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The Fourth Granger? Chapter Two

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"I'm your sister, Hermione."
Hermione stared.This girl was either cracked or a liar.
Hermione is disbelieving that this odd girl is her twin sister at first, but it all become clear as she explains where she has been and why she has hidden from Hermione all this time.
*you should read ch.1 first to get a picture*

    "I'm your sister, Hermione. "
    Hermione stared. This girl was either cracked or a liar. "That can't be right. "said Hermione, gesturing to the girl's yellow tie and numerous freckles. "My parents would have told me, and you would have talked to me as soon as I got here. "
    "You're amazingly stubborn and logical. You can't believe in anything vaguely odd. "The girl frowned slightly. "You see, our parents decided to give ones of us-me-to a pure-blood family, thinking it would help us to recognize ourselves as individuals. So I was sent away and you stayed in your comfy little Muggle house.
    I wanted to watch you for a bit first, make sure I had the right girl, to get to know your personality and things first. "
    "Is this true?"Hermione asked no-one in particular.
    "Yes, but I somehow don't think you'll believe me. It's fine if you don't, but I think if you actually listen, you might learn something. . . and that is a big temptation for you. . . "The 'sister' smiled. Hermione's curiosity got the better of her.
    Suddenly, Harry ran up. "Hermione! If we don't shift, we'll be late for Potions!"
    The 'sister' had vanished, to Hermione's mingled disappointment and confusion. But she reappeared as Harry walked off shaking his dark head.
    "I can't show myself to anyone yet. . . by the way, I he met somebody to care for me. . . so don't worry about me. "And the girl pointed to a familiar tallish person with grey eyes and a lip-curling sneer.

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hey GriffondorChaser wwhere is book 5?
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It's ronmione! Ughh. For the last time coz nobody bother to rememberthat!
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this is weird, I really 74687twfg it
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I like this, don't forget to check out my Dramione stories please!