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Hermione groaned in anticipation of what came next. Her body crushed against his, noses touching. Then he leaned in. Her lips and Draco’s, touching
Hermione groaned in anticipation of what came next. Her body crushed against his, noses touching. Then he leaned in. Her lips and Draco’s, touching and wanting more.
He swept Hermione up and twirled me around, before kissing her tenderly. “I love you, Hermione Granger,” he murmured.
“I love you more, Draco Malfoy,” Hermione challenged.
“Ah, but I love you most,” Draco told her.
“OK,” she whispered contentedly. Then he twirled her around more, and started kissing her again, on her lips, her eyelids, cheeks, neck, collar bone.
She sighed again.
Draco put her down gently, not releasing her mouth. His tongue was still in her mouth.
And they didn’t move for what felt like the most blissful hours of their lives.
Really, it was only about half an hour, before they could hear the doorbell downstairs.
“We’d better go get that,” Hermione suggested, whispering into Draco’s mouth.
“Nah,” Draco breathed, kissing Hermione passionately again, before she pulled back, laughing.
“Draco,” she laughed. “You stay here, I’ll be back in a minute,” she decided, and trudged down to get the door.
When she saw who was outside, she turned around and hoped they hadn’t seen her.
“Who was it?” Draco asked when she got back.
“I’m not sure, they must have gotten bored and left,” she lied, feeling guilty, but not ready to tell even her boyfriend the truth.

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128 days ago
hey wolfblood how do i know if I am a wolfblood? and how do I shift?
148 days ago
write more I am so close to shifting in to a wolf and there isn't much drama I don't think
192 days ago
So romantic
238 days ago
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write more Dramione!
238 days ago
Oh WOW! This is amazing!
252 days ago
Read the 2nd one already
371 days ago
Hey, all! Sry for leaving you all hanging! Pls check out my new story on fanfiction.net. It's called Saved by the Snake (it's Dramione, duh) and is written under the username RunningMyRace. Pls check it out!
381 days ago
wow awesome story!! pls write more!!
645 days ago
Hey, everyone! Please check out my other Dramione fic: Dramione Marriage Law. There are currently four chapters out. Thanks!
681 days ago
CONTINUE!!!!!!!!!! I loved it. I'm left in suspence!!!!!!!!!!
855 days ago
Awesome story Griffindor Chaser!!!
862 days ago
🐬 shipper.....
905 days ago
Yeah! I actually used to ship Harry and hermione as well, but like you said, forbidden love! Did you know that JK Rowling even considered putting Dramione into her stories? But she thought it wouldn't work out.
923 days ago
Thank you SO much, @CutieLocks! I am a huge Dramione fan too! I used to hate the idea and shipped Harmione, but then again, forbidden love is just so much better!
927 days ago
Amazing Dramione fanfic :)
I ship Dramaione HARD
1020 days ago
Amazing! So awesome, ORPINM.
1022 days ago
Hi, guys, so I just wrote the first chapter of my next series. (based on the Penderwicks) I would love it if you could go check that out, comment on it (reviews and constructive criticism are appreciated), and rate it. Thanks, guys, you are all awesome!
1032 days ago
Hi, I love this story so far, ORPINM!
1036 days ago
Hi, I just wrote and submitted the last chapter!
1042 days ago
Hi GryffindorChaser, I absolutely love this story, can’t wait to read the next story!! Xx