so the security guards blocking Reflex’s door knew she was supposed to be back there. It were only 4 other women there to see him because they had backstage passes, and they came out giggling and screaming.
    “Okay young lady, it’s your turn.” One of the security guards told her. “You only get 15 minutes in there.” Amy was so excited as soon as she went to step into the room her heel went the other way, and she fell flat on her stomach. “OUCH!” She said and looked embarrassed. “Are you okay beautiful.” Reflex was standing in front of Amy with his hand out to help her. Amy had butterflies in her stomach and her mouth fell open. She was starstruck. Amy quickly took his hand and got up.
    “Uhhhhh…..my…..my name is Amy.” She said, starring in his dark gorgeous eyes. “Wow Amy. You look great! Pink is my mother’s favorite color. Your smile reminds me a lot of my mother.” He said, staring in her face and smiling. Amy almost fainted. He was beyond handsome he was breathtaking. His tall height, his strong arms and hands. The smell of his cologne, and his pearly white smile. His skin was so smooth and flawless and his eyes were full of mystery.
    “Ummm I’m sorry to stare, but I always had a crush on you. Your acting is great, and I can’t believe I’m meeting you on my birthday.” Amy said feeling nervous. “It’s your birthday? How old are you?” “I’m 21. What about you?” Amy asked. “I’m 25 and this is a little weird because today is my mother’s birthday.” “Really?” Amy said shocked. “Yep, I’m supposed to be throwing my mother a birthday party tonight with all my family, so I have to go in like 5 minutes, but I tell you what. I would like to talk to you more. Give me your number, so I can call you.” Amy's heart felt like it left her chest and flew away.
    “You want my number?” Amy said her hands starting to sweat. “Yes, unless you have a boyfriend?” Reflex asked. “No I don’t…….” “Here put your number in my phone.” Reflex said handed his phone to her. Amy felt like she was in a dream. She put her number in and saved it and gave him his phone back. “Okay well I have to go Amy, but you look great and tomorrow I will call you.” Reflex said winking. Amy waved at him and left out. “Wow I finally met him. He is a dream boat. Well, I guess I better go home and call Cece and tell her what happened. Amy said. The next day Reflex called Amy. “Hey Amy, what’s up?”
    “Hey Reflex. Ummm if you don’t mind me asking, what is your real name?” “My real name is Jackson. You can call me Jackson if you want. It’s up to you.” “Okay well Jackson tell me about yourself. Like what do you like and hate about acting?” “Well Amy, acting is like taking a test in high school. If you don’t rehearse the lines enough, you will fail when it's showtime, and you will disappoint everyone and yourself. Acting is my passion. It’s basically my whole life.” “That’s cool, so why do you call yourself Reflex?” Amy asked.
    “Well, I call myself Reflex because no matter what bad things' life tries to throw at me, I always bounce back even better. Almost like a boomerang. I’m Reflex while working but when I go home, I’m just plain Jackson. No girls really understood the real me, they always wanted me to just be this money making hot guy. I’m tired of women who just look at me for my money and my looks, what about my personality?” “I agree Jackson, I never found a guy who cared about my heart or my mind, just my looks. I just hope that will change one day.” Amy said. “Well tell me about your family Amy and what do you do?” “Well as of right now I’m not talking to my family. Yesterday my parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, and my other two friends didn’t even call me or give me anything for my birthday. To be honest, I never had a good relationship with my family. They are all just jerks.”
    “Really? That’s terrible. I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe they were busy and…..” “No they were not busy, they always forget every year on purpose.” “Well forget them Amy, maybe they are toxic, and you don’t need them in your life.” Reflex said. “Thanks Jackson. My friend Cece always remembers my birthday every year, and she always buys me things on my birthday. We are really close. I always go all out on her birthday, and she always goes all out on mine too. She was the one who gave me the tickets to see you.” “Really? Well, that’s a cool friend Amy. Make sure you keep her around.” Reflex responded. “Yes I will. Oh, and I’m a caterer for birthdays and weddings, but nobody has booked me yet.” “Well if I would have known that you could have catered my mom’s birthday last night.” “Yes I would have loved to. Do you know anyone who needs a caterer?” Amy asked hopeful.
    “Ummm yeah my brother’s son is having a birthday party. He is turning 9, and he loves anything dealing with space and astronauts. His birthday is in 2 weeks on a Friday.” “Oh that’s great! I would love to host your nephew’s party.” Amy said excitedly. “How much do you charge?” Reflex asked. “Oh don’t worry about it, I will do it for free…….” Amy said. “Oh no Amy, don’t do that. Tell me, I want to pay you. I got plenty of money.” Reflex said.
    “Ummmm I normally charge $260 but if it's too high, I will give you a discount.” Amy said politely. “Nah, I will pay you $500.” “Jackson I……” Amy said, hesitating. “Say less. I got you.” He said firmly. It made Amy feel good to hear a man tell her that for the first time. “So Jackson, tell me about your family and what you like to do for fun.” “Well, for fun I like to go to the beach and just watch the waves crash. I like to play the piano, I like to go to the park and shoot some hoops, I like to go to the horse racetracks and bet on a horse or two. There are many things I like to do. As for my family, I’m not really close to my brother, but I am close with my nephew. I talk to my mom every morning when I wake up. My mom is the most important person in my life. I never knew my dad, my mom said he used to play football and when he got famous, he left her for some gold digging woman and married her but never married my mom. The rest of my family is cool, but I think they're using me and my brother for money since we are celebrities now.” Reflex said.
    “Wow well you're a cool guy Jackson. I admire you.” “Thanks Amy. How about I take you out to lunch. I know this nice italian restaurant. I go there once a month. You know a restaurant called Little Italy? They have the best pasta you will ever eat in this state.” He laughed. “No I never been there, but it sounds nice. What time are you picking me up?” Amy laughed. “How about 1:00? Right now, it's 12:30.” Reflex said. “Okay, I will be ready.” Amy said excitedly. “Okay beautiful, see you soon.” Jackson said and hung up. Amy jumped with joy.
    “I’M GOING ON A DATE WITH REFLEX! I’M GOING ON A DATE WITH REFLEX!” She singed and started dancing. She called Cece immediately. “Cece, guess what?” Amy said with a huge smile. “What bestie?” “Cece I’m finally going on a date with Reflex and guess what he wants me to cater his nephew’s birthday party.” Amy said, blushing. “WHAT! GET OUT OF HERE! YOUR POPULARITY IS ABOUT TO BLOW UP! What if the paparazzi comes and takes pictures of you and Reflex having lunch?” Cece said happy for her friend.
    “I know! My fantasy is coming true. I just hope it lasts.” Amy said with her heart pounding. “Well bestie go get ready and tell me about the date later.” Cece said. “Okay Cece, talk to you later. Oh, and if I blow up and become popular, you know I’m going to include you.” Amy said and then she hung up the phone.

    2 weeks passed and Amy was falling deeper in love with Reflex. It was like he was sweeping her off her feet. He took her on many dates, cuddled with her, let some fans meet her and even his producer and movie manager meet her.
    Amy was feeling like a celebrity. The paparazzi were taking pictures of her and Reflex, and she felt so special and important being with him, the only thing was weird things kept happening to her after her dates with Reflex. One day, she found spray paint on her car with the word's boyfriend stealer and another day she found a note on her door saying ‘Be Careful”. Amy was beginning to worry was she in danger, but every time she talked to Reflex about it, he said he would protect her and she would be fine.
    Because he was her celebrity crush, she trusted him. It was finally the day of Reflex’s nephew's birthday and Amy was excited to decorate at his house for his nephew. She brought galaxy color balloons, a night sky wall paper to put up, planets hanging from the ceiling, and she even hired a man dressed as an astronaut. She cooked hamburgers, hot dogs, cheese dip, buffalo ranch wings, she brought pretzels, chips, and chocolate ice cream. Lastly, she brought in a birthday cake shaped like a huge rocket and a few sodas and bottles of water. 20 people came and brought their kids.
    “Amy, this looks great. I can’t wait until my nephew sees this.” Reflex said looking around amazed. “Thank you, just trying to earn that $500.” She laughed. “Thank you.” Reflex said, hugging her tightly. “Alright everyone, my grandson is coming with his dad. Now on the count of 3 we start singing happy birthday.” Reflex mother said happily. After she counted to 3, they started singing when the door opened. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!” Everyone started singing.
    The way Reflex’s nephew’s eyes lit up made Amy so happy and touched her heart. She was glad to see him look so surprised. Everyone talked and mingled and Reflex’s nephew and the other kids played and had fun. It was time for the presence and his nephew got a lot of things. People bragged on Amy’s food and even her and Reflex had fun together. “Amy I want to introduce you to my mom, come on.” Reflex said grabbing her hand. Amy was nervous, but felt good to finally meet his mother.
    “Mom, I want you to meet the special girl I have been telling to about. The one who also made this party.” Reflex said proudly. “Wow, you are a beautiful girl. You almost look like a princess.” Reflex said hugging Amy. “And son she is wearing my favorite color pink. I like this girl already.” Reflex’s mom said. “Thank you, Mrs..” “Honey, just call me Mrs. Olive.” “Well it's so nice to finally meet you.” Amy said. “You take care of my son Amy, he is precious to me. Treat my son good because he will always treat you good. His last girlfriend used him for his money and soon as he dumped that crazy nut she became determined to mess up his life.”
    “Yes ma’am he told me and I met her, but you have my word I will treat your son good.” Amy said, touching his mother's hand. “And thank you for this party for my grandson. He is having so much fun and the food you prepared was really good, everyone is bragging.” Reflex’s mother said. “Well I’m glad and..” All of a sudden, a loud scream came from the kitchen. Reflex, his mom, and Amy ran to the kitchen to see it was on fire. People were trying to put it out, but it was getting bigger.
    “What happened in here?” Reflex asked scared. “Some girl with a black baseball cap had put something on the stove and caught it on fire.” One of the guests said. “Dee Dee.” Reflex said and ran to go find her. Amy started to get worried. She was hoping that her life was not put in danger. Reflex decided to end the party after that and everyone went home. “Thank you.” Reflex’s nephew said hugging Amy. “Your welcome sweetheart.” Amy said. After everyone left, Reflex’s mom hugged him and Amy. “Please you two be careful. I don’t trust Dee Dee at all!” She said and walked out the door.
    “Well, I guess I better go too.” Amy said sadly. “Amy, I’m sorry about this. If Dee Dee does one more thing I will just have to call the cops on her. I think maybe you should stay the night with me to be safe.” Reflex said. “No that’s okay, I’m going to go home, but I will call you later.” Amy said kissing him on the cheek. All of a sudden, Reflex grabbed Amy’s arm gently and kissed her passionately. Amy smiled and had to fan herself.
    “You are really a good kisser.” She told him, looking at him blushing. Reflex winked and Amy walked out to the door to go home. While the driver was driving Amy back home, someone came and crashed into the limousine. The limousine spun out of control and crashed into a tree. Amy was alright, just scared, but the driver had a broken arm. “Hold on sir, I will call the police.” Amy said, taking out her cellphone. When the ambulance and police finally came, the paramedics were taking care of the man’s broken arm and the police were asking Amy questions.
    “Do you know anyone who would want to harm you?” The officer asked. “Yes sir, Dee Dee, my celebrity boyfriend’s ex.” “Oh yeah, what celebrity?” “Reflex.” Amy answered. “Well I don’t really know any celebrity name Reflex, but can you tell me where he lives, so I can question him and maybe find out where this Dee Dee woman stays.” The officer asked.
    “Yes, his house is right on Rockford Avenue. It's the big mansion on the left. It's the only house there.” Amy explained. “Okay well Amy, one of my officers will take you back home okay and if anything else happens make sure you call.” The officer suggested. “Okay thank you officer.” Amy said and then got in the car with the other cop. After getting home, Amy took her heels off and sat on the sofa.
    “I have to tell Cece what happened.” She said dialing her number, but Cece was not answering her phone. “Maybe Cece is busy. I will call her later. I’m about to go take a nap.” Amy said, getting up and walking to her bedroom.

    4 weeks passed and things seemed to be getting better between Amy and Reflex until today. While Amy was going to take Reflex some snickerdoodle cookies she made, she saw another car parked at his house. “Maybe a family member is over here. Probably his mother.” Amy said, getting out of the car happily.
    Amy walked up to the house, and she knocked on the door, but no one answered. She then opened the door and walked in, and she heard crying. Amy walked further towards the kitchen, and she saw Reflex hugging Dee Dee while Dee Dee was crying. “What is going on!” Amy hollered.
    “Amy, what are you doing here?” Reflex said surprised. “What do you mean what I’m doing here! I’m your girlfriend! What is Dee Dee doing here?” Amy said feeling hurt. “Dee Dee stopped by and told me her dog died. I had brought her that dog while we were together. It was a poodle.”
    “I don’t care if it was a noodle! Why are you hugging this woman after all she's done! First she put spicy peppers in my spaghetti, then she tried to catch your house on fire during your nephew's party, then she crashed your limousine with me and your driver in it! Haven’t she done enough and yet, you are still hugging her!” Amy said, getting madder.
    “Amy Dee Dee apologized and……” “Jackson she apologized to you not me! You mean to tell me she came over here just to cry about a dog? What sense does that make? She can buy another dog!” Amy yelled. “Amy that poodle cost a lot of money, it was a chocolate poodle and…..” “Whatever Jackson. Here are the cookies I made for you call me when she is gone!” Amy said, turning around and leaving.
    Reflex stood there speechless and Dee Dee smiled. Amy went home with her heart feeling heavy, she decided to call Cece. “Cece, you won’t believe what happened Reflex…..” Amy said. “Oh Amy I need to call you back. My cousin Dee Dee just texted me and….” Amy almost slid off the road.
    “Dee Dee? Dee Dee is Jackson’s ex-girlfriend!” Amy said shocked. “Wait……Amy I didn’t know…..” Cece said and Amy hung up the phone. Amy was thinking should she even be with Reflex, she loved him, but she felt like Dee Dee would always be in the picture somehow.
    She had to take time to think about it. 2 weeks passed and Amy didn’t hear from Reflex. She tried to call him and text him, and he was not answering. She figured he was busy until she looked on YouTube and saw a short clip that Reflex was back with Dee Dee and reporters and the paparazzi had taken pictures of it, and both of them were doing a comedy movie together. Amy started crying so hard that her eyes were tired. She cried and cried and could not believe Reflex would betray her like that. “I hate him, I never want to watch his stupid movies ever again!” Amy threw her phone across her room.
    Amy felt so low. For 3 days Amy was depressed in her room. She didn’t watch TV or get on her phone, she stayed in bed all day trying to sleep her worries away, and she wore the same clothes. She liked Reflex for his personality, not his money and he went back to the same woman he called a gold digger.
    Amy didn’t even hear from Cece and turns out later when Amy got on her phone after being depressed for 3 days, she saw Cece on TV taking pictures with Reflex and Dee Dee like she was a celebrity. “That trader. I thought Cece was my friend. Maybe she set this whole thing up.” Amy said in bitterness.
    5 years had passed and Amy was doing better for herself. Her catering career was doing good, she had a new friend, and she had a new boyfriend who was a drummer. Amy had saw on YouTube that Reflex and Dee Dee were getting a divorce and Dee Dee was taking their 1-year-old daughter to live with her. Reflex was still famous, but everyone knew he was getting a divorce and Dee Dee was taking all his money. Amy felt like he was getting what he deserved for what he had done to her 5 years ago.
    While Amy was scrolling through TikTok, she saw a video Cece made saying how she wished she had friends, but nobody liked her and people treated her meanly, and she was thinking of moving to another state. 5 years ago, Amy didn’t understand why Reflex left her or why Cece stopped talking to her, but she knew that things happened for a reason. She was glad she had a new friend and boyfriend that was loyal and kind to her and that she truly could depend on. Amy promised herself to never get so attached to a celebrity again.

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