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Moaning Myrtle

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Myrtle was born to muggle parents, which made her a muggle born, in the late 1920s, her full name is Myrtle Elizabeth Warren. Before she was at Hogwarts or even a ghost, Moaning Myrtle was an unhappy, miserable and picked-upon child. When she got a letter or confronted about Hogwarts, she agreed and off she went. When she got to the sorting hat she was placed into Ravenclaw. Sadly, in 1943 she was killed by a basilisk from the Chamber of Secrets. She had been hiding in the bathroom because she was being teased by Olive Hornby, when she heard someone come in and heard that person speaking. She realized it was a boy, so she opened her stall to tell him to get out of the girls’ bathroom, only to find herself face to face with the Basilisk. It was hours before anybody found her body . Her murder was used to create the Diary Horcrux. After her death, Myrtle decided to haunt Olive Hornby to make her pay for teasing her, and followed Olive around until the Ministry had to step in and stop her. She then returned to the site of her death, a toilet, which she has haunted ever since, crying and splashing water whenever she feels the least bit miserable. Peeves in particular loves to pick on her and make her cry, and Ron seems particularly adept at causing offense. Myrtle took quite a shine to Harry Potter, offering to share her toilet with him if he died and spying on him when as he bathed in the prefects’ bathroom. She has been meeting Draco Malfoy, too, in the boys’ bathroom. Although she is a rather strange confidant, Draco complains to her that he’s lonely and people pick on him

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194 days ago
I like this a lot except you said she died at 23 while a student?