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You're My Moon Chapter 1

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In this story, Hermione is having the time of her life at the Burrow. Then someone unexpected shows up, and suddenly that summer is changed forever. (Note: This is only Chapter 1 of this Dramione--yes, DRAMIONE--story, so there won't be any Dramione in it. Please read! I will be coming out with a new chapter shortly! Thank you!)

    Hermione was having the best summer of her life. It was the summer before the Golden Trio's sixth year at Hogwarts, and Hermione's parents were called off to Paris to take care of Hermione's grandmother, leaving her to spend the summer at the Burrow. So far, Hermione, Harry, Ron, Ginny, and the twins had managed to upset Percy so much he threatened to curse them all, Mrs. Weasley had given them the task of cleaning out the garage (which was full of Muggle artifacts that Mr. Weasley had hidden from his wife), and Ginny had been bitten by one of the garden gnomes. They all agreed that this summer was the best ever.

    It was August 30th, just over a day before the school year started, so the group had sworn to make the last day as amazing as possible. Ginny had convinced Mrs. Weasley to let them pull an all-nighter in the field by the Burrow, Fred and George had snuck some leftover Chocolate Frogs from a secret stash they had found under Percy's mattress ("Who would've thought?" Ron laughed.), although Percy later found out and blamed Ron, and the Golden Trio managed to save some of the treacle tart Mrs. Weasley had whipped up earlier in the week.

    "All right," Hermione began. The group was huddled in the living room on the floor, putting the finishing touches on their plans. It was 7:00 pm. "In order to make sure your parents and Percy don't find out, I replaced everything we took--the treacle and the Chocolate Frogs--with treacle tart and Chocolate Frogs that I filled with a simple sleeping potion. I'm going to put in a very obvious place tomorrow just before we leave to go down to the field," Hermione concluded.
    "That's brilliant!" Ron exclaimed.
    "Shut up, Ron!" Fred and George chorused, giving him identical glares.
    "And Fred and I have some Filibuster's Fireworks that we can set off at midnight," George whispered mischievously.
    "Finally...Mum never let's us set off those!" Ginny said excitedly.
    "It's odd, really, but...let's not push it," Fred advised.
    "OK, so--wait, did you hear that?" Ron asked.
    "What?" Harry said, a little too loudly.
    "Shhh!" Hermione hissed. She could just hear a snarling noise coming from outside the front door.
    Ron yelled, "DAD!" Arthur Weasley was downstairs in a flash. Hermione was almost sure he had Apparated.
    "Ron? Everything all right?" he said, his eyes wide with alarm.
    "We heard a growling noise--outside the front door," Ron whispered. Mr. Weasley's eyes widened until they were the size of ping pong balls, and he mouthed, 'Stay back,' before making his way to the front door. He inserted his hand into his pocket where his wand lay. Suddenly, he undid the lock and whipped open the door.
    The group peered around the wall, half-frightened, half-curious, and saw Mad-Eye Moody. But there was another man out there, resting on his shoulder. This man had long, tangled white-blond hair, he was shirtless, and he sported many deep gashes. Everyone knew immediately who it was.
    "Malfoy!" Harry muttered.
    "Turned up at the Ministry not long ago, not sure what attacked him. Looks like a werewolf. Thought I'd take him to you, only person I know who could help him. Careful," Mad-Eye growled as he helped Mr. Weasley carry Malfoy into the house and laid him on the couch. Ginny's eyes widened when she saw his cuts, and Hermione gasped. "I must be getting on now." Mad-Eye swiftly made his way out into the warm night air and disappeared with a pop.
    "D-dad?" Ron stammered. "Who did this?"

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663 days ago
oh and BTW I LOVE you're Harry Potter Marriage Law!! Please make more of them!!!
663 days ago
Hate you?!?! You're one of my favorite authors on this!!!
1302 days ago
Hi, guys...so I am honestly a little bit scared to say this to you... But I have writer's block with this story. Please don't hate me!!! Fortunately, I have an idea for an even better Dramione story. So have any of you ever heard of the Marriage Law? If not, you're in for a treat. Again, so so sorry! I just got kind of bored writing this one...something that usually never happens to me! Bye!
1322 days ago
Hi, guys! I've been super busy, so I don't know if I can continue this story. Don't hate me, please! *dodges brick* If I get more time, I will try to write another chapter but I just don't know.
1361 days ago
I loved this when will we get the next chapter !!!???😍😍😍😍😍