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Cassandra Riddle and the Friendship Ring

10 Chapter - 3.708 Words - Developed by:
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Read the first year of Chloe's year in Hogwarts. Sorted in Slytherin, will she survive the deadly castle and make some awesome friends? Or will she fail and stump? Read the adventure to find out!

    “Oh, isn’t it such a wonderful day, Chloe?” Mia asked. “Oh, great.. According to my math calculations, we will be-``''Oh, cut it out, will you?” snapped Mia “and, besides, I do NOT want to have a know-it-all as a friend. I’m going to have a break. See you at Hogwarts!” Mia said. I watched her as she left the compartment leaving me alone. I knew what she was going to do. She was going to gossip with the other girls. I felt kind of good to be left alone. To tell the truth, I’m happy that now I’m not Mia’s friend.

    About 15 minutes later, I heard the train pull into Honeydukes station. I was getting out of my compartment when a boy with round glasses that looked like either a nerd and genius passed. He tripped me over. “Oh, sorry about that,” he said. I could not wait to be sorted.

    As I got off the train, Mia dragged my arm as we went on a boat ride. Just great! I was now so wet! It was soaking in here. I was speaking to myself when I saw the boy again. “Trying to trip me again?” I asked. “Look, you are making this such a big deal. Plus, I didn’t do it on purpose” the boy said calmly. “Rudo!” I shot. I heard us pull on the dock. I jumped off, leaving Mia running behind me. As soon as the whole group caught up with me and Mia, the Great Hall’s doors opened, and one lady took us inside.

    First, a girl called Hermione got sorted into Gryffindor “ooh! I hope to be in Gryffindor!” Mia shrieked “Lucky she!” all my thoughts have cleared up when Professor McGonagall said “Drewpale, Mia” OMG! I jumped right on the spot. “You better be in Slytherin!” I squeaked. “Oh, non way Chloe! The whole house stinks!” Mia snapped walking to the stool. For a moment I thought she was going to be in Slytherin. No, for a reason, the sorting hat said “Gryffindor.” Mia shot me a smile and went to her seat on the Gryffindor table. I was waiting for my name to be called. Oh, how much now I wanted to be in Gryffindor and be with my friend Mia! The teacher said “Recortia, Chloe.” Oh my god! I was so excited. I went to the stool waiting to be called Gryffindor. A whisper in my ear said “Syltherin can help you do good things, you know, so better be SLTHERIN!” the hat declared.

    I walked quickly to my seat at the table and looked over at Mia. She was talking with the round glasses boy. I quickly spun around to see myself face to face with a boy. He looked at me. “What are you looking at?” he asked “No! Why?” I shot. “Because that person you are looking at is Harry James Potter. He is a bully….”“Oh, well, I’m so NOT interested in stupid Gryffindor kid!” I shot. “Fine, just trying to be.. well...um...I…..better go….” he said and rushed off. I could not believe I had been so rude. Maybe I was mad at the whole situation about Mia, and Harry. I did not feel like eating anymore, so I went across the Great Hall, and went immediately to the Slytherin common room. I went to bed and slept for the whole night.

    A girl called Maneda woke me up the next morning. She said it was already 9 o’clock, and it was Potion’s Class already. I quickly grabbed my bag, dressed in my uniform and followed Maneda to the dungeon’s, where we were going to have potions. I quickly sat next to Mia and looked at her. “Um, hello on Earth to Mia?” I asked. “Oh, hi Chloe! We had so much fun yesterday in the common room. Like it was so epic! Harry’s soo fun and everybody seems super-nice to me!” Mia gushed. “I don’t doubt that very much Mia,” I said, looking at Harry and an orange haired boy. “Oh, that’s Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger! Awesome friends!” Mia looked deeply into my eyes. “You know, you seem weird today, Mia,” I said. “Oh, looks like I haven't noticed that, I suppose!” Mia said and she started to talk to Neville Longbottom, a 1st year Gryffindor.

    Mia seemed very different. Or I could not figure out what it was. At Transfigurations class, she sat next to Angelina Johnson and giggled with her, I felt alone and lonely. This was all Harry Potter’s fault. Yes, that night, he had lured Mia on befriending me, yes, that was it. I was going to get my revenge on Harry. He had stolen one of my best friends from me just last night in the past 11 hours.
    The following morning, Chloe had set an alarm clock, so she would not be late for the morning breakfast, after all, she did not want to miss it again. As soon as I started to run down the hall I bumped into Mia and Harry. Mia seemed awkward, definitely not Mia I have always known since we were little. “Oh, hi Chloe” Mia said. “Talking with your boyfriend? Huh? Well, some people like me, care more than lipstick or boys Mia!” I shouted and left. I could not believe that Mia had ditched me for Potter! Oh, how I hate that louisy boy!

    The rest of the day was so awkward. Mia switched seats and she now sits next to Hermione Granger, a fellow Gryffindor. I was going to get my revenge on Potter next week.

    I glanced around to the Gryffindor table. Harry, Mia, Ron and Hermione were talking and laughing like usual. I sensed a touch in my shoulder. “What are you looking at Chloe?” asked Merope. “Oh, Harry,” I snapped looking at Harry. I was so mad at Harry for making me lose my best friend. Okay, I know what is going to happen, so anyways, let's not spoil my ridiculous idea.

    That day, I went to the woods to make a trap for Harry. Since he was visiting Hagrid today, he would come here anyways. And if Harry stepped on it, he would fall into the pit with the must, and Mia would see how rubbish he is. Then, we can be friends again with Mia. I could not wait. I think Harry Potter deserves a little humiliation. I waited in the woods with my camera to take a picture or video when Potter fell in.

    After I waited for a couple of hours, I heard Harry. “Hagrid! Hogwarts is in danger! There are dementors everywhere! You need to follow me inside! It’s Dumbledore’s orders Hagrid! Come here! Hagrid?” Harry shouted. “Where is Hagrid? Doesn’t he know Sirious is on the loose? There are dementors everywhere! Hagrid can’t do a Patronus charm! We must help him oh, Harry what should we do?” Hermione asked. Dementors? What was all this rubbish? I could not keep myself anymore! Why didn’t this idiot fall in. That was when my insides turned to ice. My badge turned as cold as stone, and my hair started to freeze.
    As something black came near me, everything vanished, and I fainted to the depths of darkness.

    “Heeeelp! Harry! HERMIONE HARRY I……. IT’S KILLED ME! HELLP!” I screamed. I saw Harry running forward to help me but he had accidently slipped into my trap. Oh how stupid I was. I suddenly started to feel so uncomfortable and I felt the dementor sucking my sould out of me and I was very cold all at once.

    I was going to die. I heard Harry say “Hermione, think of the happiest memory you have, then say EXPECTO PATRONUM! It’s easy, just keep calm and try!” Harry shouted. “I...I….. dunno… “ Hermione said. “Okay, my happiest memory was that I was going to Hogwarts and made new friends like you Harry, and Ron and everybody? Is that a happy memory Harry?” Hermione asked. “Just…….” Harry said, but that was when I realized that a dementor was attacking him too. I heard Hermione scream “EXPECTO P-P-PATRONUM?” Hermione screamed. My eyes went silvery white as a white- silverish otter exploded the otter of Hermione’s wand. I felt the happiness back at me and I quickly rushed near Harry and helped him out. When the coast was clear and the dementors were long gone, I carried Harry toward Hogwarts along with Hermione.

    As I came, Professor McGonagall hurried up to me and Hermione. Oh, what have you guys been doing-” she broke off and her eyes fell on Harry at once. “What’s he been doing in there? Why is he fainted? What have you guys been up to?” Professor McGonagall asked us. “Long story, and ways is Hagrid okay? I heard that he had been very upset about..you know, the whole, giant thing?” Hermione asked. “Fine he is, now carry this Potter up to the Hospital wing immediately, Ms.Chloe, you will come to my office” and McGonagall went up the stairs as I followed her in disgust. I was probably going to her detention, or worse, expelled.

    I forgot to tell you that trouble found me wherever I went. Today was one of those days when trouble found me. I walked inside McGonagall’s office and sat down. I was going to be expelled for sure and I was sure of that. “I’m really sorry, but it’s me, I’m the one who did it.” I shouted. “I set a trap for Potter to fall in, and it is just...turning out to be a mess!” I screamed. “I’m very sorry, but I didn’t know-”I said. “It’s okay Ms.Rocortia, calm please. Nobody is expelling you, I just wanted to tell you that this made a huge impact on Slytherin. Many points will be taken off, but we will see. For now, you may have dinner, well hurry on, go” McGonagall said.

    As soon as I heard that I was not going to be in trouble, I rushed out and went to the Great Hall for the Evening Feast. As I sat down, a couple of Slytherin girls came next to me. “Well, I hope you did NOT make the teachers take points off from Slytherin!” Pansy Parkinson shouted right at me. “I had a bet you see, with Hermione that Slytherin would win, but that is so NOT happening thanks to you!” Pansy cried and her gang nodded in agreement. I spun around to see myself face to face with Malfoy, a first year student just like me.

    “Chloe, is it true you actually fainted when that dementor was near you? Did Potter save you? Or is it a rumor? I hope it’s a rumor, because I do NOT want to have scared-cats for friends, or in this case, girlfriends, not girlfriends like dancing and being together, but in this case my friend that is a girl kind of girlfriend, so…” he looked at me and joined his friends far away from me with Pansy and her gang of Slytherin girls.

    I slumped into my seat looking helplessly at the rest of the school. I have lost my friends now too. I had lost my appetite, so I walked upstairs and left for the common room, and as soon as I arrived, I saw that, I was very tired, so I went to the girls' dormitories and slept the whole night. I did not even hear Pansy’s shrieks.

    The next morning I woke up. I saw Merope shouting “We will win, we will win, we will win, Slytherin it is!”. I knew that my friends were thinking that the glory of the house cup was theirs, but I did not think so. I dressed in my clothes and went to the Great Halls. I could not believe my eyes. The silver-green signs quickly made me understand that Slytherin had won. Mia was sitting and chit-chatting with Harry and as soon as she saw me she quickly left her table and came next to me. I looked at her in silence and at last, she started to talk.

    “So, I guess that Slytherin had won, but-” “But what?’ I asked. “But, I do not think this was fair at all, Slytherin should have not won. To tell the truth, you guys do not deserve it anyways so, hmmph!” Mia said angrily as she stomped her foot. “You just want your nasty team to win, huh?” I asked. “Well, don’t you want your team to win?” Mia asked. But we could not continue to argue, because Merope and Madena came along with Liah, Violet, and Mariah. “Umm, hello Mia, but this is Slytherin property, not you know, Gryffindor, so bye!” Mariah said as she stood next to Mia with suspicious eyes. “Fine, I won’t bother again!” Mia said coldly and walked straight back to her seat.

    “You're her friend? Seriously?” asked Violet as she took her seat. “Well we used to be but I will say no since she is not very kind to me!” I said glaring at Harry and Hermione. “Well, sure..oh here comes Dumbledore! I so want to hear what he is going to say!” Violet said in excitement. “Ugh! I hate that man whatsoever! He’s making that Gryfindor win!” Mariah said. The room went quiet at once as Dumbledore stood up. All I wanted was to be home right away after my last day at Hogwarts for this year.

    Dumdledore stood up. “As you want to know, the Hogwarts house that will be winning this year is Slytherin!” Dumbledore said and paused to let people cheer. “But, there have been some changes yesterday.” he continued. Malfoy frowned at me from the other side of the table with Crabbe, Goyle, and the rest of the Slytherins. I could hear them mention my name. “I want to reward a few last couple points to some people,” Dumbledore said. “To Hermioe Granger for using the Patronus Charm very nice and correctly, to Harry Potter for helping his friends and for Mia Drewpale for never giving up her old relationships!” Dumbledore said and everybody applauded except the Slytherins.

    “According to my calculations, this makes Gryffindor win!” Dumbledore said as all the Gryffindors applauded. “Oh, I wanted to win!” Mariah said. “I have to use the bathroom guys!” Violet said as she hopped off her chair and went to the exit. I was worried since Violet had made multiple attempts over the years to use the ‘OUT OF ORDER” bathroom. But now, I know that she might go there after all. But I might tell you that this was a terrible mistake. I do not want to tell you about it, but I want to so you would be warned.

    I walked to the exit after the End of Term Feast and walked to the bathroom. That was when I heard a terrible scream, and a very Dark Spell. The person screaming sounded exactly like Violet. I rushed to see. I stopped dead when I heard another and another scream. I walked in the bathroom to see Violet petrified on the floor.

    I saw nothing but the normal darkness. I was scared. What if I was petrified? I ran back to the great hall immediately. I did not know why that bathroom was restricted. Now I knew. The bathroom was dangerous, and it was restricted since there had been multiple deaths in there. Which meant that Violet was petrified. She was going to die or maybe! I had to tell about it fast!

    I rushed to the Great Hakk to see everybody crying, screaming, and looking up at the ceiling. I looked up too, and saw the Dark Mark that Professor Snape had told us once about I shivered and Dumbldore stood up. “Everybody keep calm and sit down!” Dumbledre said in a calm voice. We all stopped when a voice came to our ears. It was the most scary voice ever. After it said, everybody panicked. I turned and saw Harry potter talking something rather creepy.

    I rushed to see Professor Snape and tell him what had happened. Dumbledore heard and soon, the whole school knew. Everybody was whispering like:
    “Who died?”
    “I bet it’s that Slytherin girl…”
    “Is it about Harry Potter?”
    “I heard there was that Chloe girl”
    “Is there You-Know-Who?”
    “I ...dunno?”

    The teachers were having everybody getting their trunks. Mariah came near me. “Chloe! This might be the end of Hogwarts after all! Oh! Father knew it, he didn’t want me to come but, I've been foolish-”. But Mariah could not finish because Mia and her friends came near me. “Oh, Chloe, I've been worried, I’m happy you are okay” Mia said, but she followed her friends after looking at the floor. There lay Violet, she was in a puddle of her own blood.. “Ahhhhhhhh!” Mariah screamed.
    But I knew that Violet wasn't dead. She had just fainted.

    I heard Mariah scream at the look of someone being dead or close to being dead. All the teachers had brought the luggage and everybody soon was taken out of school. I had forgotten my diary in the Common Room. I was being foolish, I knew, but still I could not leave all my secrets here! With all the ghosts! Who knew what would have happened if I had left it there. So, I climbed the stairs to the Common Room.

    Sure, the Slytherin Room was creepy, but this night, it seems even creepier than ever. I quickly grabbed my diary. I was rushing out for the train, when something caught my eye. It was Violet’s locket. I was so desperate, so I ran for it. I caught it and grabbed Violet’s wand and everything she had in her pockets. It took me ten minutes. I was finally rushing my way through the doors. I finally got there, but it was too late now.

    It was late. The doors were sealed closed. I was trapped in here at Hogwarts with a criminal on the loose. I tried to stay calm, and went to the bathroom. I was crying very hard. It stopped when I heard a very beautiful girl's voice from the bathroom. “I will help you get out” she said and threw me a broom-stick and opened the window. “OUT!” she screamed and I went out. I quickly hopped on the train. But who had saved me? I wondered as I hopped aboard the Hogwarts Express.

    “Over here, Chloe!” Mariah said “Why are you so late?” she asked. “I was getting my diary and other stuff!” I said coldly. “Well, okay, fine! I’m going to the prefect compartment-``You can't go there, you're only a first year?” I stammered. “Hmph! If I say so, I will Chloe!” said Mariah and her gang of Slytherin girls went out and left me alone. I was wondering what I should do when the compartment door slid open. “Well, well, well, look who is in here!” came Malfoy’s voice. “Leave me alone, I’m not in the mood to talk to you!” I said calmly.

    “There’s no need to be, you know…..mean!” Malfoy said “I was going to win galleons thousands of them-” “So, what’s the matter? Not enough?” I shot. “No, the thing is I had a bet. If we won the house cup, I would win, but you took all the glory from me-” Malfoy said. ``Leave her alone, Malfoy!” It was Harry Potter. “Imperio!” he shouted and Malfoy quickly got out with his friends Crabbe and Goyle. “Well, thanks!” I said “But get out now” “It’s okay, hey we reached Kings Cross, I mean Platform nine and three quarters!” Ron said. I quickly got out and went to my trunk. I reached the barrier and said goodbye to my friends. I could not wait to get home. I went with my parents and we drove the car out of Kings Cross to our home.

    It was a long journey since we lived far away. I grabbed Violet’s wand from my pocket. It was a very unusual one. It was made of Blue Crystals and Diamonds with her name carved in it. Mine was just made out of wood and Unicorn Core. I watched many unusual things happening. I was so tired, I fell asleep before I knew it. And this is the story of my first year at Hogwarts. But remember, this is just the beginning. Just the start to it all.

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where to read part 2? or not written yet?
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perfect fanfic to read! love it! part 2 pls pls
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wow nice story ur so talented :P
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Nice story! I was rather impressed!
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