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The Fourth Granger? Chapter Three

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"DRACO MALFOY!"Hermione couldn't believe it.Her own supposed flesh and blood was dating this biased loser.
Hermione is 'introduced' to Ashley's new boyfriend, Malfoy, but is there more to him than she thought? What secrets are Draco and Ashley hiding behind their mysterious exteriors?
Possible Dramione-very confusing love rectangle isn't it?

    "DRACO MALFOY!"Hermione couldn't believe that her supposed flesh and blood was dating this biased loser.
    "Yes, have you met before? Drakey-poo, this is my sister Hermione.Hermione, this is Draco, who is really a fuzzy-wuzzy teddy bear!"Hermione was startled at how fast this girl changed from enigmatic to lighthearted.
    "But...she's not pure-blooded...she's not in Sly-but...you...she..."stammered Hermione.
    "Yeah, Granger, but unlike you, you fat, hideous geek, she's relatively good-looking."drawled Malfoy.
    "Anyway, Hermione, I had to wait until I felt the time was right to meet you before we spoke.I needed to feel you out properly, see which was the right way to approach the situation.I left the Kipples in the Christmas of my first year, to live in Malfoy Manor.And my name is Ashley, by the way...but I must go."Ashley moved so fast Hermione could have sworn she had disapparated.
    "HERMIONE! MOVE! C'MON!"Harry appeared."What are you doing with Malfoy?"he asked suspiciously, drawing his wand.
    "Nothing."said Hermione hastily.But when she turned to leave, she felt nails digging into her arm.
    Malfoy had a pink tinge between his cheeks.He opened his mouth, quickly closed it, then hastily assumed a haughty expression, and hissed,"You're such a disgusting, appalling Mudblood its almost scary."
    He tried to look casual when he walked off, but still had a pink flush on his pointed face, leaving Hermione in absolute bewilderment.
    A/N: More Dramione in Ch.4 and some Harshley(HarryXAshley)in Ch.4 too.The secrets and lies will come out soon enough...be patient and you will receive...

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698 days ago
What a hack this is stange 😱
837 days ago
941 days ago
I meant Malfoy not mostly
941 days ago
This is good and twisty. Why would mostly love a muggleborn
1036 days ago
Herrel or what ever her name is should back off! Malfoy is mine!
1278 days ago
When is chapter 4 coming out???
1387 days ago
When will you make Ch.4???? I loved this story!
1764 days ago
Hello, this is the author of Dramione: Just the Beginning. I think the story was good. Could you please read my story? Thank you!