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Hermione's bloody love triangle part 5 for the ones we love

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I'm back guys! You didn't think that was the end, did you?

    I woke up in a cold sweat. That was just a dream. No curse. But... the "incident" was real. I am still waiting in the hospital wing. The eyes, I need to figure out the eyes. Why did that happen? I need to know.
    "HERMIONE! Hermione....... I need you......"
    Draco has been calling my name in his sleep a lot. Professor McGonagle simply told me to stay here until he is out.
    "Dear, could you tell me once more what happened?"
    "Yes ma'am. It started in the library...."
    I told her again the tale I told you, and by the time I had finished, I had a question.
    "Madame Pomphrey, I have a question."
    "Yes dear?"
    "Well, it's his eyes. They... change."
    "Oh dear, that's never good. Continue?"
    "Well, they get darker and he starts acting rude and arrogant. He will also look and act like a puppy that got kicked too many times at some points."
    "I feared this would happen..."
    "Well.... He is a pureblood. And.....purebloods don't do so well with alcohol..."
    "What do you mean?"
    "No need for alarm... just...He will need to go to St. Mungo's for a while..."
    "But can't you cure him?"
    "No... Well....no. I could never...on a student...."
    "Please....I'm begging you....anything.... for the one I love.....
    "Well...come with me. I know what it's like to be in love. I would do anything for my husband. just know, this method..... there is no turning back...."
    "For the man I love."
    "For the ones we love."

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855 days ago
Lol. Nice one there, Adrianna lake
1309 days ago
So sad 😭 and romantic
1510 days ago
Hoiii good afternoon from England! I can talk I'm not busy just writing my story!
1511 days ago
Hi Adrianna! Im Allyeha and I love these! By the way Im on pc and Im writing a story called Broken lol byyyyyeeeee! Night!
1580 days ago
Oh hey emily/rebel! I see you have been reading all my work😁 yeah, I have thought of making the parts longer, by with things wrappings up, it would be pointless
1580 days ago
its GREAT, but it could use more than 3 chapters, but other than that it excellent.
: )
1685 days ago
It is good, but I agree with Mary on the grammar thing. You might want to download Grammarly, a free app that corrects your grammar mistakes--even online if you get the extension for it.
1751 days ago
Great Job! But make sure to work on your Grammar.
1759 days ago
Okay!!! I will try to do that next time😁
1760 days ago
Sorry, I meant to write Adrianna Lake. That was a typo.
1760 days ago
Hi, this is the author of Dramione: Just the Beginning. Arianna Lake, I would love you to read it because we are both Dramione fanfic writers. I liked this story, but I just wish that it was a little longer. I understand that you have more chapters, but I still would love it even more than I already do if you could lengthen the next chapters that you write.
1762 days ago
Hey guys!!! So, I was actually inspired to write this by my hero on YouTube, EverythingHP PLEASE check out her channel and comment if you did. (P.s. if it is you, reading this, then please comment!!! I would love to hear from you😁
1772 days ago
Hello!!!! It's me, the author! Thanks for reading my stories and please share the love and comment. I love suggestions!!