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Finding Phoenix

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Are you a Harry Potter fanatic? If you are, this story is for you. Join Phoenix and a host of other characters on an amazing journey exploring the concept of love, friendship, and finding yourself.


Chapter One

Into the World

“Mum!” Phoenix called, for what she was sure was the 14th time in the past five minutes. “Come here!” Her mother poked her silvery white head into Phoenix’s room.
“Yes?” she said, sounding exasperated.
“Do you think I will need my Spellotape?” Phoenix queried.
“I suppose it couldn't hurt,” her mother Fluer said in her exotic French accent. “But hurry, we need to leave soon, your sister is all ready to go.” Her mother stalked out of the room. Phoenix rolled her eyes.
“Of course Victorie, a.k.a. miss perfect, is already packed,” she muttered under her breath. But she hurried anyway. The last thing she wanted was to not make it to platform 9 34 in time before the barrier sealed shut. Phoenix had been waiting for this day her entire life, or at least as long as she could remember. Suddenly she heard her father’s voice,
“Get in the car, Hogwarts awaits!” A thrill of anticipation coursed through her body, causing her to shiver. She was finally going to Hogwarts! She loved Shell Cottage, after all, it was her home. But it would be like a breath of fresh air to get out and see other witches and wizards for a change.

But she was nervous, first about how everyone else would accept someone like her, and second, if she would be able to live up to her sister’s sterling reputation. Prefect, Captain of the Griffindor quiddich team, top of all her classes, and the most popular person, probably on the planet. Still, the world wasn't totally against her, Phoenix thought as she climbed into the spacious car. Being part veela really pays off when trying to get what you want. Or charming boys. Which, for the record, Phoenix had never personally done on purpose, although, considering the amount of mail her sister got, she certainly did. Her father looked back at her, his scars prominent on his face, his ginger hair identical to hers. Her father was a werewolf. That is one of the reasons why she was worried she might be shunned by the other kids. Fortunately his furry little problem had not been handed down to her. But he was still an outcast, which made his family virtually outcasts too. Fluer’s shimmering hair swooped into the car, followed by Phoenix’s younger brother, Dominique, and her sister, Lois. They would have their opportunity to go to Hogwarts when they, like her, had reached the age of eleven. But for now their education was conducted at home.

The car pulled to a halt, and the six Weasleys filed out of the vehicle. Victorie bounded ahead, muttered something about seeing someone. Phoenix glanced at Dominique and giggled. They reached the barrier between platforms nine and ten. Phoenix looked anxious.
”Alright! Phoenix, you go first with your mother. We will follow.” Then seeing the look on her face her father said in a lower tone, “Don’t worry. I was nervous my first time too.” He smiled, and then motioned toward the barrier. Phoenix took a deep breath, and ran. Hard. She cringed at the moment when she would have hit the barrier, but instead sailed effortlessly through.

Phoenix’s mouth dropped open in awe of what she saw. Witches and wizards were everywhere, young, old, owls hooted, cats yowled, the whole place was a madhouse, but in a good way. But the main attraction was the scarlet red train engine, with gold lettering spelling out, “The Hogwarts Express” She heard a squeal, and whipped her head around to face her cousins, Rose Weasley, the daughter of Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley, and also one of her best friends, and her brother, Hugo Weasley.
“Hi!” The girls both shouted at the same time. They lapsed into a fit of giggles. Bill and Ron exchanged a look, they were quite used to the girl’s simultaneous outbursts.
“Where’s Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny?” Phoenix asked Ron.
“They should be here any minute.” Ron said with a grin.
“Speak of the devil.” Hugo proclaimed, as all five heads turned to spot the Potters. The Potters caught sight of them and hurried over to greet them. James rushed into the train to save a compartment. Finally, Fluer arrived through the barrier, with Dominique and Lois.
“Where is Victorie?” At that moment, James burst out of the train, and stopped short in front of the adults, and breathlessly gasped,
“Teddy is snogging Victorie! Teddy Lupin, snogging Victorie, our cousin!”
“So that is where she is.” Fluer stomped away to find her daughter.
“Wouldn’t it be nice if they got married? Then Teddy would really be a part of the family.” Ginny sighed. Phoenix and Rose exchanged a look that said very plainly, “Eww!”

Fluer marched out of the train, with an abashed Victorie.
“Victorie, I want you to stay with your sister, you hear me? Stick together.” Victorie rolled her eyes, and said,
“I have more important things to do than babysit this little brat.” Fluer replied with a sharp look that could have gouged someone’s eye out. Victorie pulled Phoenix into the train, and was followed by her cousins, James, Albus and Rose. Hugo and Lily were too young to start school, being under eleven. Shouts of “Goodbye!” and “Stay safe!” rung throughout the station. Phoenix stuck her head out the train window and waved furiously.
“Bye! I love you! Don’t forget to write!” Phoenix felt herself being jerked back into the train by her hair. “Ouch! Victorie, that hurt!”
“Well, anyway, I’m going to find some cool people to hang out with, so see ya.” Phoenix sighed and sat down on the seat in the empty compartment.

Presently, her cousin James opened the door, and said,
“Mind if I take a seat?”
“Sure,” Phoenix sounded lifeless. James sat across from her and said,
“Tell me about it.”
“Tell you about what?”
“Oh, come on, you have been at my house too many times for me not to know when you are upset.”
“Fine. What if I can’t make any friends at Hogwarts? And what if I fail all my classes? And, what if I’m not in Griffindor? I mean, everyone expects me to be in Griffindor, because I’m a Weasley, and I feel like if I’m not, then I’ll be letting everyone down.” Phoenix put her face in her hands and stated, “I just feel so overwhelmed.” James gave her a look of pity, and put his arm around her shoulder.
“I know exactly how you feel.” Phoenix’s head jerked up.
“You do?”
“Of course. I felt the same way in my first year. Most of your concerns are unfounded. But I can still try to help you. First, you are bound to make friends at Hogwarts, and, if you don’t, you’ll always have me and Rose.” Phoenix smiled gratefully. “Second, you are smart, so you will won’t fail. Third, no one is going to be disappointed if you’r not in Griffindor.” Phoenix gave him a skeptical look. “Trust me.” “I mean, you’r dad might be a little disappointed, but he’ll get over it.”
“I just don’t think I could stand being in Slytherin.” Phoenix shuddered.

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