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A new view of magic........ PART 1

3 Chapter - 692 Words - Developed by:
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This isn't going to be like my old one.... where I said gotcha didn't I?

Here it is my world I created. Inspired by harry potter a world of Kelson and kaelyn two twins living a very confusing life..

This will be Part 1

    The Cunningham family was different, Extraordinary, special, whatever you say. Orlean Cunningham was having a special power since the day he was born. He could control and talk/communicate with different elements such a fire water, etc. His wife Nancy Rivers wasn't any different. She could levitate objects since the very beginning. And when they found each other, they knew, they knew they had someone in their life they could finally trust. So what did they do? They married each other. Their children were not any different. Elena the oldest, was 12. So was the oddest. She was the most powerful in the whole family. She was a sorceress. She could levitate, cause, conjure etc. But she lacked the powers of her siblings. The Cunninghams had two more children later on. Kelson and Kaelyn the twins, CURRENTLY 12. But unfortunately they lost Elena in a fire.

    Orlean and Nancy knew that they had to give their twins the proper education so, they sent them to BLITS VALLEY SCHOOL OF EXTRAORDINARIES. There Kelson and Kaelyn would find people just like them and would be taught the right use of their powers and not only how to use their powers but muggle studies ( in words of Harry Potter).

    "Listen both of you, we've been to Blits Valley in our childhood. It is a really peaceful place. But please just be careful" Nancy explained to her 2 12 year olds.

    "And Blits Valley is on an abandoned hill top, so it is away from the ordinary people." Added their father.

    "Don't worry! We'll be fine!" Said Kaelyn in an annoyed tone.

    "And mind your attitude Kaelyn." Said their mom

    "Well you will be given the other instructions at Blits Valley. Now you need to go." Orlean said, hoping to get Nancy to shut up. She was tensed

    "Nancy, where did you keep the Travel Mirror?" Orlean asked. This seemed to get the children's attention. They never saw or heard about it. Nancy raised her hand to face the store room door. She swung it to the side and the door flew open. She then pulled her hand back and out came the travel mirror, she put her hand down slowly and the travel mirror landed down.

    "Been years since I saw this mirror." Nancy said with a warm smile on her face.

    "How come we never saw it?" Kelson asked

    "Because you never notice the little things." His mom replied

    "But how did you know you were bringing out the right thing?"

    "Years of practice"

    "Comeon you 2.. time time to go." Orlean said. Actually the mirror wasn't a mirror it was a plain glass....

    I will keep part 1 till here... I am in hurry and bit busy.... actually kelson and kaelyn go to school and find their dead sister but then find out it is not their sister.... it is a revenge taking spirit....

    I hope this drags your attention

    From part 2 there will be only 1 chapter but will be long and will update ( for those who like it)

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