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I Changed My Mind

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Mellani is 18 and in high school, she is in love with the new football player TC, but he carries a lot of baggage and secrets. Every girl wants him, but it never lasts for a week. The girls always break up with him, but they never tell why. When TC finally looks at Mellani because it's no more girls for him to look at, she gets excited, but will she see why the other girls broke up with him? Is Mr. Perfect not so perfect? Will Mellani change her mind in time, or will she be naive? Will her reputation be ruined all because she’s his girl, how will things work out?

    Mellani ate her apple jelly bagel, and she hugged her mom and patted her dog Cookie on the head and walked out the door. Mellani rode a bike to school because her high school was not too far from her house. It was a hot summer day, and she was glad it was Friday.
    She knew she had 3 pop quizzes that day for math, history, and literature, so she studied and was ready for the day. She walked into the school and greeted her classmates and then waited in the library until the bell ringed. After the 8:00 bell ringed, she went to her locker and grabbed her books.
    While getting her books, she saw Trella Michaels walking the hall with the finest football player, TC. She was on his arm, and she looked so proud to be beside him. Everyone greeted them but Mellani felt a pull in her heart. She always had a major crush on TC, he was the best-looking football player in 12th grade, and he was also very kind and won almost every game. He was so popular that the school made a football with his name on it. Mellani always laid in her bed thinking in her room if she was his lady.
    Every girl wanted him, but he never paid attention to Mellani. She was more of a loner, and she had no friends and played in no school activities. She had confidence, but she knew he would not fall for a girl like her. She took only 1 class with him that was PE last period.
    She gathered her stuff and went to her first-class Mrs. Rholand’s class. She was the literature teacher. During the pop quiz, Mellani could not concentrate. She knew she passed, but she was still distracted thinking about TC. It was almost the end of the semester, and she was worried that she would never get to actually be with TC before graduation. Mrs. Rholand quickly graded the pop quiz and gave the students back their papers.
    “Now some of you did excellent and the rest of you need to pay attention a little more in class.” When Mellani got her pop quiz back, she got an 80. She was happy, but she saw in the corner or the paper. “See me after class.” Mellani was worried she knew she didn’t do anything wrong, so she was trying to figure out what she did.
    After class, she stayed and Mrs. Rholand approached her. “Mellani I want to say I’m proud of you. You have a 90 in my class, and you're doing well, but sometimes it seems you're a little distracted. Is it a boy?” Mellani was caught off guard. “Ummm, well, I am interested in one boy, but I don’t think he will ever look at me like that.” “Mellani, I'm going to tell you what my father told me. If a boy takes all your focus and attention from what’s important in your life, then that is not the man for you. Don’t let one high school boy ruin anything you have going on, you are a smart and beautiful young lady. You remind me of myself. You can have a crush but just stay focused. You're a good student, that's why I'm telling you this. I made a mistake when I was in 12th grade. I had a crush on this guy, and he broke my heart after graduation. Stay focused.”
    “Yes ma’am thank you so much.” “You're welcome, plus when you get out in the real world, there will be plenty of guys to choose from, but only one will be your prince.” “Thanks Mrs. Rholand.” “You're very welcome dear. Now I have to get ready for my next class.” “Yes ma’am.” Mellani got her book bag and walked out of the classroom. “Please let her listen, she’s one of the good ones.” Mrs. Rholand said to herself. Mellani also did great on her other pop quizzes.
    When lunch came, Mellani was sitting by herself, she didn’t have friends, so she was just enjoying her lunch and listening to music on her cellphone. She looked across the table and saw Trella all over TC. She shook her head and continued eating her chicken nuggets and fries.
    When lunch was over, she went to get up and throw her tray away and Trella crashed into her and spilled chocolate milk all over her blouse. “Oops sorry Ellie…” Trella said laughing. “It's Mellani, and you're not sorry because you’re laughing.” Mellani said getting smart with her. “Anyway, move out of my way. You're blocking my beauty.” Trella said laughing. “Trella you are not beautiful. You have a nasty attitude towards everyone that’s not beauty that’s ugly.” Everyone started laughing in the cafeteria.
    “Girl, I know you did not just call me ugly.” Trella said getting in Mellani’s face. “Yes, I did.” Mellani said not caring. Trella stumped away and TC looked at her and smiled then walked away. Mellani was shocked that she told Trella off right in front of TC. When she got home, she saw her mom was not home from work yet. Mellani’s mom worked as a cashier at Citi Trends.
    She knew she would be off of work soon, so while Mellani was home alone she fried her some tater tots and put cheese on them and got her water out of the fridge and then went in her room. She started on her homework and while working on it, she decided in gym tomorrow she would try to get TC’s attention. She hoped that Trella and him would break up.
    It seemed like every girl TC got with never lasted more than a week. Mellani hated to think about him as a dog or player, so she kept thinking that those girls were just not good enough for him. She went into her mom’s room and saw one of her nice dresses and put it on and her heels.
    “Maybe I can borrow one of mom’s dresses to look good tomorrow.” She said. Mellani saw her mom had a lavender color summer dress that was long and spaghetti strapped. Since they couldn’t wear spaghetti straps to school, she found her mom’s matching jacket. “This will be perfect, and I’m going to wear her glass heels.” Mellani said happily.
    At dinner her mom made meatloaf, steamed broccoli, and box mac & cheese. “So honey, how was school?” “It was good ma. I saw TC again but he is dating Trella.” “Trella? You mean Charlene’s daughter.” “Yeah, it seems like he gets with the worst girls, but he never even tried to look at me.”
    “Mellani give it some time. If TC is a football player, is he busy with a lot of things and the only reason why those other girls get a chance with him is because they throw themselves at him. Just keep being yourself and wait patiently. He will notice you.” Her mom said, smiling at her. “Thanks ma.” Mellani said. After helping her mom put up the rest of the food and wash the dishes, she went in her room, wrote in her diary, and fell asleep.

    It was Saturday and Mellani had to go babysit for the Ricardo's. They were an Italian family that lived in the same neighborhood as her. This would be her 10th time babysitting for them, but they did pay her good. The Ricardo’s had 2 twin boys and a French bulldog named Tucker that Mellani had to watch as well.
    The kids were always good and polite, and the dog was always friendly. She liked working for them and wished they would hire her permanently. When Mellani went over there, she greeted Mrs. Ricardo. “Hey Mellani, you always look so pretty. Come on in.” She said. “Thanks Mrs. Ricardo.” Mellani came in and sat down on the sofa.
    “Mellani my husband already went to work. You know the rules and everything, so I don’t have to go over that stuff. You know you are welcome to get whatever you want out of the fridge. The boys have some leftover pasta from last night in the fridge just heat it up if they get hungry.” “Okay, have a good day.” “You too, I will be back in 2hrs.” Mrs. Ricardo said, then walked out the door.
    “Hey Max, Hey Jax how are you two today.” She said hugging them. “Hey Mellani, what are we going to do today?” Max said excitedly. “Well how about we build a rocket, and then we can make some smiley face sugar cookies, and then we can go outside and watch and study some birds.” “YAY!” The two boys said excitedly.
    Mellani and the boys had fun building the rocket and while they were painting it, Mellani went on her students chat website and saw a post talking about Trella and TC breaking up. She was completely shocked and wanted to join in the group chat. “Hey everyone, what's going on?” She typed. It took a while, but a girl named Stephanie Moss replied saying. “Girl the tea is Trella broke up with TC, and they got in a huge fight. Some are saying that Trella found out something about him, and it's some deep stuff.” Mellani was shocked, but also glad that Trella and TC were through.
    “Okay thanks Stephanie, but do you know the real cause of why they broke up?” “Girl you would not believe it if I told you, just wait until the rumors hit school you should hear about it.” She said, Mellani was puzzled; she didn’t understand why girls quickly left TC. He was the finest guy in her class, what could be so bad about him that the girls would dump him first.
    Mellani focused back on helping the boys. Mellani knew next week it would be her chance to impress TC. When Monday came around, Mellani decided she would dress up in her mom’s lavender dress and jacket, glass heels, her hair was in a bun, and she had on lavender colored lip-gloss and lavender light eye shadow.
    Her mom was still sleeping in bed, so she didn’t realize what Mellani was wearing. When Mellani got to school, everyone noticed but did not compliment or say anything to her. At first, she thought she was ugly, that maybe the color did not suit her right, but the real reason why no one was paying attention was because they were too busy paying attention to why Trella broke up with TC.
    Trella would not explain it to anyone though like it was private, and it was itching for everyone to know what happened. After 3rd period, Mellani went to the girl's bathroom and saw Trella and another girl in the bathroom talking. Trella gave Mellani a hateful look and rolled her eyes while she walked in the bathroom stall. Mellani was trying to listen to what was really going on.
    “Anyway, girl I can’t stand Mellani, but that dang TC. Girl he ain’t it.” “What you mean?” The other girl asked. “Look, this is between me and you, but you got to promise me you won’t tell anyone.” “No girl, you got my word.” “Okay well TC is on that stuff but girl he also stole $10,000. Each girl he gets with all their money gone he is nothing but a thief.” Trella said. “So you caught him stealing money from you?”
    “Yes, he stole $50 from me, I should have called the cops on him, but the whole school would have been mad at me.” “Dang girl, well, I’m glad you dumped him.” The other girl said laughing. After they left out the bathroom, Mellani got out and washed her hands and then went to her next class.
    While walking fast to not be late, she crashed into TC. “Oh, I’m so sorry, TC.” “It's okay Mellani.” He said happily. “How are you doing anyway?” he said with his charming tone. “I’m good, how are you?” She said nervously. “I’m good, I never really got to talk to you or notice you much.” “Yeah, I know, I heard you and Trella broke up.”
    “Yeah, but maybe it was for the best. It was nothing I did Trella is just a difficult person to get along with.” “Well I understand that.” Mellani said laughing. “So Mellani, I was wondering maybe we can talk some time, or better yet, how about I take you out?” He said smoothly. “Really?” Mellani said excitedly. “Yeah, of course. You're beautiful and seem nice.” Mellani's dream was coming true.
    “Okay, give me your number.” he said, smiling at her. “Okay.” Mellani said giving him her number. “Alright, I will call you later.” He said, winking at her. During school Mellani could not focus. All she kept thinking about was how she finally got the guy of her dreams to recognize her. When the bell rang for lunch, she saw TC staring at her from across the lunchroom it gave her butterflies. She ate slowly imagining them as a couple.
    School went by pretty quick, and it was time to go home. When she got home, her mom was sleeping on the sofa, and she snuck to her room, hoping that TC would call her immediately. After an hour, TC called. “Hey wassup Mellani.” “Hey, what are you doing?” “Nothing just playing the game. So, Mellani tell me about yourself, what do you like, what do you dislike and when you graduate what do you want to do next.” “Well, I love to sing, I love to eat, I’m basically easy going and I love to laugh and chat. I’m simple nothing to extra. I dislike people who like drama, I dislike rude and mean people, I dislike people who have no limits to what they would do.”
    “Oh cool well I like that.” “And after I graduate I’m doing online college classes on Richmond County College Prep Online. The website is rccp.courses/field.org, and I want to go to be a chef.” “That’s cool Mell.” Mellani liked that he called her that. “Thanks, so tell me what you like, dislike, and want to go to school for.” “Well, I love football, I love to be close to family, I love to party, and I love to meet new people. I dislike when nothing goes my way, I dislike when someone ignores me, and I dislike pretenders.” “Well I’m shocked about that.”
    “And the college I’m going to is Stanfield University College.” “But that college is really expensive each 9-week semester or quarter. I heard they make you pay $800 just to get your books and have a meal. And you get no financial aid unless you have over a 3.5 and a scholarship, but I have a scholarship in 2 of them and my GPA is a 3.5 or above, so I will be fine.” “Okay well I hope everything works out for you. What are you going for?” Mellani asked.
    “Well my passion for football has left, honestly, so I’m going to be a high school math teacher.” TC said. “That’s great TC!” Mellani said. “Yep and I’m going to come right back to this school to teach. Most of my family are teachers.” “Well that is good. I hope things go great for you.” “Yeah me too. So Mellani I want to know if tonight can we go on a date? I know this nice jazz spot by Main Street where my dad always takes my mom. Would you like to go?” TC asked.
    “Yes I would love to, but is it just for adults?” Mellani asked. “No it's for people 18 and older, and we are 18. We can get a frozen cappuccino and chill.” “Okay well my address is West Grove St., and my house is the 4th one on the right side. I will be outside waiting.” “Okay, I will be there in 20 minutes.” He said and hung up the phone. Mellani ran to her closet. And tried to quickly find something to wear.
    She found a black velvet long sleeve shirt, and she got her black tights, she got her black and gold heel boots and put it on and fixed her hair better in a bun. After she finished getting dressed, she grabbed her pocketbook and phone and snuck out the door with her mom still sleeping on the sofa. It didn’t take long for TC to come.

    When TC got there, he got out and opened the car door for Mellani. “Wow Mell you look good.” “Thanks, you look nice too.” She told him. Mellani liked his car; it smelled like expensive cologne. “Your car smells so good, and I love these black leather seats.” Mellani said jumping in.
    “Thanks, I clean my car every weekend and wax it. My dad actually brought me this car.” TC said cooly. “Wow, so how long you had it?” “For 7 months and I help pay most of the car payments. My dad got it for me because he is proud of me in school.” “Well that’s great! And it smells so good in here.” “Thank you, my car air freshener is called Blackberry Night. It's a new scent. And anytime you want a ride from school, never hesitate. I don’t mind taking you home, Mell.” “Thanks.” She said happily.” “You want the air on it's hot tonight.” “Yes please.” Mellani said feeling important in his car.
    He turned on the air then turned on his CD. It was called Knee Deep. “Hey, my mom like this song.” Mellani said. “For real? My pops like this song too.” He said cruising to the music. When they finally got to the jazz place, TC opened the door for her and helped her out of the car. “Wow this place is huge.” “Yeah I know.” He said holding her hand.
    They went in, and a waitress greeted them. “Hi, welcome to The Jazz Lounge. I’m Jazmine, the owner.” “Hi, it's nice to meet you.” TC said. “You two, follow me and I will sit you in a comfort booth.” The long blonde head lady said. She put them at table 4 and asked them if they wanted something to drink. “Yes, can I get a chocolate cappuccino?” TC said, looking at the drink menu. “And for you miss?” Jazmine said. “Can I get a pineapple cream soda?” “Coming right up.” She said.
    “So, TC do you really like school?” “Nah, it's lame most of the time except for lunch and football practice. I mean I know I’m popular, but I don’t let the fame crowd my head. I still want a part-time lover on the side.” He said, winking at Mellani. “What about a full-time lover? I mean I know we still in high school, but don’t you want to be with just one girl for years?” Mellani asked curiously. “I don’t know. I never really thought of that.” He said, smiling at her.
    Jazmine came back with the drinks, and they sipped their drinks and talked. “Do you have a pet?” “Yeah, I do. I have a dog named Cookie. She is a black lab, we had her for a long time.” “Cool, I have a dog too. He is a great Dane and his name is Rock. He is a tan color. We only had him for 3 months. It was my cousin's dog before he got sent to prison. He was not getting out no time soon. He got 25 years, so he gave the dog to us.”
    “Oh dang that’s a long time, but that’s good you all kept his dog.” “Yep, maybe one day we can take the dogs to a dog park for a little while.” “Yes, I would really like that.” Mellani said, blushing. TC seemed so smooth to her, and she just enjoyed chilling with him. When the song Booed Up by Vedo came on, TC stood up and grabbed her hand. “Come on Mellani let’s dance!” “Ummm….TC I don’t really….know how to dance. I’m stiff.” “It's all good I will teach you.” He said, pulling her hand again.
    Mellani was extremely nervous, but she got up anyway and followed him to the dance area. “Okay, just do exactly what I do.” He said, smiling and winking at her. Mellani was winded after dancing, but she enjoyed herself. After they danced, she sat back down and finished drinking her drink. “Wow well that was fun.” “See I told you, maybe we can come here again together.” TC said, holding her hand across the table. Mellani could not believe the popular guy at school was on a date with her.
    “So, TC are you ready for prom, it's coming up soon.” “Yeah, I think I’m ready. Last year I went with Kassy, did you go?” “Nope, no one asked me. So, how was prom with Kassy?” “Horrible, she had no manners at all. You know she is a cheerleader but outside of school she don't act proper. She is rude, burps and farts in public.”
    Mellani laughed out loud. “Really? Oh, my goodness.” “She is loud and dramatic, and her dress was way too extreme.” “What was she wearing?” “She wore a feather dress with blue, green, and red feathers.” “Ewww that sounds so ugly!” “Oh it was, and it was too long. I had to avoid stepping on it all night and I almost fell.”
    “Dang, so did you at least kiss her afterward?” “Honestly, no I did not! Her breath smelled like a garlic factory.” Mellani laughed so hard tears came out her eyes and TC joined in with her. “So did you break up with her after that night?” “Yes, I did, she was angry, but she got over it the next week then started dating my best friend, and he dumped her after 2 days.”
    “Wow! I never knew the cheerleaders could be so unclassy.” “Yep, looks can deceive.” “Oh no, it's getting late. TC I hate to cut this short, but I need to go home because my mom will find out I snuck out.” “That’s cool, well, I had a great time Mellani. I’m glad we went on this date.” He said, smiling hard. “Me too.” She said, staring into his eyes.

    After they left, TC took Mellani back home. They sat in the car holding hands and just looking at each other. “Mellani I enjoyed tonight.” “I did too.” She said shyly. “Mell, would you like to be mine?” He said smoothly. Mellani was so shocked her mouth fell open. “Ummm ... yeah sure TC…. I would love that!” She said feeling good about herself.
    “Okay then it's settled. I will let everyone know at school. Just keep being yourself and don’t worry this is going to make you more popular.” Mellani liked the sound of that. She kissed him on the cheek and got out of the car and waved bye to him. TC smirked and sped off. Mellani still saw that her mom was sleeping on the sofa, and she was snoring loudly.
    Mellani sneaked up the stairs to her room and then removed her date clothes. She got her flower nightgown and put it on and took her hair down out of the bun and brushed it, then she got in bed and went to sleep smiling. When she went back to school, Mellani saw everyone come up and greet her happily. “Hey Mell, what’s up girl?” Trey, who was on the football team with TC, said.
    “Hi.” Mellani said nervously. “Hey girl!” One of the cheerleaders named Jenna said, patting her on the back. All that morning, people were speaking to her and being friendly. Then she saw TC coming from his locker. “Hey baby cakes.” He said hugging her from behind and kissing her cheek. “Hi, well, I guess the word spread fast.” Mellani said laughing.
    “Yeah, I told all my bros, so they must have spread it. You want an apple?” He said, handing her a green apple. “Thanks.” She said, blushing. “So how about I walk you to your first class, and then I will see you later at lunch.” “Okay.” Mellani said cheerfully.
    When Mellani got in her first class, everyone waved and smiled at her. This was the first time that her classmates actually were kind to her and recognized her more. The mean teacher, Mrs. Jackson, was even nicer to her. Mellani could not focus on her work for days. It was all about her and TC.
    She went to his game that Friday night, and she had a wonderful time with him. He even drove her anywhere she wanted to go, but the bad thing about all this was Mellani was slacking on her grades. She was focused more on dating TC and being the talk of the school, and she was not studying as much and her grades were getting lower.
    When the next Monday came and Mellani got to Mrs. Rholand class, Mrs. Rholand put up a few chapters and workbook questions on the board to keep the class busy while she called Mellani to step outside. “Class, your assignment is on the board. Read all 3 chapters and answer the review questions because they might be on your final exam.
    "Mellani, could you step outside with me for a minute.” “Yes ma’am.” Mellani said curiously. When Mellani stepped outside, she saw the disappointed look on Mrs. Rholand’s face. “Mellani I heard about you getting with TC and I see how you're starting to get along with the class more. I’m happy about it but I’m also concerned because your grades have dropped dramatically. What is going on?”
    “Nothing Mrs. Rholand, and I appreciate your being concerned but I don’t need any help. I can get my grades back up.” “Mellani, the finals are next week. You have a 75 in my class now, and you're at a low C average in the other class, you are failing Math and Science with a 50.” “I will just pass the finals.” “Well, to achieve that you have to focus. Lately in class you have been daydreaming.”
    “Mrs. Rholand, could you please stay out of my business!” Mellani said angrily. Mrs. Rholand was upset. “Mellani I want the best for you, so after school I will be calling your mother, so we can talk this over.” “Look mind your business you don’t even have to tell her anything you're a snitch!” Mellani hollered.
    Mrs. Rholand looked at Mellani in a shocked way, then said. “Alright Mellani, that’s it get your stuff and go to the office. Oh, and before you do, I want to remind you something, if you let a boy and popularity spoil your character and mess up your grades, then you will be right back here next year while everyone else is graduating!” Mellani rolled her eyes and stumped back to the class and grabbed her things.
    That afternoon Mrs. Rholand had called Mellani’s mom and while Mellani was talking on the phone to TC her mom burst into her room and snatched the phone out of her hands. “Mellani! I can’t believe your teacher called and told me how you talked to her today!” “But mom she deserved it, she was in me business!”
    “Mellani is this about a boy?” “So, what if it was. I’m popular now, and I’m dating the football player TC.” “TC? The one you always had a crush on?” “Yes, him and we have been having a good time lately and my classmates finally treat me good.” Mellani said proudly. “Sweetheart you can have a boyfriend and be popular, but you have to also focus on your education.”
    “Mom, I know that, and I promise I will do better.” “Okay that’s what I want to hear because I want you to pass your classes.” Her mom said sincerely. “I will.” Mellani said, hugging her mom. Mellani deep down, was angry with Mrs. Rholand, and she knew how to get all her grades back up, so her mom wouldn’t worry. Mellani called TC and told him what happened.
    “Mrs. Rholand is a real turkey for that! Don’t worry about Mellani. I got a cousin that can help you and me cheat on her and the rest of the teachers' finals. My cousin said every year their finals be the same, so she will help us.” “Okay thanks.” Mellani said. “Can you sneak out tonight?”
    “Nah, I don’t think so.” “Come on just try I got something for you.” He said in a flirting way. “Ummmm…..come at 12:00, and I will be waiting outside.” “Alright.” He said. Mellani threw on a light pink t-shirt, light blue jean shorts, she put on her pink fuzzy bedroom slippers, and brushed her silk - smooth brown hair down. It was 11:50, and she snuck out of her room and checked her mom's room and saw her sleeping. She quickly ran down the stairs and went outside, waiting for TC on the step.
    It was 12:15 and TC had made it to Mellani’s house. He got out of the car with a big silver box in her hand and came up to her. “Hey beautiful.” he said, looking at her up and down. “Hi, so what’s in the box?” “It’s for you to open it.” He said, smiling hard. Mellani opened the box, and it was TC’s varsity jacket.
    “Oh my goodness TC this is for me?” She said shocked. “Yes I want you to have it Mell. You mean a lot to me, and I’m glad you're mine.” “Aww.” Mellani said, jumping and hugging him. Then all of a sudden, Mellani and TC looked into each other's eyes, and they passionately kissed for the first time. “How about we go in my car and just make out.” TC said, grabbing her hand and looking deep in her eyes. “Okay.” Mellani said, and they went in his car for a little while just to make out.

    Today was the day of the finals. Mellani wasn’t worried because TC had helped her out with an answer key. She had studied all the answer key questions last night and was confident with all the finals. All the teachers had already said that for 10 minutes they would let the students use their notes to take the exams.
    Every time the teacher would let them use their notes, Mellani would pull out the answer keys and so the teachers would not get suspicious, she would try to get only 2 questions wrong on each test. The teachers told all of them that the next day they would tell them their test results.
    Mellani had no care though she was just happy it was over, and she knew she passed everything on the test was exactly like TC's cousin said. When the bell rang for lunch, Mellani was hungry and ready to eat. They had spaghetti and meatballs, garlic sticks, sweet peas, and a fruit choice on one side and on the other chicken nuggets, French fries, and vanilla pudding cups. Mellani got the spaghetti and meatballs and went to go sit by TC and his crew.
    “How was the tests baby cakes?” “Great! I know I passed.” “Good.” He said, kissing her hand. While Mellani was eating she noticed Trello kept staring at her. When lunch was over, Mellani hugged TC and went to throw her tray away and Trella came up to her. “Mellani, could I talk to you for a minute it's very important? “Fine.” Mellani said, rolling her eyes. Trella pulled Mellani close by the snack machine.
    “What do you want Trella?” Mellani said bothered. “Well listen, I know sometimes we don’t get along, but this time I must warn you. TC is not the charming guy you think you know.” “What are you talking about? You are just jealous because I’m with him now.” “No I’m not jealous. Listen, noodle head TC is a thief. He steals from girls, and he is doing drugs.”
    “Look Trella I have no time for this.” “Fine don’t listen, but he stole from me. He stole all the money that was in my purse, and we broke up.” Trella said whispering. “Okay then what about why him and Kassy broke up?” Mellani said, folding her arms. “He stole from Kassy too, and she told the whole cheer squad that.” Trella said. “Whatever, he already told me why he broke up with Kassy.”
    “Okay fine, don’t listen, but you will see.” Trella said and walked away. That whole day Mellani couldn’t stop thinking about what Trella said, but she wasn’t dare going to let TC know. It was the next day at school and in every class Mellani found out she passed all her tests. She was so happy and even Mrs. Rholand gave her a thumbs up at lunch. Mellani just grabbed a banana and a chocolate milk and went over to TC’s table.
    “Hey TC, I passed everything!” “I told you baby, see I told you not to worry about anything. Now I want to know, prom is going to be in 2 weeks. You want to go with me?” “Of course, but I really don’t have the money to buy a dress and pay for the prom tickets right now.” Mellani said worried. “Don’t worry about that Mell. I will give you some money to help you pay for a prom dress and I will pay for both prom tickets.” TC said cooly.
    “Awww, thanks. I really appreciate it, but are you sure TC?” Mellani asked. “Yes, I can’t wait to see you look like a princess at prom.” TC said kissing Mellani on the cheek. After school, Mrs. Rholand was packing her things in her car when she saw Mellani hugging TC by his car. “Haven’t Mellani heard what’s going on around school about TC, and she is still talking with him? I better go talk to her.” Mrs. Rholand said worriedly.
    “Hi Mellani, can I talk to you for a minute?” “Oh hi Mrs. Rholand. Me and TC are actually about to leave.” Mellani said happily with TC’s arm wrapped around her shoulders. “Mellani it will only take a minute.” Mrs. Rholand smiled but still concerned.
    “Ummmm……well…. I guess so. I’m not in trouble am I?” Mellani said worriedly. “Oh no dear, you're not in trouble. I just need to tell you something.” Mrs. Rholand said, frowning a little at TC. “Ummmm……okay Mrs. Rholand. I will be back.” Mellani told TC. TC frowned but didn’t say a word.
    He actually hated Mrs. Rholand. Mellani walked over with Mrs. Rholand to her car. “Ummm Mellani, didn’t you hear all the rumors going around about TC? Do you think it's wise to continue talking to him? I’m really concerned about…..” “Mrs. Rholand TC is misunderstood! Those girls are probably mad because he broke up with them. I doubt they broke up with a cool guy like TC! People are just jealous because I finally have him and……”
    “Mellani, TC might not be all wonderful like you think he is. I just want you to be careful.” Mrs. Rholand said. “Whatever.” Mellani said, rolling her eyes and then stumping away. TC shot Mrs. Rholand a mean look and hopped in her car. He and Mellani pulled off and Mellani was still upset about what Mrs. Rholand said. “What’s wrong Mell?”
    “TC Mrs. Rholand had the nerve to try to warn me not to deal with you! She is listening to everything those students say, and another thing she should stay in a teacher’s place not worrying about students' business.” “I agree Mell, but what did that woman say about me?” TC said getting mad. “She said you're not as wonderful as I think you are.”
    “Oh really, I should glue her seat when I go back to class.” TC laughed. “TC this is serious, a lot of girls…..” “Look Mellani, I am your boyfriend! You should believe me! Not my dramatic exes or Mrs. Rholand! Now let’s just drop the whole conversation. I want to take you to get some ice cream, and we have to think about what we are wearing for prom.” TC said speeding up. Mellani looked sad. Deep down inside, she was really hoping that all the things everyone said about TC were all lies.
    After stopping and getting two ice cream cones, TC and Mellani spent the rest of the day cuddling in his car and laughing. Mellani had forgotten all about what happened back at school, she just enjoyed being in the arms of TC.

    Mellani was so excited that prom would be tomorrow. She had ordered online a $200 dress that, of course, TC helped her buy and Mellani was excited to get her makeup and hair done for tomorrow.
    It was like a dream come true. She and TC decided to wear a turquoise color. Mellani would wear a silky turquoise flowy ball gown dress and TC was going to wear a white tux with a turquoise bow tie.
    Mellani’s mom was even excited and making makeup and hair appointments for Mellani. Mellani’s mom even brought a new camera to take pictures of her and TC before prom. While Mellani was scrolling on TikTok her mom came into her room.
    “Hey sweetheart, are you excited about tomorrow?” “Yes mom, I'm really excited!” Mellani said, sitting up. “This reminds me of when your dad and I went to prom. He was really handsome, and he even brought me a huge box of chocolates and some roses before we went to prom. My dad and mom didn’t like him, but I didn’t care. I just was excited to be with your dad, even though he was a bad boy type. I mean your dad wore a leather jacket, and he had that cool black and yellow motorcycle. I was head over hills in love with your dad. I could never see his flaws.”
    “Really mom? You never told me anything about my dad.” Mellani said curiously. “I know sweetheart, but maybe it's time to tell you.” Her mom said, sitting on the side of her bed. “So what else happened mom?” “Well Mellani, your dad and I went to prom against our parents' wishes. I went, and I had a great time, until after prom.” Her mom said, looking sadly.
    “Well what happened?” “Well your dad got into a huge fight just because some guys whistled at me and gave me compliments. Next thing you know, the fight got so bad that your dad and another guy went to jail. After he got out of jail I still stuck by him no matter what, but then things changed. I had my own apartment and I quickly moved your dad in. We lasted for a few months until I found out he was cheating even intended to marry some other woman. It broke my heart and I kicked him out even though he tried to deny it. Next thing you know, I find out I’m pregnant with you. You were the joy of my life when I had you and your dad came to the hospital to visit me and you. When you turned 1 later on I found out that your dad got into a big fight again over some other woman at a bar and well……he didn’t survive that fight that night. Even though I wasn’t with your dad anymore I cried when he passed away. I still actually miss him now that your prom is coming up. The moral of the story is a sweetheart, be careful who you love. Sometimes we love people who do a lot of bad things. I loved your dad, but he had a bad temper on him, and it sent him right to his grave. You have to know what you're getting into before you fall in love because it will lead to heartbreak in the end.” Her mom said, wiping tears away.
    “I’m sorry that happened to you mom and I wish I could have actually met dad and knew him more.” Mellani said sadly. “I know sweetheart, anyway I want you to have a great time tomorrow but just be careful. I know you always wanted this TC guy, but just be cautious, okay?” “Yes mom.” Mellani said, hugging her mom. It was finally prom day and Mellani was beyond excited.
    She got his hair put in a low bun in the back she wore turquoise eye shadow with light pink lip-gloss, and she put on her silky gorgeous, elegant turquoise ball gown flowing long dress and silver heels with silver hoops in her ears. When TC came to pick her up, Mellani was shocked at how handsome he looked in a suit. His tux fitted him well.
    He smiled with his pearly white giving Mellani some daisies, and he came with a guy playing a guitar. “How romantic!” Mellani screamed and hugged him. The guy with the guitar was playing John Legend’s song Ordinary People. Mellani was about to cry.
    TC then started singing and Mellani and her mom were holding hands and crying while TC sang John Legend’s song. Mellani could not believe TC could sing like that. It warmed her heart to hear his smooth voice. After he was finished, Mellani kissed him and hugged him tightly.
    “Sweetheart I wish your dad was here to see how beautiful you look tonight, he would have been so proud.” Her mom said, sniffling. Her mom took a few pictures and then TC opened his car door for Mellani, and they headed off to the prom. “TC I didn’t know you could sing! Why didn’t you tell me you could sing?” Mellani said still in shock. “I don’t know, I just only sing for special people in my life. I never sung for any girl before, so you know I’m serious about you.” TC said, smiling at her.
    When they got to prom, TC parked and said he had to get something in the trunk. While getting something out the trunk, Mellani was looking around and opened the glove department. She could not believe her eyes. Mellani saw stacks of money, about $5,000 worth of money in TC’s car. “Oh my goodness, this is a lot of money!” Mellani said staring at it, but then when she moved the money to the side she saw different drugs also in the glove department.
    Mellani was now in tears of sorrow. She could not believe TC was doing drugs but also did have money that he could have stolen. When TC got back in the car, he was holding a huge box in his hand. “Here Mellani I brought you a jacket matching the one I have at home that way when we go back to school on Monday we can go matching.” He said, smiling.
    All of a sudden, TC saw the glove department opened. “Mell, PLEASE tell me YOU DID NOT LOOK IN MY GLOVE DEPARTMENT!” “I’m sorry TC but why do you have all this money and drugs in your…….” “You sneaky fox! WHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO GO THROUGH MY THINGS!” TC screamed and started shaking her. “I’m sorry, TC.” Mellani cried.
    “Get out of my car!” “But TC?” Mellani said sadly. “OUT! I don’t want to go to prom with a nosey person like you! GET OUT! You can walk home for all I care! I’m leaving!” “TC, please let’s just talk about this. I want to know why?” “Look, my parents are really poor, everyone at school thinks I’m living the life, but in reality my dad lost his job years ago and been unemployed since then and had to borrow money constantly to keep a roof over me and my mom’s head and food in our belly! My mom can’t work because she is disabled. She is in a wheelchair paralyzed in her legs! I’m the only one who can help my family, so I steal from stupid girls and help my family. I have a little brother in 1st grade I have to take care of too! So don’t sit here and act like I’m a terrible person! The drugs are not a big deal many people do it! Plus, I’m not hooked. I can quit anytime!” TC said defensive.
    “TC stealing is wrong! Why can’t you just get a job to help your family? That is not an excuse to take other girls' money! Another thing is drugs will mess you up and have you somewhere in a rehab or in jail! Do you want to destroy your life? Drugs destroy your mind and body TC!” “Whatever Mell! I like you a lot but?” “But what TC? I guess eventually you would have started stealing from me soon?” Mellani said upset. “Mellani come on; we can be partners in crime. You can start helping me take things and….”
    “TC I am not that kind of girl! I think we should just break up! I really like you, but you have proved everyone right! I should have listened to Mrs. Rholand, Trella, and my mom from the beginning! I changed my mind about you.” Mellani said.
    “Whatever, I can find another girl better than you.” TC said hatefully. “Whatever TC, go find her. While you're finding her, I want you to take me back home.” Mellani said, folding her arms. TC quietly drove Mellani back home.
    “TC you need to get your life together. Oh, and for the record, if you love that ice cream shop so much, why not work there. That’s a start to helping your family.” Mellani said and got out of the car. TC looked sad and thought about what Mellani said.

    2 weeks passed and Mellani had wiped prom out of her mind since she didn’t even get to go or have fun, she also wiped TC out of her mind and started focusing on her schoolwork. TC was doing his own thing, flirting with other girls, but no one wanted him. The girls all turned against him after too many stories of him stealing and doing drugs.
    Mellani felt bad for him, but she was glad she was done. While getting a drink from the vending machine, TC walked up behind her. “I missed you.” He said smoothly. “TC….” Mellani said about to fuss.
    “Wait Mell. I want to say something. I decided you were right. I need to do the honest thing and return all the girls' money I stole from, and I need to leave all drugs alone. You're right, and I’m going to get help mentally, but Mell I have good news. I have an interview tomorrow. I took your advice and did an application for the ice cream place downtown. So, just wish me good luck on the interview.” He said, smiling.
    “I will TC. I hope you get hired.” Mellani said, smiling at him. “Then can we get back together?” He said nervously. “If you return everyone's money, get off drugs, and start working, then yes I will give you a second chance.” Mellani said, looking into his eyes. “Thanks Mell, you're the best.” TC said, hugging her. Later on after graduation, Mellani and TC did get back together.
    TC was working and getting ready for college, he stopped drugs permanently, and he returned everyone’s money. Mellani and TC's relationship only got better from there. Mellani changed her mind for the second time, and she was sure of her decision this time.

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