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What if, Dumbledore knew all about The Dark Lord's future. To find out, read this story....

Albus Dumbledore was getting ready for an appointment. He was wearing a cut suit of plum velvet. He stroked Fawkes, his pet phoenix and stood near his table, looking at the mirror wearing his half-moon spectacles. He thought about his day’s appointment; firstly he had to go to Wizengamot and then to an orphanage in London to inform young Tom Riddle about his magical parentage and admission in Hogwarts, and then return. He got ready to make a move when he heard a sharp KNOCK on his door. He wondered who it might be at this point of time. He said, “Come in.” he was surprised to see professor Merrythought there. “Good morning, Dumbledore. Are you going somewhere?” said Merrythought hastily. “As a matter of fact, I am. What brings you here?” Merrythought said, “Actually, I got an urgent owl saying that a Seer saw you committing some serious ‘deed’ that might cause some serious danger in future. She wants a personal meeting with you as soon as possible.” Dumbledore chuckled and said, “You believe in these prophecies, Galatea. And by the way, I am not getting on any serious business today. So don’t worry.” Prof. Merrythought looked dismayed. He said, “Actually, that seer is my niece. I would find it nice if you just meet her once.” Dumbledore smiled and said, “sure. Please arrange me a meeting with her.”

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