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Cedric Diggory is a middle aged wizard who goes to Hogwarts. He falls in love with a girl called April
(There's no Cho Chang in this book)

    My Story
    I wasn't really... loved. I had a relationship with this girl called Allison, but she loved someone rather than me.
    Of course, lots of people liked me... but I never really loved them.
    All of this changed (My hurt feelings, my embarrassment..)
    When I went to 'Senior Hogwarts School For All Senior Students'

    The first day of class
    It was my first day of class at Senior Hogwarts. Simply boring, and terrible. We had a notice for year 10 Yule Ball. I didn't think this would be good.
    When school ended and we were heading home, it was raining. I bumped into this girl in class I had never noticed. She blushed.
    "Oh-uh-uhm.." I said awkwardly. "Sorry.." I mumbled at last in embarrassment.
    "Oh-um it's okay..." She replied.
    When we walked away from Each other, I decided who I'd ask for the Yule Ball.

    The Deal
    Okay, so I walked up to her.
    "Hey, um, April.. would you-would you like to- uh- come to the Yule Ball with me?"
    She blushed and gazed at me .
    "I would love to!"
    That really shocked me. I nodded and walked away.
    This had to be turning better than life in normal Hogwarts. But now I had to take the next step...
    If she agreed, would she turn like Allison? Find love with another man and dump me?

    The Dress
    So when it was 4 days before the Yule Ball, I was roaming around Hogsmeade. I found this nice dress that suit April perfectly, so I bought it.

    Back to Senior Hogwarts, I asked went up to her again.
    "Hey..um.. I bought you a dress."
    She looked confused, but her face showed joy after a couple of seconds
    "You didn't have to," she said gently. But she looked overwhelmed. I gave it to her.

    The Yule Ball
    On the night of the Yule Ball, I sort of felt a little nervous.
    I met April at the dungeons and we walked together. She was wearing the dress I gave her. That made me grateful and happy.

    We danced wonderfully, and when we finished eating, we both went out of the ball.
    "Uh-april," here was my moment of intensity and embarrassment.
    "I- I wanted to tell you.."
    She looked just as embarrassed as I felt.
    "I love you, April."
    "I love you too."
    She replied solemnly. That made me shocked. We leaned in and our lips touched gently.

    Thank you to the world..
    I whispered.
    For finally letting me have peace and love

    The promise
    "April. "
    We were walking together to Hogsmeade.
    "Can you make this promise for me?" I closed my eyes
    "Of course," she replied softly
    "Well.. do you promise never to leave me, or betray me?"
    I asked quietly.
    "Why would I betray you?"
    That made me feel better

    I broke the promise
    Okay, so this girl called Miranda asked me to follow her alone. She talked soothing, and rubbed me softly.
    "Hey Cedric, baby"
    I jumped out of her grip.
    "I'm with April!"
    " Cedric- Cedric... baby.." She rubbed me again and I looked into her eyes. She was beautiful. With golden hair and pale soft skin. But what about April? surely she wouldn't mind.
    I kissed her and she rubbed me and we went to her house after school for a sleepover.

    I went to shower with her. She rubbed me and we kissed. I rubbed her hair, to my chest.
    It was strange.. I sort of preferred life with April,, but I liked Miranda, too.

    We slept together.


    Miranda told April she was my new boyfriend. This was terrible. She looked hurt. I hated this. April looked at me, as though pleading it not to be true. But I didn't do anything. She turned and shouldered away.

    I regret everything. It was my mistake. I unfriended Miranda and asked for April's forgiveness.
    "Of course.. " She whispered. My heart swelled with relief


    There was


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