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The Fourth Granger? Chapter One

1 Chapter - 305 Words - Developed by:
- Updated on: - 3,344 taken- The story is completed

Hermione Granger is a gifted 13-year-old witch...and is also very stubborn.
So when a strange girl announces something odd, Hermione is dubious.How could they have been sisters?
To Be Continued...hopefully...

    Hermione Granger was a plain brown-haired girl in her early teens.She had two good friends.
    One was Harry Potter, who was brave to the point of recklessness sometimes, but he was still a very good friend.
    Then there was the funny, handsome redhead Ron Weasley, who was the centre of Hermione's love life.If only she could tell him...
    "What're you writing?"It was Ron.Hermione quickly rolled up the parchment.
    "An assignment for DADA."muttered Hermione.Looking up, she saw a girl about her height, with very familiar brown curly hair...
    "Come back!"Hermione hurried forward, leaving Ron looking bemused.
    The weird lookalike turned around."Hello, Hermione.I know you like my own voice.We were separated, remember? I went off to live with the Kipples, a pure-blood family..."
    "What are you talking about?"spluttered Hermione."That defies all logic!"
    "Slow, aren't you, Hermione..."The girl looked Hermione in the face, green into brown.The emerald eyes reminded Hermione of her father."I'm your sister, Hermione."
    A/N: Rubbish, I know, but it will get better...probably...maybe...hopefully....
    To Be Continued...

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498 days ago
Love this this story!
909 days ago
Dramione is the best
986 days ago
It is not examine for the last time! It's Ronmione!!!!
1295 days ago
Wow!whats her name!is it Lani because I’m a Granger!
1631 days ago
Omg I love the dramione stories they r so freakin cute
1732 days ago
I like this! I also wrote a few Dramione stories. Dramione: Just the Beginning. Dramione: Taunts and Tests, Part 1. Also, Dramione: Taunts and Tests, Part 2 is coming soon. (I have already written it, but the website hasn't checked it yet). Hope you guys like my stories! I liked yours, Rabbit!
1837 days ago
If you do not make more of the story I will be so mad that I will never come back to this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1837 days ago
Make more of the story and why she likes Ron and who is her sister and why they got separated and why Ron Weasley is the love of her life and will J.K Rowling make more Harry Potter books if so I would love to read them!!!!!!!!!!