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Dramione: A Drop of Love, Part 1

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This is Dramione: A Drop of Love, Part 1, the fourth chapter in this Dramione series. In this story, Hermione unknowingly drinks a Love Potion-intoxicated glass of pumpkin juice that had passed under the hand of her seemingly EX-significant other. When she finds out after the charm wears off, she confronts Draco and confesses. Want to know what she is telling him? Find out in Dramione: A Drop of Love, Part 1.

    Dramione: A Drop of Love, Part 1:
    "Hey, Hermione. Heard you broke up with Malfoy," Seamus Finnigan mumbled tentatively, afraid she would yell at him again or worse, hex him.
    "Yes," Hermione managed to reply. It had been two weeks since she had broken up with him.
    "Er--good one." Hermione didn't answer. Seamus left, and Hermione, suddenly thirsty, took a satisfying sip of her pumpkin juice. She loved its refreshing personality, but today, it was even more refreshing than usual. She couldn't stop thinking about him.
    Presently, she began to feel very odd and muttered to Harry that she had a headache.
    "You all right, Hermione?" Harry inquired through a mouthful of breakfast sausage. "You've been acting--er--weird."
    "No, really, I'm fine. I just need to rest." Harry narrowed his eyes suspiciously as Hermione sucked in her breath, but he turned around to talk to Ron.
    Sighing in relief, Hermione walked slowly back upstairs, all the way to her bed. When she plopped down and laid down on it, she felt odder than ever! What was wrong with her lately? Was she dying? No, she couldn't be, could she? All her senses faded away until there was nothing left but--love? For--for him? Hermione shook her head, but it didn't help. Suddenly, she wanted to clutch him, hold him close, and snog him passionately. "I NEED to be with him," she concluded and sprinted down to the dining hall again, quite cheerful. She passed her own table and didn't stop running until she came to HIS table.
    She stared at his glowing blond hair, his penetrating gray eyes, wallowing in grief. This was it. She dove in and found herself putting a warm hand on his shoulder. He swiveled round and caught her eye, understanding what she needed, knowing what had happened.
    He jumped up without a word and left his wondering friends behind, having eyes only for HER. Together, they traveled until they reached the spot where they knew the door to the Room of Requirement was. In their heads, they whispered, "We need a place that no one else can find at any time. We need a place to talk and to love." They paced past that same spot three times, and quite soon, a door appeared. They clambered through it and found themselves in a very dimly lit room with nothing at all, except for a dying brass lamp, in it. The door shut behind them.
    "So..." Draco began, speaking for the first time. But he didn't finish. Hermione speedily grasped his collar and started kissing him harder than ever before. He kissed back. Finally, after what seemed like hours, they stopped.
    Hermione had a queer feeling in her stomach. All her other senses were returning. "Amortentia?"
    "Yes," he replied.
    "You know, you didn't have to put it in my drink. I already--I already loved you." Draco's eyes suddenly shone.
    "Then why did you leave me heartbroken?"
    "I thought I couldn't handle the pain, but I was wrong," Hermione admitted.
    "You? You were wrong?" Draco sneered playfully.
    "Yes." Hermione was serious. "Now I see what a drop of love can do to me. All I wanted to do was kiss you so hard. And I still do."
    "Me too." And then they did. They kissed so passionately like nothing had ever happened, like nothing could separate them. That drop, that thirst for love could not be quenched.

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519 days ago
That was bull🌻. Sorry.
What I mean, is that Hermione and Draco wouldn't do those things. Act like that. And her friends wouldn't act like that. Sure, they'd be angry, but they wouldn't call her a Death Eater.
644 days ago
Not funny. She was with ron! *sob*
644 days ago
I thout she was with ron?
727 days ago
826 days ago
Make more never stop. Pleeeeaaaasssseee
826 days ago
Super. Is this a third one in the series or something? I want to read the earlier ones. MAKE ANOTHER ONE SIRIUSLY.
1089 days ago
MORE. I WANT MORE! This stuff is so amazing GriffindorChaser! Please make more fan fic. ❤️❤️
1216 days ago
What is the chapter before this called?
1257 days ago
I don't think this ship would ever be possible but if it was I would have been very happy. Nice fanfic, GryffindorChaser!
1427 days ago
Cool! Can't wait to see what happens next 😄
1454 days ago
Hahaha, @kitty. I luv ur devotion!!! lol :)
1474 days ago
1548 days ago
COOLIO!!!!!!!! I half-ship Dramione
1596 days ago
Hi, guys, so I just wrote the first chapter of my next series. (about the Penderwicks). It is on allthetests, and I would love it if you guys could go check it out, comment on it (reviews and constructive criticism are very much appreciated), and rate it!
1599 days ago
Actually, I have changed my mind. I am going to write a fanfic series on the Penderwicks. Can anyone guess who the two main characters are in this fanfic? I am going to start writing the first chapter today.
1601 days ago
Also, guys, if you could rate my quizzes and stories, that would be amazing! I love you guys!
1604 days ago
I will continue writing until I die, hopefully! Can anyone guess how old I am?
1604 days ago
Thank you so much, ORPINM! You're an amazing fan!
1605 days ago
Hi, GryffindorChaser, I couldn’t possibly choose which of your AMAZING stories is worst, but I do really like the second story, when Ginny and Harry find Dramione in the Room of Requirement!!!!! Keep writing, and I can’t wait to read your next story!!!!!
1606 days ago
Hi, guys! Also, once you've read this, PLS comment down below (if you've read the whole series) the order of the stories from best to worst.