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Demigods and Magicians Visit Hogwarts

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Some Greek, Roman and Norse demigods plus some Magicians go to Hogwarts ( all knowing each other) and try to keep their identity a secret, but with Kronos rising in Setne body and Apophis in Voldemort's will they reveal them selves. Gaia is also again trying to rise the giants to awaken her. She is trying help the other Titans rise too. Surt is back, so is Loki.

B Percy Jackson meets Magnus Chase Chapter one Percy's, point of view My night was doing great until a pitch black guy with no nose shows up out

Percy Jackson meets Magnus Chase
Chapter one
Percy's, point of view
My night was doing great until a pitch black guy with no nose shows up out
of nowhere, while I was in the middle of a date, at a diner, with Annabeth, who was in the bathroom. 'I knew I could smell a demigod.‘ he exclaimed `Whose son are you. Njord, I'd guess, I can smell the sea on you.'
' Who is Njord?' Was all I could say.
'Njord. He's the Norse god of the ocean. Father of my worst enemy, Frey.' The guy answered.
'Wait! What! Norse god!' I almost shouted, 'Ohhhhh, great, just what I need more gods. Ohhkay then, who are you? I mean you've got to be some sort of god or Titan and if you are a Titan OR a god why are you being so nice?'
'Me, I am Surt, King fire giant. I am no god or Titan. And for why I am being "nice" I want you on my side and ready for Ragnarok, to you know, destroy the gods. I mean what have they done for you.'
'Okay that sounds like an immediate no, plus I don't like giants.' I said as I uncapped Riptide. My sword sprang into place. And Surt yelled. 'So that's what you want to do. Huh.' Just as Annabeth came back to the table.

'Oh gods Percy we're in a public place. The mortals.' Annabeth said as she turned to the mortals. 'Umm, everyone you have better things to do. Now leave.' She said as she clicked her fingers and everyone got up and left. Then she drew her drakon bone sword and turned towards me. We then charged to Surt the fire giant. He dodged and a one and a half metre long sword appeared in his hands. I charged him again and this time our swords clanged together we sparred for about 10 minutes, until his sword opened a wide, deep wound in my chest.
'Noooooooooo!' Annabeth screamed, she charged his back and stabbed him right in the heart. The point was coming out the other side. He disappeared with a smile on his face, somehow still alive. Annabeth dropped her sword which was covered in smouldering blood and knelt next to me tears streaming down her face. 'Percy, please, please come on you've got to be alright.' I smiled weakly at her. Then suddenly she started rummaging through her bag. She brought out a sandwich sized block of ambrosia and fed the whole thing to me. I felt my eyes starting to get heavy. 'Annabeth jus...just remember I love you.' With that I banged my head on the floor and knocked myself out.

________________________________________________ __ __________

The next thing I know I'm lying in a bed with someone crying on my left and Chiron leaning over me checking some bandages I had on my stomach. I looked at who was crying and it was Annabeth. 'Annabeth what's wrong?' I asked her.
'Percy, you're awake!' She said as she hugged me and I blushed. Chiron looked over.
'Ahh, good. Child, your awake.' I was really confused. Last I time I was awake I was on that zebra van thing. Now I was in the camp infirmary.
'Why are Annabeth and I here? Where's Grover?' Then I turned to Annabeth, 'weren't you, me and Grover, just on that zebra van thing. Did we finish our quest?' Annabeth looked confused. 'Zebra van thing? Oh, you mean the Kindness International from our first quest.' It was my turn to look confused. I realised that Chiron had left.
'First quest? That was only the first.' I was stunned. Then I looked at Annabeth properly. She looked about 17, then I looked at my bare chest and realised that I was about 17 too. 'Holy Hades. What happened? I missed... umm, oh yeah, I think 5 years of my life. Last I checked I was 12.'
'You're not going to trick me again, Seaweed Brain.' Then she kissed me. WAIT! WHAT, KISSED ME?
'Holy Hades, holy Hades underpants. OH MY GODS! Oh my gods. Oh my gods. Oh my gods. Oh my gods. Yo...you just kissed me. Oh my gods. Athena's gonna kill me. But still HOLY POSIEDON'S UNDERPANTS YOU JUST KISSED ME? This is-wait why in Tartarus would you kiss me?' I said in one breath. I noticed that she flinched when I said Tartarus. I wonder why.
'Uhh, let me think, ' she said in a mock voice, ' hmmm, because you're my boyfriend. Why would you be shocked that I kissed you? You seriously are a Seaweed Brain.' Before I could register what she said, Chiron walked back in and placed a cup of nectar on the table. 'Drink this child.' He said and walked out. Okay this was really confusing, first I wake up to find that I'm in the camp infirmary, then that I'm 17, and now I'm Annabeth's boyfriend. Annabeth looked at me, 'you really aren't faking, are you?' She asked me.
'Faking what?' I had no idea what she was talking about. She burst into tears when she realised I was telling the truth. I couldn't stand to see my friend in pain. I didn't know what to do so I just leaned over the bed and hugged her. When I did I got a blinding pain in my chest. I winced and fell to the floor. Annabeth immediately stopped crying and helped me back on to the bed.

'Here, maybe you should drink this.' Annabeth said handing me the glass of nectar. I tried to drink it slowly. Then before I know it I've drained the glass. I realised that I was holding Annabeth's hand. I tried to let go, but she wouldn't let me. She was holding my hand so tight it was turning purple. 'Uhh, Annabeth. Cou...could you let go of my hand?' I asked her. She smiled and loosened her grip, but didn't let go.
'Look at the time. We need to go to sleep.' I looked at my watch, 3:27am
'Well, goodnight. I guess. See you in the morning.' I said to her, she looked at me, puzzled.
'What are you talking about, I'm not going anywhere.'
'What are you talking about? You just said, we should go to bed.' I seriously had no idea what she was talking about.
"Yeah, I know. Now move over.'
'Err, you know I'm just in my boxers, right?'
Yes, I know, now move over, ' and with that she got into the bed with me and put her hands around my neck. She gave me a small kiss before going to sleep. I fainted, because that was the second time she had kissed me. I started dreaming, but I don't remember what it was about.

________________________________________________ __ ____

I woke up to screaming. I rubbed my eyes and rolled over. What I saw freaked me out. Annabeth was right there, squirming. In my face. So close I could feel her breath. Our lips almost touching. Then she screamed, and our lips were touching. I fainted, only to be awoken, again, because of her screams. Our lips were touching again when I heard Chiron coughing. I jumped because he was right by the bed (in wheelchair form). 'You realise you’re the only one that can calm her down. Right? And the only way to do it is to... kiss her, a lot, ' he said.
'Ummm, okay?' I said, but it sounded more like a question. I pressed my lips to hers. I did this again and again, until she stopped squirming and woke up. She put her hands on the back of my neck. I realised that we were still kissing when Chiron coughed. Annabeth looked at him and smiled sheepishly. She said sorry for not realising that he was there and was about to kiss me again but I didn't let her. She frowned at me. 'Percy what's wrong? You've never turned down a kiss before.' She said.
'Errr, ' was all I could say.
'Ohh, right. I forgot that you forgot that you’re my boyfriend. Wait, why did you kiss me in the first place?' Her eyes landed on Chiron. 'Chiron, what did you tell him?'
'Umm, nothing my girl. Just that... errr, well, that if you needed to be calmed down that he, well, that he had to, erm, "hem, hem, " kiss you.' Chiron stuttered out. I would have stuttered too, by the look she was giving him.

'Well I can't say that's not true, but why did you kiss me? I mean, you had no reason too, ' she asked me.
'Errrm well, I didn't like, cough, cough, herrm, hearing errr, you, hem, scream, ' I said to her (she had given me the look).
'Ohh, okay, ' she kind of whispered but she sounded sad to me.
'Are you okay?' I said just as some tears slipped out of her eyes. 'Oh. You’re not. Umm, I really don't know what to do, or say, or anything.' I looked around to see if Chiron could help me cheer her up, but he had left. I decided to do what he said to do earlier: kiss her. I slowly pressed my own lips to hers. She wrapped her arms around my waist, pulling me so close that I could feel her heart beating. We were still kissing. I was about to pull away because I needed to breath when she pulled closer yet again. I just breathed through my nose and she followed my example, breathing through her nose. I pulled away because I didn't want her to get her hopes up - kissing me all the time.- I saw her smiling slightly, so I knew I had succeeded in cheering her up. I couldn't help but smile too. I looked into her eyes and I could see that she was happy.

'Umm, ' I said, 'could you get me a t-shirt and shorts, please? I mean it's... 12
'Yeah, sure, ' she replied. With that she left to get me some clothes. While she was gone I was super bored because there was no one else there. It took about 10 minutes for her to get the clothes.
She returned and I sighed with relief. She was about to leave but I stopped her. 'What is it, ' she asked me.
'Well, I need some help, because I think I split the skin, ' I told her. She sighed exasperated. She rolled down the blanket so that all the bandages were showing. She told me to sit up so that she could take the bandages off. I did and the blanket fell to the floor.

I leaned on Annabeth as we walked towards some cabins. We walked into one and immediately I started feeling sleepy. A teenage boy about 14 came over - I figured he must be new - and said 'Percy good to see you out and about.'
'Uhh do I know you?' I asked and Annabeth started crying again.
'Oh dear, I see. Well my name is Zac, come on in before nap time. Okay Annabeth what happened. How did he lose his memory again.'
'Umm, again?' I asked
'Not to worry, ' Zac said, obviously trying not to laugh.
'We fought a guy who was as dark as coal, ' Annabeth started. She told him everything...
‘Then Percy hit his head on the ground and knocked himself out. I called a uhh a girl named Sadie and she dropped us off on the road right in front of Half-blood Hill. Percy woke up not remembering anything since we were 12, ' she concluded. Zac simply gave Annabeth a box labeled 'Remember' I looked inside the box was filled with vials of clear medicine.

We walked back to the Big house and I went to sleep, as Annabeth instructed. I woke up with a small tube pulsing stuff into my right ear. I looked to my left and saw that Annabeth was still there. Then all of a sudden a flood of memories about Annabeth came back, I was her boyfriend and then I couldn't remember anything since the fight with Surt. I tried to get out of bed but the tube came out 'Annabeth, ' I croaked and then I couldn't remember anything, my vision started swimming. I fell to the ground unconscious. The next time I woke up, the last thing I remembered was saying to Annabeth "just remember I love you." I looked at Annabeth who was asleep in the chair next to me. I got out of bed wrapped the thin blanket around me and woke her with a gentle kiss. 'Percy!' She cried. 'Good news, I convinced Chiron to let us visit your mum! Then we can go to Central Park!'
"Awesome, let's go get ready.' With that I went to my cabin to get ready.


Three hours later Annabeth and I were sitting in Central Park. Where Annabeth had prepared a picnic. We had already visited my mum. 'Percy did you mean what you said when you said that you love me?' Annabeth asked me. 'Yes I did. I really did.' I answer her. 'I do love you.'
'I love you too Percy.' Annabeth said before I kissed her. 'You know the first time I realised that was when we were falling in...int...into T...T...T...Tar Tartar...Tartarus' Suddenly I was trapped in a memory.

Annabeth's point of view

As soon
'Annabeth, ' someone called. Then a boy about my age came over. I wondered how he knew Annabeth's name. I looked at him and thought he looked a bit suspicious. I could tell he had something to hide just by looking at him, as Grover taught me a bit about reading emotions, so I uncapped Riptide and pointed it at him. 'Percy, ' Annabeth said.
'It's okay Annabeth I've got it.' I cut her off.
'Nice sword, ' the boy/monster thing said ' you want to see mine.' He took the pendant off the chain that was around his neck. Immediately it grew it to a sword. 'Hey' the sword said, 'I'm Jack.'
'Wha... what, did that sword just speak?' I stammered
'Percy, this is my cousin, Magnus.' Annabeth said trying not to laugh.
'Ohh, ummmmm, yeah.' Was all I could say.
'Magnus were on earth did you get a talking sword. You never told me about that. You just said it was the sharpest sword in the nine worlds. And then you told me about the Norse gods. So then I told you they weren't the only gods and I told you about all the gods that I had encountered.' I stared at her.
'Norse gods just what I need.' I muttered under my breath. Then I said to Annabeth 'why didn't you say anything to me about this I mean your cousin and these Norse gods.' Then I turned to Magnus, 'how did you get your sword Jack to talk? I want Riptide to be able to talk.' I didn't care how childish it sounded, I wanted a talking sword. 'Excuse me, ' said the sword, 'I may not have ears or eyes but I can still see and hear you.'
'Sorry lord sword.' I said sarcastically
'Was that sarcasm Mr Perseus Jackson. Hey your last name contains my name. Coincidence. I don't think so. The Norns made this happen.' The talking sword Jack said.(humph) 'Yeah, sure.' I said thinking that maybe I didn't want a talking sword they were so annoying. 'Well later Annabeth I gotta go see Blitzen's new clothes store.' Magnus said before running to the road and getting in a cab. 'Your cousin is weird, ' I told Annabeth.

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I love the story but they don't even go to Hogwarts that's like the headline of the story
987 days ago
Also, y do I think Ron and Annabeth would be good friends because they both DESPISE and fear spiders?

Also but would Ron do if he met the original Arachnid? He'd probably say,

"Not again........"
987 days ago
Awesome! Keep it up! I would love to see more of this! I love writing and am right now making book-like fanfic, and I think writing is amazing, and if you want to, go on, do it! Again, I love this. Percy losing his memory AGAIN was funny. tho honestly, he needs a break.
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Cool story! I really like the detail and info.