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Dramione: A Drop of Love, Part 2

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In this story, the last in this Dramione series, Hermione finds that her love has no limits and that no one can stop it. Draco realizes that Hermione is his destiny, and he loves her so much he can't wait to be with her. Will they end up together--forever? Find out in Dramione: A Drop of Love, Part 2.

    Dramione: A Drop of Love, Part 2:
    "Mmm...." Hermione hummed in her sleep, dreaming about kissing Draco at their wedding. It was the best dream of her life, and she never wanted it to end. Unfortunately, someone was tapping her on the shoulder. She rolled over and stared up at Ginny Weasley.
    "Ginny?" she yawned groggily. "Why're you here? You're supposed to be in the fifth year dorm."
    "I know, but I came in to tell you that Malfoy--sorry, Draco--is looking for you. He said to meet you in the Great Hall."
    "Oh, thanks," Hermione sighed. "Are you still against him? Our relationship?"
    "Well, I realized that you were never against me dating Blaise Zabini last year, so I have to support you when you did for me," Ginny declared thoughtfully.
    "Thanks, I appreciate that."
    "No, thank YOU."
    "OK, I need to go." Hermione stood up, shooed Ginny out while she dressed in her robes, and did her hair in a quick french braid. Then she rushed down the stairs to the common room, out of Gryffindor Tower, and all the way to Great Hall.
    There, she easily spotted Draco's white-blond hair through the crowd. When Draco noticed her, he smiled brightly, apparently relieved. "Hi--" Hermione began. But Draco put a finger to his lips and mouthed,
    "Shhh...." He led her by the hand all the way to the Room of Requirement again where Hermione, reading Draco's mind, thought,
    "We need a place that no one else can find at any time. We need a place to talk and to love." The door opened, and they clambered into the room, which was the same as the last time.
    "You read my mind," Draco breathed, softly. "I love you."
    "I know. I do, too."
    "You know, you have no idea how much I want to snog you to death right now," he began, passionately, "and I want to be with you one day. You know I want you."
    "And I want you. You know, last night, I had a dream that we were getting married, and I suddenly realized that--that I love you more than anything or anyone. That love, that drop of love can't be stopped. I won't let anyone stop it, not Harry, not Ron, not Seamus, not Dean--"
    "Not Pansy, not Crabbe, not Goyle...." Draco finished for her. Then, skillfully, smoothly, he pulled her close and breathed quietly and softly on her forehead, causing her to shudder. Then they began their longest, most passionate, most aggressive kiss yet. For hours, they moved in sync, sighing and licking the other's warm mouth. Then, they stopped.
    "We need to tell the others," Hermione stated, clearly.
    "Harry and Ginny? Crabbe and Goyle?" Draco inquired.
    "No, everyone. Let's go to the Great Hall."
    "Are you OK?"
    "Yes." Hermione squeezed his hand and dragged him to the Great Hall.
    Once there, she climbed onto the Gryffindor table and amplified her voice with her wand. "ATTENTION!" she shouted, louder than anyone thought she could. All heads swiveled toward her. When everyone was focusing on her and only her, she continued. "I know you guys are all against me and Draco dating."
    "And snogging!" someone in the crowd shouted furiously.
    "Shut up!" Draco yelled.
    "Thank you, Draco. Anyway, we have decided that we don't care what you think. We don't care if you hate us. We don't care about your ideas of us. We don't." Suddenly, Draco joined Hermione and wrapped her in a long, warm kiss. And then they heard clapping, first quiet, then louder, and louder, and louder, until it was so raucous that a bomb could've exploded and no one would've noticed it.

    Eight Years Later:
    "OHH!" Hermione screamed. "AH!" She fell back on her pillows for a second and then started shrieking again.
    "It's OK, Hermione, they're almost here!" Draco bellowed, sweat dripping down his forehead, but not as much sweat as on Hermione.
    "Mrs. Malfoy, keep pushing, don't stop!" The nurse shouted.
    "Oh, GOD! Help me, God, help me!" Suddenly, she crashed down against her pillows again and lay there, panting for breath. But Draco was smiling and crying at the same time. The nurse scooped up the baby, a girl, completely bald and tiny, and handed them to Hermione. "AAAH!" Suddenly, a boy was presented to the tired mother, and he looked exactly like his sister. "They're beautiful," she gasped. They weren't crying at all.
    "Yes, Hermione. They are. She has her mother's eyes already," Draco said.
    "And he has his father's eyes," Hermione laughed, staring up into her husband's eyes."
    "Hello, Skye, hello, Benjamin," the couple chorused. "Welcome to the Malfoy family."

    The End

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574 days ago
That was bull💗. Sorry.
What I mean, is that Hermione and Draco wouldn't do those things. Act like that. And her friends wouldn't act like that. Sure, they'd be angry, but they wouldn't call her a Death Eater.
699 days ago
Not funny. She was with ron! *sob*
699 days ago
I thout she was with ron?
782 days ago
881 days ago
Make more never stop. Pleeeeaaaasssseee
881 days ago
Super. Is this a third one in the series or something? I want to read the earlier ones. MAKE ANOTHER ONE SIRIUSLY.
1144 days ago
MORE. I WANT MORE! This stuff is so amazing GriffindorChaser! Please make more fan fic. ❤️❤️
1271 days ago
What is the chapter before this called?
1312 days ago
I don't think this ship would ever be possible but if it was I would have been very happy. Nice fanfic, GryffindorChaser!
1482 days ago
Cool! Can't wait to see what happens next 😄
1509 days ago
Hahaha, @kitty. I luv ur devotion!!! lol :)
1529 days ago
1603 days ago
COOLIO!!!!!!!! I half-ship Dramione
1651 days ago
Hi, guys, so I just wrote the first chapter of my next series. (about the Penderwicks). It is on allthetests, and I would love it if you guys could go check it out, comment on it (reviews and constructive criticism are very much appreciated), and rate it!
1654 days ago
Actually, I have changed my mind. I am going to write a fanfic series on the Penderwicks. Can anyone guess who the two main characters are in this fanfic? I am going to start writing the first chapter today.
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Also, guys, if you could rate my quizzes and stories, that would be amazing! I love you guys!
1659 days ago
I will continue writing until I die, hopefully! Can anyone guess how old I am?
1659 days ago
Thank you so much, ORPINM! You're an amazing fan!
1660 days ago
Hi, GryffindorChaser, I couldn’t possibly choose which of your AMAZING stories is worst, but I do really like the second story, when Ginny and Harry find Dramione in the Room of Requirement!!!!! Keep writing, and I can’t wait to read your next story!!!!!
1661 days ago
Hi, guys! Also, once you've read this, PLS comment down below (if you've read the whole series) the order of the stories from best to worst.