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Cassandra Riddle and the Half Blood Slytherin

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Chloe Rocortia makes new friends, and everything seems fun. But adventure never dies.

    It was normal. Every year, Chloe would hop on the train and go to Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hogwarts was unusual, and it was also a mysterious
    It was normal. Every year, Chloe would hop on the train and go to Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hogwarts was unusual, and it was also a mysterious place to learn. Chloe who was sorted into Slytherin quickly made friends with fellow Slytherins girls and boys. Her gang had become Mariah Twilight, Leah Fallterdash and her unconscious friend Violet Joy. Chloe looked around to see Mariah was whispering with Fiona Meriana, a student in their year. Leah was looking outside the window. Chloe’s best friend has always been Mia Drewpale. Mia became friends with the boy who lived: Harry Potter. As a Slytherin, Chloe had heard many bad rumors about Harry Potter. Her friends loathed Harry. So did Chloe.

    But after Harry had saved Chloe’s life, Chloe and Harry were not as much like enemies. Chloe was deep in conversation with herself. The compartment door opened and Pansy Parkinson came in. “Hi, umm…. There is not that mudblood Granger in here, right?” Pansy said in a high pitched voice. “Hello Pansy! There is no Hermione in here, yeah she is soo I mean stupid right?” Mariah said in a bored voice. “Don’t talk to me like that!” Pansy snapped at Mariah. “It’s her choice to talk in any voice!” Chloe said, glaring at Pansy. “Really? Oh, looks like you are as stubborn as Potter and Weasel King!” Pansy sneered. There was a crack and Pansy ran to the window. “Ooooooooh! Look, I can see Hogwarts!” Pansy said. “We better get our robes on!” “Oh, I totally forgot, thanks Pansy!” gushed Mariah as she pulled her robes from her trunk. Leah scowled. The compartment door slid open once more, and Hermione Granger was standing there, her hands on her hips, and she was holding a scroll glaring right at us. “Well, take it Parkinson! It’s from your beloved stinkin’ Snape!”

    “Hermione! So good to see you mate!” I said as I jumped on Hermione. “Well, get off me! I have special news. No, not to you Chloe, to (Hermione smirked and threw the scroll hard at Pansy) to- her.” Hermione finished. Pansy got it in a rush and started reading. “From Professor Snape! Surely, he hasn’t put us in detention…..-” Pansy looked at Hermione, who howled with laughter. “You idiot! Blood traitor! Mudblood! You tricked me! You are trying to make me look like an idiot! '' Pansy screamed and she got her wand from her trunk. Hermione who was at the ready simply said “Wingardium Leviosa!” Pansy Parkinson’s wand flew from her hand and she jumped for it and then grabbed Leah’s wand from her. “Pansy, give it back-” “NO! I WILL NOT LET THAT MUDBLOOD PROVE SHE IS A BETTER WITCH THAN ME! NOW, GIVE THAT TO ME! LEAAAAAAH!” Pansy screamed as she gripped Leah’s wand. To all the commotion and sounds made from one compartment, Percy the prefect came storming in; there was a sneer on his face as he continued to talk. “Slytherin versus Slytherin. Ooooh, and Gryffindor, that's typical, Hermione, now go to your compartment and these girls, all Slyherins aren't you eh?” Percy paused and stared at us. “Oh, yeah! They are Slytherins all right. Yep. And the boss is here too? (Pansy scowled at the sound of her name) Huh, I think you might have broken the record Ms. Parkinson-``''For what?” asked Pansy, her eyes gleaming with greed.

    “How about a hundred off for….. Each of you? Yes that’s Ms.Mariah, Leah, Chloe, Parkinson and Fiona! 500? Malfoy won’t be delighted at all Pansy!” Percy laughed and strode off to his prefect duty. Pansy glared at us. “You guys totally burned my reputation with my boyfriend! Uhhhh! Draco is going to loathe me now probably, and it’s all you guys fault! You-you- traitors!” Pansy said in a quiet voice. “Really! Okay, get outta here then traitor! And I do not care whatsoever if your boyfriend doesn't like you anymore! Toodles Pansy” Mariah said as she snacthed Pansy’s wand from the air. “Here, now, this is even so kind of me, so, I am waiting for a...thank you?” Mariah said. Pansy glared at her and then got her wand and went out of the compartment. Chloe thought she had heard sobs before the door slammed. Mariah and Leah broke into a laugh. “Oh, shut up! Pansy is a queen bee, and she has wannabees to bully, so be careful and don’t make her mad!” I said them in a low voice. “Besides, Draco Malfoy has wannabees too, so get out of their way! Mariah! I’m trying to help! UGH! Whatever” Chloe said as she stepped out of the compartment, leaving her friends behind. Chloe slid open Harry Potter, Mia Drewpale, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasly, Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasley, and Neville Longbottom’s compartment door. “Hi!” said Luna in a dreamy voice (Hermione was reading Hogwarts: A History).

    “Look, oh look! It’s Hogsmeade!” Ginny cried “I've… never…..been to Hog-g-warts b-b-before!” Ginny squeaked. Chloe looked up to see Hogwarts. There was Hagrid like usual waiting for the first years. There was quietness, then Hermione spoke up. “Are your er- friends well, are they- okay? I heard some noises, and that snobby Parkinson march in the corridors?” Hermione stammered. “It is none of your business what Slytherins are up to!” Chloe snapped looking at her wand. “Fine, I thought you would be thankful-” “For what? Huh? Oh, whatever, bye!” Chloe said and she stepped out of the compartment and gripped her trunk and went off the train in a hurry.

    Chloe looked up to see she was already in the front gates. She smiled at Argus Filch, the caretaker. Filch, smiled at her because of the desire he had against Slytherins. “Oh, it’s so good to be back! My friends are driving me crazy! I met Pansy Parkinson on the train, oh we had a jolly time!” Chloe lied. “Good to hear!” said Filch and he opened the oak front doors to the Great Hall. Chloe could not believe her eyes. There stood her best friend ever: Violet Joy-Crestine. “Oh, it is sooo good to see you Vi!” Chloe said. “Me too, I missed you guys! Oh, let’s take a seat at the table before anybody gets our favorite spots!” Violet said and I followed her to the Slytherin’s table.

    When the sorting was over, Draco Malfoy came right up to Chloe. “Oh, hi. I was- er- here to umm, make new friends? And I want you to be a-a- part of my club. Meetings are h-held in the common room, and well, at m-midnight so….bye” Malfoy said and he went back to the other side of the table to continue his snickering with Crabbe and Goyle. Pansy Parkinson eyed Chloe suspiciously and after the feast, when Chloe was climbing the stairs to the common room, Pansy pulled her aside and started whispering like crazy. “What did he say! Tell me! I’m his girlfriend, it is my business! Did he ask you to his club? Well, did he?” Pansy asked. “Yes...let me go Pansy! We are just friends not like girlfriend and boyfriend or anything!” Chloe shouted. Pansy let go of her and she marched off to Draco; there was a grin on her face as she stroked Malfoy’s blondish hair. The walk to the common room wasn’t pleasant. Vi had already left to join her old friends Mariah and Leah. Chloe came in to see a party going on. “Hey! Over here Cle! Vi came back! Oh it’s so good to see us together isn’t it?” Mariah said as she pushed Chloe toward the table where all their friends sat. “This is Tina Protsenko and she will be our friend in the….. Wai, wai, wai! Are you invited to Draco’s Club? Well, we have a club too, it is called Twilight Shrinkers!” Mariah said and she gritted her teeth at Draco on the other side of the room.

    “Mariah, quick question” Chloe (Cle) said “Why are we partying?” Cle asked. Mariah sighed “It’s because of Vi’s return and the Quidditch tryouts! Everybody is dying to try well, I mean girls probably because Malfoy is trying out too. So big deal?” she said as she rolled her eyes. Cle felt sick. “I...you told me about Twilight, something club, right? And When is it? Like time and days?” Cle asked. Leah’s smile grew.“Every week, Friday, right after lunch!” Leah said smiling. “Well, I might join, and I’m not in Malfoy’s club” Cle lied looking down at her feet. “I think I will go to bed now, I don’t feel like having a party, I feel very homesick, you know first day troubles?” Cle mumbled standing up. She strode over to the girls dormitories pushing and shoving people out of her way. Cle could hear Mariah. “Cle-Chloe-Cleo! Wait……”. Pansy came snickering around the corner of the staircase just as Cle was climbing it. “What?” Cle shot.

    “I know you are in the club. I bet your friends aren’t going to be so happy when they hear that their best friend in the world has joined their mortal enemy! So, better stay outta my way or, there will be no more friends in this castle grounds for you! Stay out of Draco’s and my way or you’ll be so sorry indeed!” Pansy giggled leaving Cle in shock and terror. What if her friends heard that she had been secretly spending time with Pansy’s dreams? How would they react? And most importantly how would Cle survive without friends?

    It was an overwhelming night. Cle worried about the talk with Pansy and how she was now a member of two clubs. Tina woke her the next day. “It’s from professor Snape, you better wake up and wear your cloak, first subject is Potions” Tina said. “Thanks,” Cle said as she got her cloak on and wore her tie. Cle hurried out of the dormitory and went to the Great Hall for breakfast. She saw Leah, Vi, and Mariah sitting; they had saved a seat for her. “Oh, thank you, I’m excited about Potions! I have to talk to Professor Snape!” Cle gushed. “Oh, that’s-nothing at all, have a seat!” said Mariah as she stared at Cle. “What? Is there something wrong?” Cle asked looking back. “It’s nothing, I just wondered why you ran away from us last night.” Mariah sighed. Cle hesitated.“I was home-” “yeah, right sick!” Leah said as she pointed her wand at Cle’s chest. Cle stood up and sat at the end of the table; frustrated with her friends. She started crying and soon Mia Drewpale was rushing toward her shooting dirty looks to Mariah and the others. “What happened?” Mia said as Harry and Hermione rushed over. Hermione looked at her watch. “It’s Potions! Well, Harry, Mia, we better go, we don’t want Snape- (Hermione hesitated) taking points from Gryffindor!” she said looking at the clock. “Oh, okay well, Chloe, I better go, take care of yourself okay? Don’t get cross with your buddies-friends. Bye!” Mia said as she went out of the Great Hall.

    Cle skipped off to Potions, and to her unlucky luck, she was seated next to Pansy Parkinson and Vincent Crabbe along with Merope Sacfisco. Pansy scowled when she had to sit next to Cle because they loathed each other on the principle. Cle saw Pansy look at Hermione as she was moved to her new seat next to Draco Malfoy. Hermione smiled nervously and Malfoy grinned back. Cle was having so much fun watching Pansy have little tantrums about Hermione and Draco smiling that she even lost Slytherin 5 points which was rare since Snape loved his students and barely took a single point off the house. Pansy pleaded. “Please Professor, I was losing my temper! Oh, just, let me have another chance!” Pansy said with a disgusted look on her face. A few girls giggled and Draco smiled at Pansy. Pansy started to blush and look deeply into Malfoy’s eyes. There was a quiet scene and then Snape interrupted the class looking directly into Pansy. “There will be no blushing and flirting in my class Miss Parkinson. I have no interest in your love life with Mr.Malfoy?” Snape smiled with a sneer on his face and then continued the lesson.

    It was hard sitting next to Pansy Parkinson for an hour. She kept saying mean things about Snape and how he would embarrass a student and received a week full of detention. The girl was losing her rage and finally asked an excuse for the bathroom leaving the class in shock and laughter. As soon as Pansy had gone off to the bathroom, the class erupted into laughter. Cle heard mean things coming from the Gryffindors and Ravenclaws. Cle heard:“And she has a love life? Draco gave me the details? Did you guys kiss?” and “OMG! When you guys marry, what will you name your children? I wonder if I will be invited to the wedding” and “I knew there was something funny about that idiotic Slytherin-” Cle heard no more. “ENOUGH!” said a voice.

    Everybody stood up to see Hermione Granger on top of the desk, holding on for Malfoy to support. “Even if she is mean, it doesn’t mean to do the same to her back! It will make it worse, just worse! And I want to learn Potions! I’m not here to learn Pansy Parkinson’s love life all day! I've….I've….had enough of seeing this and it breaks my heart to...after all this time...and-” she looked in terror at Malfoy who was shaking uncomfortably in his seat. Hermione ran out of the classroom, she was crying like she had lost something very important to her. Snape stood up and went to the door. “Don't leave the class and get along now, I have to find those girls…..” Snape said in a voice so deadly. Everybody went quiet at once and started to follow the instructions on the board that was left for them.

    “Hermione, no '' Malfoy said in a whisper that was barely audible. “What?” Harry snapped in a voice so loud for everybody to hear. “Nothing that’s interesting to you Potter and Weasel King, I bet that Mudblood is as sick as a potato!” Malfoy said in a voice that was more like a sneer. “Get off it Malfoy!” Harry said now drawing his wand out “Want a duel? I think so” said Malfoy. “I was expecting one, but I can sense you having goose bumps. And famous Harry Potter, finds himself equal with a kid! Especially Malfoy! I didn't think so!” sneered Malfoy. Crabbe and Goyle surrounded him like guards. Malfoy spoke up. “I’ve decided what to call my club at last!” he said “The dueling club, I don’t think you will be well at it Potter, or you will probably ruin our reputation just like you didn to Hermione’s er- that filthy mudbloods!” Malfoy said. But Harry Potter had gone above and beyond. He had lost his temper and suddenly out of nowhere, he started to speak a language with hisses and nobody understood a thing. Malfoy let out a terrible scream.
    Everybody turned around to see Malfoy (He was very sweaty) clutching the walls like there was a way to escape. There was a snake headed for him and it was going to attack “I plead with my life! Potter stoop!” Malfoy said. Ron Weasley looked at his friend in amazement like he was a new broomstick or something. “Hermione Granger would have done something, I bet she knows how to get r-rid of this serpent with a simple spell!” squeaked Lavender Brown. They watched Harry in amazement; everybody’s mouth was open as they watched Harry give orders to the serpent to attack Malfoy. After all the commotion, Snape came striding in the class with Pansy and Hermione. He quickly got his wand and turned the serpent into flames eyeing the class very suspiciously.

    “Whoever” he said “set that thing here in this school come up here-” “It was Potter, sir” sat Malfoy who was still unconscious from the drama. “Very well, Potter detention next week and explain yourself, not now, later alone! This class is dismissed and one more like this, you will ALL fail Potions and never have a class from me ever again.” Snape said looking at the classroom. “Out, OUT!” Snape said as he shook with rage looking at Harry. The student filed out of the classroom without any other directions and they all gathered around Harry. Pansy however followed Cle out of the classroom into the grounds. “For once stop it! I have nothing to do with Draco Malfoy or your lovelife!” Cle sniggered as she drew out her wand, just in case. “It’s not that that’s been bothering me for the last few minutes, what did Draco do with Hermione!” Pansy said as she clutched her bottle causing it to leak all around her.

    “Look, it’s none of your beeswax!” Cle said as she reached the oak doors again. “It-it- is my business!” cried Pansy. She closed her eyes and two large tears rolled down her rosy cheeks. “He’s my friend after all right?” But Cle was no longer listening. She just went through the marble staircase and into the corridors of Hogwarts. All she wanted was to get away from everybody-she didn’t even feel like going to the Dueling Club’s meetings at midnight. She wanted to sleep and never wake up again.

    Even though Cle’s friends were a little mad at her, they were still treating Cle as friends just like any best friend would do. So right after Cle finally dozed off to her sleep, Tina and Violet came in and sat on the foot of Cleo's bed. “Wake up your lazy bones good for nothing!” Tina giggled. Violet shoved her. “Tomorrow’s the first day of the meeting and right after lunch!” she said. “Oh, wonderful, just magnificent!” Cle lied looking at her friends. “I think I will be able to wear my own clothes myself, thanks” she said as she pushed them out. “Don’t make it too long” said Tina as she went out giggling with Violet. Soon, Cle dressed and she got out of the busy common room. Everybody was buzzing about the quidditch tryouts next week and Cle knew why. Draco Malfoy was trying out too, she told herself as she rolled her eyes at nowhere. Just as she was thinking about Draco Malfoy, it was like he popped out of thin air. “Hi! Excited for the tryouts?” he said as she smiled nervously. “Look, I’m so happy right now so can I hug you?” he begged. “Sure! Welcome yourself in it Draco!” Cle said as she started to look around the common room. Suddenly, her eyes met the brown and the brown nearly shook with rage. “DRACO!” Pansy Parkinson said as she marched straight over to the couple of them. “What are you doing with-with-her!” she cried;her face was red and she was nearly crying.

    “Pansy, of course you still are my best friend other than Crabbe and Goyle I was just calming myself down with Cle and well…..” Malfoy could not finish because he was getting carried out of the room by Pansy. It was almost breakfast time so Cle went down to the Great Hall with Tina. She started to question Cle at once. “Do you want to be popular? Well I would like to be! I heard about the The Dueling Club. I wish I was an official member! And they get these cool galleon coins that are not actually money but they help you communicate with the rest of the team. Isn’t that amazing Chloe?” Tina asked as she looked dreamily up into the sky. “Well, it is kinda cool. I heard Hermione Granger has been terribly upset and hurt. I think I will go to the Hospital Wing to say hello, wanna come?” Cle asked Tina. “No, I promised that I would meet Vi at the tables, so I don't think I will be able to come, anyways, bye! Tina said as she hurried off.

    As Cle was going to the Hospital wing, she saw Millicent Bullstrode, a member of the Dueling Club. “Hi, I’m on Malfoy’s orders, here is your communication galleon. We hope to see you there at midnight. Have a good afternoon Chloe!” Millicant said as she skipped off the hall to Ella Tylerra, another member. Cle just continued her walk to the Hospital Wing. When she came in she wondered why someone that called Hermione a mudblood was inside looking at her. There was a boy and girl and obviously they were Pansy and Draco Malfoy. “Malfoy, come on, let's go or let's make fun of this blood traitor”. Hermione shot Malfoy an evil look. Malfoy just hurried back up the stairs with Pansy at her trails. Cle turned to Hermione which was looking at where Malfoy had been. “Why was he here?” said a voice behind them. It was Harry Potter looking at Malfoy like he was stunned. “Oh, Harry, he was just dropping off for a nice visit. I think it’s pretty nice of him to do that from the beginning.” Hermione said gazing deeply into Harry’s eyes.

    “I mean, after all, he called me mudblood, and it's kinda heart-warming to see him do an act of kindness. Don’t you think?” she said as she looked at her toes. “Yeah, it is nice. It would be much easier and Snape would go on a shock if you two were friends! Imagine that! I don’t think it is possible but give it a try.” said Harry as he choked on the bed. “Oh, stop that Harry, I believe Ron’s still at lunch, well, it is nice of you to drop in anyways. Bye, now don’t miss lunch for me you silly guy!” laughed Hermione as she pushed Harry out of the room. Cle suddenly understood that if Hermione did not want Harry in here, she had better go out too. Cle quickly went down the stairs and then went to the great Hall for lunch. Since she wasn’t so hungry she only stayed for 5 minutes and then went up the common room to finish up Snape’s essay. A few minutes later, Pansy stomped in, got her essay and then started to peek at Chloe’s. “Hey! No cheating.” Cle snapped at Pansy’s face. “I don’t care, look I said get out of my way you pip-squeak! Or there will be no friends for you! Talk about humiliation in such a place!” Pansy sneered into my face like the times when she was calling Hermione a mudblood.

    “No, Snape said directly at us, no cheating or it is a point off, and I don’t want that point off my grade!” I stomped. “Fine, I’ll just have to steal yours then, or that Mudbloods Granger’s. She is quite brainy though, I would need an ex-backup-friend like that!''Pansy said. She stood up and walked out of the common room muttering things like “Brainy, who needs that?” and “Typical, after getting your soul saved from that mudblood, you have some sympathy against each other. Oh well, I think we should kick you out. Wait till Draco hears. He loathes that idiotic mudblood.” and she laughed off with a mischeveous grin on her face. Cle did not feel like doing anything. After that, so, after she finished Snape’s essay, she hopped to the girls dormitories and slept. For a very long time.

    And before Chloe knew it, it was 11:57 and the meeting started at 12:00. There were 3 minutes left until she learned how to duel using Dark Magic and she was about to learn if from a person coming from an experienced family that used Dark Magic for ages. She could hardly keep her excitement. Cle grabbed a flask to put her memory on it after the meeting so she could always remember it. She quickly wore her cloak and went down to the grounds. When she was there, she saw the most beautiful sight. It was decorated and there were many people there already. “Hi!” Millicent said as she collected the galleons again. “Oh, here” Cle said as she handed hers. Cle immediately saw Pansy and Malfoy talking together. “Hi, this is wonderful, and Pansy who created this?” Cle said in amazement. “Me!” Pansy squealed still hugging Malfoy. Pansy looked at Malfoy then said: “Guess what! I’m going to be spending the who summer in….”(Pansy looked at Malfoy for help)- “In my house Malfoy Manor, my house is good, I mean if you want to come, father says he will be delighted, once I bring someone in the house and my parents went crazy. They said to the person that she could not be a wizard and from that time on, she barely speaks of me. I miss having her around '' Malfoy said so only Pansy and Cle could hear.

    Pansy gasped in shock. “Y-you m-m-mean t-t-that y-you w-ere friends with a-an-ot-her g-i-r-l!” Pansy said. “”Well, now I like you, she isn’t much of an interest anyway. Come on, let's find out Midnight’s Secret!” Malfoy said “I’ve always wondered about it, but mum, and dad would not let me go, it is only discovered at the full moon at midnight! Mum says that she doesn’t want a werewolf for a child.” sighed Malfoy. “Come on, while everybody is having a jolly time, we will go to the Forbidden Forest, and then find out Midnight’s Secret! I can hardly wait.” he added. Pansy’s mouth dangled open. But as soon as Malfoy looked back at them, she acted normally. “Scared, Parkinson?” Cle giggled. “I don't think that Malfoy and Parkinson are a very good match. One is as scared as chicken, and then the other, well, is the bravest one found in Slytherin!” Pansy shot Cle an evil look as they headed down to the Forbidden Forest. Everything was going on fine until a couple were wolves howled. Pansy lept in the air.

    Pansy shivered. “Draco, maybe it’s not a wise idea to go in here without Crabbe or Goyle, you know, I……” “But this is a lifetime opportunity, someone told me about it when I was a child and mother and father forbade me to speak of it. Now's my chance to find out what is the secret she was talking about '' Malfoy said as he led the way. “Who is the ‘she’ we are talking about? Is she here at Hogwarts now?” Cle asked. “That’s private business, Chloe.” Malfoy shot not even looking back at the girls. Pansy shrugged and went leaving Cle in the back. “Hey!” Cle said she tried to take back her spot from the middle again. “Look, I can see those creatures that that blubber showed us in class! Thestrals!” Malfoy said as he hurried to take a closer look. It came to the only question that was reasonable to ask Malfoy. “Who did you see die?” Pansy and Cle said in unison. Malfoy gritted his teeth and said “Pathetic, right? Fine, one of our peacocks died last summer. It was my mother's favorite. It was named after me, but it’s not to fuss about….” he said looking at the thestral.

    Cle looked at her flask from her pocket. She wondered if this would be a good memory to spend time with werewolves. Anyways she looked on the bright side. While Cle was deep in thoughts, Pansy huffed next to her. “Draco, I never knew you were so interested in thestrals! And besides, what would your father do if you were injured? Probably sue the school? Draco, I know your family is close to Voldemort, but you are not as talented as Voldemort yet, and when you get in power, we will defeat Voldemort, and you will be the wizard in power, and I, hopefully, will be your wife. We would become an unstoppable couple!” Pansy shrieked. “Pansy, I love the enthusiasm, but I’m trying to concentrate on what the animals are doing, remember, Professor McGonagall wanted a 12 inch essay on any magical creature. Mummy said that she would buy me a nimbus two thousand and one anyways, but father says I have to get top grades or, I won’t be able to. Father says by Christmas, the broom would come to me by mail, but first I got to have good grades.” Malfoy said hopefully. “Okay, make it quick!” Pansy said, still shivering because she was wearing something more like a party grown then cloaks and scarves. “Oooh! Look at that black swooping thingy! It’s over there!” Malfoy said. “What’s that?”Pansy asked Cle nervously. “I-I- dunno?” Cle gasped and then shook Pansy. “It’s not a good sign, it’s the dementors Professor Lockhart was ti-talking about!” Cle cried. “Draco, run, it’s a dementor! It’s deadly! Ahhh” Pansy screamed as she grabbed Cle by the shoulder and ran off. The part was that Pansy had left Draco in trouble. As Pansy led us out of the forest back into the castle, Cle could hear screams. She did not want to leave Draco alone for his death. So she let go of Pansy and went back to the forest.

    “Are you crazy?” Pansy bellowed from the marble stone steps. “We can’t leave him! He’s your friend! Don’t you care?” Cle asked Pansy. But she did not hear any more of what Pansy was saying. She ran off to the forest and to her horror, she saw 100 or 200 dementors crowding Malfoy who looked in terror at Cle as she came, panting for breath. “Recsumecleha!” Malfoy tried to say. “I don’t know how! I saw it happen, but I don't know how to do one myself!” Cle screamed in terror. Just as she was about to give up on Malfoy’s situation, she heard a familiar sound from the other side of the lake. Cle squinted at the figure as it bellowed:

    The figure had bush brown hair. Malfoy clutched to the ground, and shortly after, the dementors went soaring up in the sky. They were saved. Cle screamed as she ran over to Malfoy shaking hiw up and down. “Open your eyes! I beg you! Don’t die, please don’t!” Cle whispered in Malfoy’s ear. “Hermione……” whispered Malfoy quietly. “What?” Cle asked, looking at Malfoy; confused. “Cle! I….I…… did you...s-save m-m-me?” Malfoy stammered looking at the other side of the lake. “N-no” Cle said “It was a girl though, she had brown hair, it was bushy, I could not see t-the r-r-rest” Cle said lost in thoughts. “I...I better go,” Malfoy said. He looked terrified and stood up, to run away. “Wicked” Cle said as he ran after Malfoy.

    Before Cle knew it, she was surrounded by all the Slytherin’s including pansy Parkinson who was looking terrified like Cle’s friends. “What happened?” Ella from the Dueling Club asked. “Is she okay?” Millicent murmured. People who Cle never knew surrounded her. “Are you hurt?” “What happened in the Forbidden Forest?” asked Pansy. “Leave her alone!” Ella Tylerra demanded. “I- I was making sure she was okay?” Pansy said, covering her face, crying. “Where’s Malfoy?” Cle said, sitting bold up on the bed. “W-we don’t know…..” Pansy and the others said. “Someone, rescued us, from the d-d-dementors, I wonder who it was. It definitely was a girl…..an otter……...that’s the patronus she had……..” Cle murmured to the crowd. “An otter?” Ella asked. “Was it a girl?” screamed Pansy, paying her full attention now. “I-I need to go…… somewhere…...private……..he’s upset…….I-I can feel it…..” Cle said as she stepped up. “Where are you going? What can be more important that this may I ask?” Fiona asked. “It is not your business, leave me alone!” Cle said. She knew she was being mean, but there was something else very important on her mind. Well, at least it was important to her.

    Jostling people out of her way, Cle quickly stepped out of the portrait hole, to Gryffindor Tower. Just as she was going to lose hope, four figures stood on her way. “Cle…. we heard what happened! Are you hurt?” Mia said. She was accompanied by Harry, Ron and Hermione. “I’m fine….we were attacked…. There were dementors, and loads of them. Then, out of nowhere, a bushy brown haired girl came and she had an otter patronus and-”
    “What's wrong, Hermione?” asked Ron. “I-I don’t feel good….I think I will see Professor McGonagall for good...we'll see you later” Hermione said as she whimpered and walked on. “What’s wrong with her?” Cle asked. “She’s been acting very weird ever since that Potion lesson when Harry talked Parseltongue” Ron said. “Why did you come here anyways? To spy on us, and tell your Slyrherin buddies?” Harry demanded. “No, I need that Marauder's Map, now” Cle said. “Why?” asked Mia. “Because it is something very important, my friend, he;’s not feeling good and I need to know where he is before it is too late!” Cle said, pleading. “Wait, I’ll bring it to you…..” said Harry and rushed back to the Gryffindor common room. “What happened? Maybe we could help-” “No, you can’t” ClE said as Harry came back and handed her the map. “Er- thanks!” Cle said. “Well….that’s okay I suppose” Harry said as he, Ron and Harry went to the Great Hall for dinner. Cle rushed down running, as she checked the map as she went. “Where’s Malfoy? Where’s Malfoy….there!” murmured Cle as she spotted Malfoy on the map.

    Malfoy was in the bathroom. His tiny labeled dot was alone, and he was standing still in the bathroom on the 7th floor. “What is he doing?” Cle asked herself. She turned corners and corners, stepped up many stairs and finally she was in the boys bathroom. “Will I get detention if I go in there?” she muttered to herself. She was the only one there, and inside the bathroom, she heard someone crying, and there, shaking was Malfoy, actually crying.

    “Malfoy, I know you are in there! It’s me. Chloe. I’m here to make sure you are okay. I’m on nobody’s orders!” Chloe said as she stuffed the Marauders Map back into her robes. “Chloe, leave. I've done something terrible back then. I should’ve stood up to her….helped her…...now…...she was kind…..e-even though we kicked her out.” Malfoy said shaking uncomfortably and crying silently. “Who?” Cle asked puzzled. “I can’t tell you…..I-I-'' he bowed his sleek white-blond hair. Malfoy ran to the nearest bathroom and locked himself in it. He started to cry. Cle could hear him. “What’s wrong….don’t……..why are you upset…..let me help…..” Cle said, fighting her way over all the water. “You can’t. I’m worried. It’s not…..our family…..father says if he returns….we're in danger!” Malfoy said bursting the lock open and stomping out. His eyes widened as he looked over my shoulder.
    “Stupefy!” Malfoy said.
    “Expelliarmus!” Harry shrieked as he ascended down the bathroom, barely missing Malfoy’s spell.
    “Crucio-” Malfoy exclaimed.
    “Silencio!” Cle shrieked.
    “Chloe!” Harry said frowning. “Give me my map!”
    “There, take your pathetic thing, then!” Cle said throwing the Map.
    “Are you his friend? This pathetic-”
    “Don’t call him that! He’s a friend of mine!” Cle said; temper controlling her.
    “SECTUMSEMPRA!” Harry shrieked; his wand directly pointed at Malfoy’s chest.

    Cle watched in horror as Malfoy fell down on the watery floor. Blood spurted everywhere. From Malfoy’s face and chest. There was a terrible scream. Harry cleaned his glasses and gasped. Cle watched as a regret spread over her. What would happen? It was Cle’s fault that Malfoy was horribly hurt and unconscious. Cle stared at Harry with shock. “Well, what are you waiting for? Somebody needs to help him!” Cle shrieked. “Why don’t you go? He’s your wicked friend anyway! I don’t want to see Snape besides!” Harry shot. “It doesn't have to be- Professor Snape!” exclaimed Cle in a horrified voice. Harry spun around to see Severus Snape coming and kneeling beside Malfoy. “Professor! We, I mean Harry didn’t mean to! It-it- was a mistake…..don't blame me….” pleaded Cle. “Chloe, will you return to Slytherin common room at once. And for Mr.Potter….yes, you will wait here. We will have a little chat?” sneered Snape as he beckoned Cle out of the bathroom.

    Chloe was soaked in blood. She did not know that shock on everybody's faces. Everybody glared at Cle with misty eyes. Cle could hear murmurs and everybody quietly whispering. “Chloe! What happened? What is that you are covered in….is that blood?” Fiona shrieked when she saw Cle. “Mind your own business Fiona! She doesn’t want to be disturbed I suppose!” snickered Millicent Bulstrode. Cle pushed her out of the way. “How-how dare you?” asked Ella Tylerra. “How dare you? It is none of your business what happend or why I’m covered in blood! No one’s hurt or anything-” Cle began.
    “You're lying Chloe! He’s hurt! I saw it! You attacked him! The only one who appreciates that I’m here!”
    “Harry Potter attacked him Pansy! He used a spell called ‘sectumsempra’! There was nothing I could do, but he is fine!” Cle said vanishing up the girls dormitories.

    The morning breeze woke Cle up. She suddenly dressed and crept into the boys dormitories. Cle just made sure to check that Malfoy wasn’t here, so she would go to the Hospital for nothing. As Cle got out of the dormitory, she thought of who could be the person Malfoy was talking about. Was it somebody in Hogwarts perhaps? Or was it in Hogwarts last year? There seemed to be this relationship between Gryffindor and Malfoy, or Chloe had just understood it wrong. Chloe was lost in thoughts when an arrogant voice echoed in her head. She turned around to see Pansy marching toward her. “Cle! I was looking for you! Come on, let’s see if Draco’s okay?” Pansy said nervously. “Oh, sure….I was going there anyways.” Cle said as Pansy kept up with her. Pansy hesitated. “I want to know….well were you and Draco already-” “-For once drop it! It’s very annoying! If you don’t want me to see him, fine! But I think he needs just more than your sympathy right now! You are not Draco’s everything Pansy! You’re just a friend, nothing else! He’s got parents! He probably had better friends than you! All you do is snog him up! Somebody needs to tell you the truth! The girl who arranged this amazing Dark Arts club- a coward.” Cle squeaked. Pansy’s mouth was dangling open. She was on the verge of tears. She pulled out her wand and gave it a flick.
    “Expelliarmus!” Cle shrieked.
    Ella came to Pansy's side. “How dare- how- how dare you take a witches wand!” she snapped.
    “She deserved it! If you want the experience I’m ready!” Cle said. “Silencio!” she said to Millicent who was just about to do a spell on her.
    “And if any of you are on this pathetic ones side, I’m not afraid!” Cle said. “And excuse me, I’m seeing Draco, if that matters!” Cle said leaving Ella and Pansy both in shock. “You’ll pay for this Rosmerta! Once he’s at my power, you will get kicked out and get friendless!” Pansy said.
    “I don’t need friends! If they leave me just because of this, they- I don’t need friends that only care about beauty and fashion!” Cle said as she went up the marble staircase and disappeared into the Hospital wing at last.


    It looked like Draco’s best friends Crabbe and Goyle were not here. Perhaps, they didn’t feel like facing him after all. When Chloe stepped into the Hospital part of the castle, she did not see what she expected. She thought that all the girls; everybody in the DC (Dueling Club) would be here after all, Malfoy was the boss. Instead, there was only one person visiting Malfoy. She had brown hair, and she was crying silently as she clutched her handbag and her books. “Hermione?” Cle asked. “Oh, hi…” Hermione said, wiping her tears. Cle looked at her suspiciously. “Why are you here? Your friend Harry called him pathetic, I think he was about to call Draco a rudo and idiot too!” Cle said, looking angry. “Does it bother you that I’m here?” asked Hermione maliciously on the verge of tears again. “No, but you are not his friend, are you? He calls you a mudblood, he’s called you that name millions of times.” Cle shot looking rather pleased with herself even though she felt stuck inside.

    Hermione looked at Malfoy who was lying in the bed. “Oh, he didn’t mean to! I’m sure! He couldn’t!” Hermione cried, stroking Malfoy’s hair. “He called you that, and now, why are you visiting someone that called you a mudblood?” Cle said, looking suspicious. “I-I- because….It’s none of your business- oh, Pansy!” Hermione gulped as she spun her head. Pansy was looking arrogant and Ella was standing next to her, whispering. Pansy suddenly cleared her voice.
    “Oh, hello Mudblood! Ahh! What are you doing with a pureblood?” shrieked Pansy. “He’s supposed to be my friend! Oh look! He can sense that I’m here!”
    “Oh, well, looks like he hasn’t changed one bit!” snapped Hermione as she turned away.
    “What? Who said that? Is that you Cle...Draco?” Hermione said puzzled.
    “What? Draco? Say Pansy! It’s your pureblood friend!” shrieked Pansy. Somebody said the name Hermione again.
    “You-you- you cursed him! Didn’t you? I’ll tell Professor Snape! It’s illegal to curse people within Hogwarts grounds Granger!” whispered Pansy. “Expelliarmus!”
    Cle watched as Hermione’s bag flew into the air. She gasped. “What did you do that for?” Hermione shot Pansy as she drew her wand from her robes pockets.
    Hermione’s wand flew into the air. “Cle, give me yours!” she shrieked as Cle pulled out her wand and handed it to Hermione. Just as Pansy was about to do another spell, Hermione said clearly. “Wingardium Leviosa!” and a moment later Pansy’s wand had shot in the air she said calmly “Stupefy.”
    Ella Trylerra and Millicent Bulstrade drew out their wands. Ella shouted: “Stupefy” but missed. Just as Millecent was about to shout ‘crucio’ Madam Pomfrey came striding out of her office.
    “Are you guys mental?” she shrieked. “Miss Millicent, I think you need a word with Snape. What were you thinking? Using an unforgivable curse at school? You could go to Azkaban for that Millicent!”
    Hermione drew Cle’s wand from the inside of her robes, and said. “Accio bag” and then, “Accio wand”

    Pansy glared. “Do I have to meet Professor Snape?” she asked. “No, all you did was ‘expelliarmus’ that’s a simple and useless spell if you ask me Miss Parkinson!” she said nodding furiously. “It is not!”
    Hermione was standing alone beside Malfoy who was still unconscious. “Get out, all of you, if you want to argue do it somewhere else! There is a student that had been heavily cursed and wounded!” Madam Pomfry said as she pointed at Malfoy. “I said out!” she said when Pansy made a sound that sounded like an expression of ‘no’.

    “So, Hermione, I want my wand!” Cle said as she and Hermione ran down the marble stairs. “Fine, there!” she said as she gave it back to Cle with a stunning stare. “You know, you could tell me what is happening to Malfoy. I mean why did he say your name?” Cle muttered. Hermione’s eyes widened. “You think I cursed him like the rest of your pointless and useless friends?” she said pointing at Violet, Fiona, Mariah, Tina and Pansy’s gang as they arrived at the Great Hall. “Don’t you dare call my friends useless and pointless!” Cle said coldly. “But, they really are!” said Hermione sarcastically as she left Cle and took her spot in the Gryffindor table. Pansy turned her head and shouted: “Hey, ummm…..oh yeah, Cle sit here!” she waved and at once Cle knew she was on a plan; not a good one though. Violet turned her head at the sound of Cle’s name. “Sit here Cle!” Tina said. “Sure….” Cle said nervously.
    Mariah leaned across the table. “I heard Granger was there with Malfoy. What is going on?” she asked. Cle shook her head. “I don’t know,” Cle replied. Fione sighed. “I wish I knew. Hermione probably tells secrets to Harry and Ron though” she said as she glanced at the Gryffindors. “Oh yeah, I forgot Mia Drewpale too. She is in that club of Grangers isn’t she? I wish we had their shoes right now” Fiona said hopelessly. Tina gasped.
    “What?” asked Mariah and Fiona at the same time.
    “That’s it! Fiona! You are a genius, truly you are a genius!” Tina said suddenly. “And how is that? I thought I sunk in school?” asked Fiona. “No, not that kind of genius, but I just thought of a great idea! You want to know what is between Draco and Hermione right?” she asked. Fiona nodded: “Yes”. Tina hesitated and then continued: “what if we really get in their shoes? Remember Polyjuice Potion? It would be hard, but I suppose that we will be able to smuggle it from Snape’s office the next day at Potions? Er- is that good or just impossible?” Tina asked nervously. “Tina, you know that might work! I’m really interested in couples! I've already got Ginny and Harry and Susan and Justin...I need more. I have Pansy and Draco, but we need to be sure! I want to tell Pansy and she’ll freak out if we say her pureblood love life is interested in another person! She had bullied us many times, let’s get revenge!” Mariah said. “Okay, good night, I don’t feel so good really Mariah, bye” Cle said as she went out of the Great Hall and into the dungeons.

    Cle woke up the next day by Pansy Parkinson. “Hello on Earth to Chloe! Well, get up! You missed breakfast already! It’s Potions and Snape doesn’t tolerate anyone who is late! Not even Slytherins!” she snarled. “Okay, okay! I’m up! Happy now?” Cle shot back. As soon as she got her clothes on, Pasny beckoned her out of the girls’ dormitory. Cle snatched her bag and turned to Pansy. “Let’s get this straight. Okay Pansy, what do you want again my little princess?” she said. “Cle, I was sent from Professor Snape, and while we are together…….”. Cle scowled. “Nooooo! Not this again! Pansy, if you are obsessed, then visit him in the Hospital Wing!” Cle said. “No, of course not, but guess what?” she said. “What?” Cle lied trying to look as interested as possible. “Draco is returning to Slytherin tonight! We are having a party! You better have something to give him Cle! It’s your disgusting idiotic friend that caused this trouble!” Pansy said. “Oh yeah, I’m not his friend!” shot Cle. “Oh, I thought you were, fine then, follow me Cle, we have no time to argue.” Pansy said, putting her nose in the air as she marched toward the dungeons.

    The rest of the journey to the dungeons where Snape’s classroom was unpleasant; although Pansy seemed to be enjoying herself, she looked slightly nervous as they entered the dungeons. Snape raised his voice and turned to Pansy who sat next to Cle the moment she had arrived. “Miss Parkinson you will sit next to Mss Granger because Draco Malfoy isn’t here today and Cle will be sitting next to Crabbe and Goyle” Snape said. Pansy fake-coughed. “Professor Snape?” she asked.
    “Yes? Is there something wrong with Parkinson?” Snape said in a sneer. Harry and Ron laughed silently. Pansy glared at them.
    “I think there is a Professor, I don’[t want to sit next to this- this- Mudblood!” Pansy shrieked as she pointed at Hermione who was staring at her and back to Snape.
    “Don’t call anyone mudblood in my class Pansy, or…..I think you need another week full of detention” said Snape and turned the class.: Everybody, get out your essay, we will share some I think. Now, I will ask what is a bezoar used for?” Snape asked. Hermione’s hand shot in the air like a jet. Snape ignored her and turned to Pansy who flushed red. “Parkinson, answer.” he said curtly.
    Pansy gulped and stammered “I dunno!” as she took her seat next to Hermione. Snape turned and the instant he did so, Hermione whispered into Pansy’s ear. Cle could hear her murmuring:
    “...........say that the bezoar is a rock that comes out of a goat’s stomach and it’s used as an antidote for poison………”

    Pansy looked relieved as her hand shot in the air like Hermione’s as Hermione’s went down. Snape turned back to the class and said “Parkinson?” and as soon as Snape said Parkinson, Pansy started to talk shrilly. “A bezoar is a rock that comes out of a goat’s stomach. It is used as an antidote for poison sir.” she added firmly. Snape widened his eyes and looked relieved. “Very great, now you know that and I think you lost that week of Parkinson's detention Parkinson. Practice makes perfect.” Snape said and he added “I will see the headmaster about something, do not leave. Practice and read Chapter #67 in your book called Potions: A History.”. And with that Snape headed toward the door and Mariah grinned as Snape vanished from it. Pansy collapsed on her chair and she looked relieved. “I never want to be here ever again!” Pansy moaned as she put her hands on her face. “Stop being silly” Hermione said reading Chapter #67 on the founder of Potions and how it became a legend. “Hermione, stop reading and enjoy a Potions lesson without Snape!” Harry said, putting his feet on the table. Everybody nodded except Hermione who ignored the comment and continued her reading.

    The room erupted with laughter and talks and Mariah slid off her chair onto the icy floor. She nodded and a mischievous grin was spread over her face as she slithered on the floor. “Mariah, no!” Cle whispered but Mariah ignored and disappeared into Snape’s office and supply room. Fiona and Tina ran over to Cle and Cle whicpered “Mariah’s done it. She is in Snape’s office.” Cle said looking disappointed. “ I can’t wait!” giggled Fiona as she and Tina took their seats way across the classroom once more.

    The rest of Potions wasn’t much of an interest. When Mariah came back to her seat, she looked rather happy and Cle thought that she might have just have the Polyjuice Potion. When Snape came back and dismissed the class, they had a free period so Cle and the rest of her fellow Slytherins went to their icy and cold dungeon Common Room under the Lake. When Mariah, Fiona, and Tina finally collapsed at the foot of Cle’s bed they looked at Mariah. “What?” Mariah admitted finally. “The Potion Mariah, remember if you’ve got it. Show it to us! Well, do it!” Tina pointed out. “All right, all right…..here. I got like 4 or 5 bottles in case we all decided to do it like to transform.” Mariah said, pulling all the bottles out. Fiona looked pointless. “These look just……..disgusting!” she stammered as she looked back at the Potions. “Yes, it’s supposed to smell like goblin piss!” said a voice behind them. Pansy was staring down at the collection of Polyjuice Potions they had smuggled. “Stole them haven’t you?” she sneered and Tina nodded. Pansy shook her head as a response. “I thought so, you guys aren’t quite brainy anyways” she snapped looking at them. Mariah laughed. “When have you become brainy anyways?” she said. “I don’t need to be brainy with that mudblood telling me all the answers!” she said looking pleased with herself. “What have you done!” Cle demanded. “What?” snapped Pansy. “Hermione Granger you know! What did you do to her? Pansy!” Cle asked. “Nothing that would hurt her you know….veritaserum…….. anyways, so….” Pansy looked at us. Mariah stood up. For once she defended Hermione.

    “Where---is--Hermione---Granger?” she shouted. “It’s not your business! And besides, she is a useless mudblood-” Cle lost her temper at once. “Stupefy!” she scremed “Don’t use that idiotic word in front of me! I don’t like to hear it!” Cle continued stiffly. “Who knew you guys were in love with mudblood-” Pansy said. “Silencio!” shouted Tina and Pansy could not make a sound. “Anteoculatia!” Tina said once more. Cle looked at Pansy as her head grew large antlers. As soon as Tine un-silenced the Antler-Pansy, they started to hear her whimper. “And how am I supposed to welcome my friend back with-with- this?” Pansy cried as she raised her hand and examined her large antlers. “Tina! Fix it!” she screamed; half crying. Tina looked nervous. “I can’t. Look, I know how to grow it but not-not how to un-grow it?” she said nervously. Pansy looked disgusted. “One more incident, and you are so out of here, I mean expelled! Well, I’m going to bed, before either of you guys can get me cursed. Or worse expelled” she said stiffly as she marched off. Tina looked mixed up then whispered “She needs to sort out her priorities” and walked to her dormitory saying “ I’ll meet you at the Great Hall when it’s dinner time” and rushed off.

    As Tina stepped off from them and ran to her dormitory, Fiona turned her head to Cle and the others. “So….” she said looking at the Polyjuice Potions that Mariah was holding. “When are we using these?” she asked. “I dunno….I guess whenever we are all ready and decided who would do it?” asked Mariah. “Sure” said Fiona and she stepped out too. Mariah yawned. “I won’t be having dinner. Will you?” she asked, turning to Cle. Cle shook her head. “No, I guess Tina won’t have lots to talk with,” Cle replied and she sat down on her bed to sleep.

    Cle woke up the following day not by her friends but by the dazzling sunlight. “Stooooooop!” she moaned as she pulled her bedsheets up her head. Then she heard somebody whisper her name. “Cle-Chloe-Cleo” the voice said. It sounded exactly like Pansy Parkinson. “What on the bloody hell?” Cle said, turning her head. Pansy smirked and then said: “How come you weren’t at the 12th Annual Slytherin Welcome Party?” she asked. “The whaat?” Cle said, looking confused. “Arrgh! The party where we were supposed to welcome Draco! Well, have you forgotten it or you think that it doesn’t matter at all?” she asked.

    “No, I forgot it Pansy and have you woken me up for this?” Cle said. “Yes, I think I did Cle Rosmerta” she said beaming at herself. “You evil little cockroach, how-how-” Cle said as she pulled her bedsheets. Pansy giggled as her ex-friend Riyo stode into the room. “What are you doing here Riyo?” said Pansy coldly. Cle pulled off the bed sheets and saw the most beautiful girl in Slytherin. Riyo Suzuki’s silky hair dangled down her cloak. Her hair extensions were nicely done, and she looked smart. “Hi...Riyo…..” Cle said humiliated because she was wearing something so babyish. “Oh, hi Chloe, it's been long since I've seen you. Me and Draco were at the lakey-porc today making Valentines for the people we adore. Guess what! He gave me one! For me!” Riyo smiled as she spoke. “What? When did you- get out of here you idiot girl! You friend stealer…..!” Pansy shrieked. “Pansy, actually I arrived here this morning, because I've been to America with the world’s most famous authors and that bed next to you, if mine. Yep, the one that is empty, so I have every right to step in here.” smiled Riyo as she sat down on the empty bed. “W-what? Can I see your v-valen-tine?” asked Pansy as she handed out a trembling hand. Riyo shrugged. “Sure, I’ll be happy to!” she said as she folded out her Valentine from Draco Malfoy.

    Riyo gave the Valentine to Cle and Cle read out loud:

    Dear Riyo Suzuki,

    I wish you a very nice Valentines Day! I missed you so much every single day when you were missing and not here. It is like a big loss.
    I know I have spent my days with fellow Pansy Parkinson, but that doesn’t mean that you are nothing compared to her. I’m very happy to see you around. I told mother and father yesterday; and they were very happy since you are a pure-blood and a friend of mine.
    If you weren’t informed, you are invited to my party at my house:: Malfoy Manor at Wiltshire. It would be the best party you probably ever went to. And guess what? My father’s friend Yaxley has been kind, he knows you by the way and he was happy to hear that you were back.
    I would like you to come to Yaxley Manor in the Easter Holidays and come to my house on Valentines Day which is two weeks away! I hope you have a good time while you remain in Hogwarts.

    Draco Malfoy

    Cle looked up from the letter. Pansy’s mouth was hanging open. Riyo looked amazed and then Pansy grunted. Riyo smirked. “Gut a problem with Parkinson? I thought we were friends. Or are we not?” she giggled. “No, I think that I feel very happy for you Riyo, I mean well-” Pansy began. “What?” Riyo asked in a bored voice. “I mean, well you are going to visit Malfoy's house. I mean, I don’t know why Draco would give an invitation to such a place when you are such like- a-a big-brain!” she said. “Oh, thanks, I love getting called the word big-brain. It makes my hopes up. Anyway, this afternoon the Quidditch tryouts, I’m trying for the keeper.” Riyo said, smiling at herself. “Oh, good….” muttered Pansy as she pulled out her essay on moonstones. Pansy grunted again. “This is soooooo hard!” she whimpered looking at the essay. Riyo merely laughed. “Hard?” she muttered. Pansy looked mad.

    “You try it then Miss Smarty Pants!” she said. Riyo gave a childish laugh. “Moonstone (also known as the wishing stone) is a gemstone of medium value. Moonstones are a milky colour and shine very brightly, almost as though they are a source of their own light.” she said looking pleased with herself. Pansy’s mouth was hanging open. “You- c-cheated or whatever, we weren’t supposed to learn this until next week! How- how did you know this piece of information-you- ....” Pansy shrieked. “Oh, it was easy. The way of getting ahead is getting started” Riyo said cheerfully as she looked at her schedule. Pansy reached out and grabbed it. As soon as she got hold of it, she started reading out loud:

    8:45 Potions
    9:45 Ancient Runes
    10:45 Transfiguration
    11:45 Herbology
    12:15 Lunch
    12:50 Charms
    1:45 History of Magic
    1:45 Arithmancy
    3:45 Muggle Studies
    4:45 Break for 15 minutes
    5:00 Dinner
    6:00 and Rest- Free times and then bed at whichever time.

    Name: Riyo Suzuki
    Approved by: Severus Snape
    Total Subjects: 8 subjects to participate in.


    Pansy looked at Riyo who was smiling at her. “Wai-wai-wai...there are some subjects in here that are at the same time, how are you going to do that?” asked Pansy confusedly. “Well, it’s magic isn’t it?” said Riyo in mistletoe. Pansy looked bored. Cle forgot that she was even there. Then she thought about Risa, Riyo's twin. “Why is Risa not here?” asked Cle. “Oh….well, she got in Gryffindor in our first year, so I’m the only Slytherin in our family. Well, my family are all Ravenclaws or Gryffindors, none are Slytherins, well, one is, but…..” Riyo explained as she sighed over and over again. “That’s something to be proud of! My mother wanted me to be in Slytherin and here I am! You should be proud like I am and was!” Pansy said as she looked at Riyo. Riyo however did not look pleased. “Didn’t you tell me last year in the sorting that you wanted to be in Hufflepuff? Did you or not! I’ve got Veritaserum! And, you told me that Slytherin stinks! You don’t really like it, do you! Father was a Slytherin, I forgot, but he never wanted to! The same happened to me! Me! I don’t want to be here this moment, I want to be with my sister where I belong! You only like Slytherin because your so-called boyfriend is here! I know! That is not a true desire against the house! You are just lying to impress Draco Malfoy, aren’t you!” Riyo said as she strode out of the dormitory; she was on the verge of tears. Cle could hear people outside the dormitory saying all kinds of stuff. Cle thought she heard a silent cry as the door closed. “Riyo! Wait up…..don’t be upset….please!” Ella cried following Riyo. Millicent coughed. “Riyo! Don’t get upset on the first day!” she said as she followed her friend Ella.
    Cle followed the girls to where Riyo was crying because she did not want to be here. Draco Malfot was supporting her and giving her tissues. “T-thanks……...I-I” Riyo cried. Professor Snape went into the room. His face was white at the sight of Riyo lying there. He raised his tone as Pansy came in the room; stricken with guilt. “Who-who did this to this girl?” he asked. Cle glanced at Pansy. Snape seemed to follow her head, because he came next to Pansy and grabbed her by the arm. Then he came next to Riyo and did a spell that lifted her up. He turned his students. “Stay, and just mind your own business, all of you, and Miss Parkinson will come with me” he sneered looking at Pansy who was looking at the floor. Pansy looked helplessly at Draco who looked at Pansy but there was not much remorse in him at all. Ella protested. “Why is Pansy going away Professor? Why not Chloe too?” Ella asked. Millicent nodded. Snape looked disgusted. “All right then, Chloe, I think you outh to come too.”

    Cle looked at Mariah who was waving good-bye and Leah who was whispering with Tina and Fiona. Then, when Pansy pulled Cle’s arm so she could move, Cle knew it was time to leave the common room. Snape turned to Cle when they entered the dungeons that led to his classroom. “You may leave Chloe, and don’t argue Parkinson, I know it was you who was the trouble!” he said as Cle leapt out of the dungeons. But Cle did not leave. She leaned against the dungeons and pressed her ear so hard in the icy wall so that she could hear Snape was going to say to Pansy. Snape was talking so low that Cle had to press even harder to the wall; causing it to hurt and get cold. But before Cle could hear the talk, the door swung open and Cle stumbled upon the stairs to the common room without getting caught. When she came, Ella and Millicent stood before her. “Where’s Pansy! If you did not come with her you can’t enter!” squeaked Ella. “Too right, you will have to!” sneered Millicent. Ella laughed. “Poor little ickle Chloe-”
    “Stupefy! Stupefy!”

    Malfoy was there. “Let Chloe in Ella!” he sneered. “W-what? W-we are y-yor f-f-f-friends!” Millicent said. “And Chloe is a Slytherin! Don’t you think she has every right to enter here? Her own house's common room? Why are you guys obsessed with Chloe anyways? She is nothing but a pathetic half blood!” Malfoy said. Millicent’s mouth was hanging open. Chloe was in tears. “Pathetic! I-I-I t-t-thought y-you were n-n-nice! N-n-no wonder y-y-uo have got-t-t n-no f-f-friends!” Cle replied as she dashed across the room. Cle had thought that Malfoy was an actual friend. Now she has got it all wrong. She was nothing but a pathetic-half-blood. Cle felt very upset. Fiona was getting out of the common room, there was a usual gang of girls beside her.

    Fiona saw Cle and there was an eww expression on her face as she made her way toward Cle.
    “Chloe-Cle-Cle wait…...are you okay? What happened?” Fiona asked, running after me. I glared at her. “Save your breath”
    “W-what? Cle are you m-mad at m-me? W-what did I d-do?” Fiona asked. “Malfoy called me a pathetic half-blood Fiona! You’re a pureblood! He would have never called you that!” Cle said, wiping her eyes. Fiona gasped.
    “Cle….I’m I’m so….sorry. I…….I…..have t-to go. I think you should go up to your dormitory or talk with Professor Dumbledore or maybe Snape?” Fiona asked.
    “I don’t want to see Snape ever again! I’m always there when there is trouble! And….it humiliates me a lot...you know…..” Cle murmured as she started to climb up the stair-case.
    Fiona waved. “Well, see you at dinner or….next day. First thing is Potions!” Fiona said. “My best subject!” she said happily. “And my worst!” Cle said sulkily.

    Cle could hear people arguing. Or perhaps only one person murmuring to herself. “........idiotic Potions! I’m not looking forward to anything today! I have 8 weeks full of detention each night! Because of who? Hmmm…...yes! Snape! I’m in triple detention because of him! It’s not my fault that Riyo’s so babyish and so childish...anyway I hope that Draco, Crabbe and Goyle are waiting for me. There can be no more losses. I heard Draco called Cle pathetic! Well, that’s what she deserved anyways! Putting her nose in our friendship! Apparently Half-Bloods put their nose into everything! Well, not anymore……” Pansy snickered. She had her hair grown today. It was touching her butt. “Nice hair….” Cle said looking at Pansy. “Ahhhh! Eeek!” shouted Pansy as she jumped in the air. “I said nice hair,” Cle repeated.

    Pansy put her nose high in the air. “Well, thank you, I worked very hard on it. You know, complicated magic?” Pansy said as she put her clothes on. “Oh yeah….” Cle murmured as she pulled herself out of bed and started dressing. Pansy pulled herself up to full height and whispered. “Do you like Potions? Or Snape?” she asked; still whispering. Cle looked scared. “Why are we whispering?” asked Cle. Pansy looked like she had picked up something from the garbage. “Because Riyo is here and I don’t want her to hear us ‘cause Snape’s her favorite and she is noodle woman and----- she is an idiotic mudblood!” Pansy said. “Are you a pure-blood yourself?” asked Cle. “No, Half-Blood. But I tell all my friends I’m pure, not half!” she answered looking pleased. “Oh, come on why are you going to lie about it? It’s not nice to lie to your friends!” huffed Cle. “Oh, you are not going to tell them are you Chloe?” asked Pansy suspiciously. “Anyways, I don’t want to be late and like I said, there should be no more losses. I suppose this class----- I mean Potions will be a piece of cake! It would take less than an hour to finish this piece of homework, the kind of junk Snape gives out!” she said as she waved in a dull way and skipped off.
    Riyo yawned.
    “Good morning!” she said happily as she rose out of bed. She pointed her wand at the water bowl on the upper shelf.
    “Accio water-bowl!”
    The water rose up in the air and Riyo caught it. She washed her face and said accio and accio once more to retrieve her clothes. Cle was looking impressed. Riyo looked at Cle like she was a pile of poop. “Is there something wrong with what I’m doing?” she asked simply.
    “No, I...I mean well, I never knew anything called Accio, Hermione told me it was a summoning charm but that’s really all I know….” murmured Cle looking embarrassed. “Is it something that second years should know? I mean, am I behind or….--”
    “---No, you aren’t behind, witches and wizards learn these charms and stuff in their 5th and 4th and maybe 6th year, but not definitely 2nd year” gushed Riyo as she said accio over to get her clothes. She dressed in a rush and she was soon standing on the door that connected to the hallway. “Come on Chloe, let's go or we will be late! Potions is my favorite subject! I bet I’m the best even compared to Percy! Oh, we got in a fight last time about which one of us was more genius, and well, Percy kind of knew he was worse, so he...trailed off! Ginny and Ron were screaming their heads off! Risa found it very weird, but still funny-kind-of-odd! Ha, ha, ha!” Riyo said as she laughed so hard.
    Cle looked bewildered. “Percy and Ginny of Gryffindor?”

    “Yeah, Percy is a know-it-all, but he sure is so funny!” laughed Riyo as she beckoned Cle toward the door; who was now dressed and ready for breakfast at last. Cle made a grunt. “I thought Slytherins and Gryffindors hated I mean...each other? That is essential Riyo!” she demanded. Riyo looked up at mistletoe. “Well, anything is possible if you try it. If you try hard for it! Risa has many friends, and me and Risa are very alike. So people like me too. I heard that I was so popular among the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws too! And Gryffindors!” added Riyo with a grin. The two girls were quiet for a moment but Riyo gasped and it broke the silence right away. “Ahhhh! It’s already 8:47! We are late! Potions start at 8:45! We are 2 minutes late! Oh no! I must get going, I need to run. Follow me Chloe! Come on! And is it okay to call you Cleo?” asked Riyo in a hurry as she started to dash across the hall and into the dungeons. “S-sure….” Cle said in a hurry as she skipped after Riyo. “You sure run fast……………………….(pant, pant)... Riyo….wait….I...can’t…..keep…...up…… .I…..wait…...oh,.......we…...are...here!” panted Cle asked hustled and jostled each other so they could come first in. Riyo pointed her wand and whispered at Cle: “It’s locked!” she said. Then she murmured a spell Ce had never heard of.

    The door opened with a ‘klunk’ and Riyo pushed it open as she broke into words that sounded like a joke or melody:
    “Professor Snape,
    I’m sorry we are so late!
    It was our mistake!
    Give me detention!”

    “I love Potions!
    But we were so late!
    I was lost in murmurs!
    I forgot my time!”

    “I deserve detention!
    What a disgrace!
    I shall be so displeased,
    It is my sake!”

    Risa smiled from near Ron, while Draco and Pansy looked like they had seen something so astonishing. Snape stood up. “That is perfectly fine, Riyo, and you definitely don’t deserve detention. Nor does Chloe. Sit down. I’m pleased that you like my class here. I find it usable, now I have a task. Some of you and most of you will find it extremely hard, it is so that we. Now, listen I will only repeat once!” he said as he pulled out his wand and started to write what he was saying on the board. “So, today, we are having a lesson about ancient magic history chapter 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Open your books and we will talk about it later--”
    Hermione’s, Risa’s, and Riyo’s hands shot in the air.

    “What?” asked Snape. Hermione cleared her throat: “Ehem, ehem, ehem..” “Well Professor, I already read the whole book. I’m not lying. I can prove it. In Chapter 3, Shair Animato travels to Australia to see the caves. But the thing is, he discovered a different type of magic. To be animaguses. It is named after him, Animato, Animagus. And Chapter 4 talks about Bathilda--” “That’s quite enough. Read it over then. Well, start!” Snape said as he sat down and read his own book. Hermione looked disappointed. Risa gave her a thumbs up. Hermione looked more cheerful, then started to murmur the article to herself.

    After 30 minutes of reading, Snape cleared his throat. “I suppose that you will be done by now. The chapters are pretty short, really. Hey should each take 3 minutes to read. Now, what happened in Chapter 4? Since Miss Granger already answered 3. Okay, I will pick randomly. Pansy, answer my question. Who did Bathilda see and meet? And why is this so important to wizarding history?” asked Snape. Pansy seemed to struggle as she sat next to Hermione who had had her hand shot in the air as soon as Snape said ‘Who did Bathilda…..’. Pansy gulped. She looked for support, but nobody cared. “I….I…..I don’t know sir….” she said quietly. Snape smirked. “Here, let’s try a basic. What is a bezoar used for--” Snape said. But Hermione interrupted once more. “--Please sir, a bezoar is for--” “No, shut up Granger, now anywar my question is Parkinson or no more fun for you. That means detention every day of every week until the end of term. Now, answer if you must. This is a basic that you should’ve learned in your first Potions class in your first year ever at Hogwarts. Now, answer so I know I have taught you something.”

    “I….a bezoar? I...don’t k-know sir. I didn’t learn it. I...I-I…..” Pansy gulped for air. Then, Snape said: “It is a pity you don’t know anything, Parkinson. I will give you triple homework. That is 79 yards of Potions History and anything about potions. Plus, I want a 34 foot essay on the book we are reading today. No arguing….pity really…..pity……” Snape said. Harry spoke without turn. “I think it is a pity that you don’t pick Hermione and always keep picking on the same person. Give it a rest sir.” Snape raised an eyebrow. “Pity huh? Well, too bad to Gryffindors, 15 points will be taken from your classmates behavior. Now, all right, Riyo answer it.” Snape said curtly. Riyo cleared her throat (hem, hem, hem) then she began. “Bezoars are used as an antidote for poison, and they are very handy. It was invented and discovered by Choperchagky Rownebly Hybrohloydly in 456 and it is used even today!” Riyo exclaimed happily. Snape nodded. “Very good. Now let’s get Chapter 4 again. Hermione will tell us and let’s make sure we are correct Granger.”

    Hermione glanced up and said: “Bathilda’s full name is Bathilda Bagshot and in 1678 she met Gellert Grindelwald, which was one of the masters of the death-stick also known as the Elder Wand. This was very important and this chat between Bagshot and Grindelwald was how Grindelwald even stole the Elder Wand. So, you see, Grindelwald had a tongue that imperiouses the person it is talking to. Bathilda is a very good historican so she knew where the Elder Wand was, and how somebody should get capable of it. Grindelwald first asked without his powers, but when Bathilda said she could not tell, he was forced to use his powers to persuade Bathilda. And eventually Bathilda was forced to tell and she told Grindelwald that Gregorovicth had the Elder Wand and besides, she specifically instructed how to steal it. And when the Elder Wand went missing the same day, every Wizarding Community knew about it. Since the wand meant history, a big piece of history was stolen and the wand was unbeatable, and Grindelwald could use it for no good. But nobody knew who the thief was back then. So it was a very historical event.” Hermione explained specifically.

    “Wow” and “OMG” and “Jeez!” sounds exploded out of everywhere in the dungeons. Hermione looked embarrassed as Ron patted her on the back. “Nice work. Now we know what happened in Chapter 4, so let's do five. Risa, answer me. What was the most important memory in Chapter 5? You should know.” Snape said. Risa looked around and then started. “Well, the most important memory in Chapter 5 was about a man called Gilderoy Lockhart and it was mostly about his autobiography called ‘Magical Me’ and it was about his discovery that bats can also be perfect animaguses. He asked the bat and soon, people were buying and rushing into bookshops--every book-shops for his big discovery. And now, lots and lots of wizards all over the globe; especially men have the power to turn into bats. It was a big discovery of 1989. So, it’s not been a long time. But….yeah, well, that’s it…” Risa said as she collapsed and Dean Thomas patted her on the back. “Great. Now, Chapter 6. Let’s see…...how about Riyo? I think she will give us a fair answer. Chapter 6 talks about Wolfsbane Potion. Tell me all the ingredients.”

    “Here are the ingredients to Wolfsbane Potion:
    Powdered Silver
    Powdered Moonstone
    Valerian Roots” Riyo finished.

    “Correct. Now, Chapter 7. Let’s ask Daphne Greengrass. What is Polyjuice Potion used for? This, I expect you to know Miss Greengrass.” Snape said. “Sure….” Daphne said. “Polyjuice Potion is used to transform into a different person for one hour precisely. Of course, you need a bit of that person to transform. I mean, everybody knows that. I suppose.” Daphne said. “Chapter 8? Okay, no volunteers? Mr. Potter. I will give you an easy one just once. Now, what color is the shrinking Potion supposed to be in Chapter 8?” Snape asked.

    When he turned to do something, Cle saw Hermione grab her quill and scribble the answer on the paper. Harry grinned and Hermione quietly said “Repero!” and the paper was as good as new. Harry’s hand shot in the air. “Yes?” Snape asked. “It is supposed to be acid green?” Harry asked. “Yes. good, now we know you learned something from my classes. At least they were not a waste of time after all. Chapter 9? Again no volunteers? I shall pick then. Weasley, tell me who defeated Gellert Grindelwald. I want the full name. Like, Potter. If you ask who conquered the Dark Lord, we say Harry Potter. But, ah, you forget the hero’s arrogant part. James Potter. Harry James Potter.” Snape smirked.

    Harry went red. “Don’t you dare blame my father sir! He was a great man! I think you are nothing compared to him! You don’t have any feelings! I suppose you aren’t even human! What is your problem that you have got with me? Why isn’t your rival Malfoy? Parkinson? Suzuki? Goyle? Crabbe? I mean, why is it me? Are you doing this because I survived a killing curse? You mean I’m Dark? No! I’m nice, and I swear I will not use Dark Magic! Even if I was dueling with Lord Voldemort! I don’t see why you can’t say the name!” Harry said. He drew out his wand; just in case. “Detention every Sunday every week until the end of term. I think you deserve it.. And you will not ever talk about the Dark Lord, or say his name. It is forbidden at Hogwarts.” Snape said. “Who says? Professor Dumbledore speaks about it! I’ve heard him saying it” Harry said.

    His face was still vivid and his black hair was turning into a hairy mess as the sun came in. Snape sneered. “That’s because Professor Dumbledore is quite a very strong wizard. While you are not and never will be.” he said simply. “We will see about that sir! I don’t want to argue now! Ask Ron his question and let’s get on with it. The lesson.” Harry instructed as Ron cleared his throat. Hermione murmured something quietly in the air and Ron cleared his throat again: (Hem, hem, hem) “Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. I mean sir.” Ron added quickly. “Yes, 10 points off Gryffindor, or maybe 20. Yes 20.” Snape said. Ron moaned. “Sir, how come we get points off for a correct answer?” Harry protested. Snape ignored him. “Granger, don’t help anyone in my class ever again. Save those bird-brains for yourself. They don’t come handy in my class. Right, Chapter 10. Parkinson.” Snape said. Pansy, however, did not look up. “Parkinson, Chapter 10. Now, Parkinson.” Snape repeated. Pansy shot in the air. “W-what?” she asked. It seemed like Pansy had no idea what was going on. “Chapter 10, Parkinson. I hope you read it in that time I gave you. Tell me the strongest wizard of the 600 bcs.” Snape said. Pansy gulped. She did not have Hermione anymore, now that Snape was watching, so she seemed to struggle a lot now. “600 bcs? I…...I mean….well, can I….think?” Pansy said.

    “Only a minute.” Snape said. Pansy thought and thought. “I….I guess Cyrus of…..Par-- no…..Pem----uhhhh…...Cyrus of Persia?” Pansy said after the minute was done. “Good. You at least know the answer to one thing. Now, our lesson is quite finished. For the homework, get out your Potions Scroll, and write what is written on the board. You will use no magic. Only the ones I tell may use magic and leave early. This might take a while. Perhaps all of lunch.” Snape said. “The twins, Granger, Parkinson, and….I am so kind, very kind, but Potter and Weasley may use magic too.” he said as Hermione, Riyo, Risa, Ron, Harry, and Pansy got out wands.

    As everybody wrote their homework, Cle could hear Hermione murmur things and Pansy frowning. “Half- Blood Slytherin? Sir, I don’t think there is such a thing, I mean, I should have known. I live in a pure blood family which were Slytherins for centuries and generations. I think I should know, but I don’t. Are you sure?” Malfoy asked. “I’m sure, now, don’t spend time, you are not using magic, right? Get on with it.” Snape said. Everybody got to work with one more word.


    Riyo came skipping down the Great Hall and sat next to Cle and her friends. “Hi, I don’t know who the heck the Half Blood Slytherin or in this case, HBS is. HBS stands for ‘Half Blood Slytherin’ by the way.” “No idea, I thought it would be a piece of cake for you though. You are quite brainy. I don’t see why you struggle…” Mariah murmured. Riyo ignored her completely. “Anyway, I met Pansy on the way here. She said you guys were doing something about the PolyJuice Potion. What are you exactly planning?” she asked. “Nothing” the girls said. “I know you are up to something. I have great ideas. I might be able to help. Alright, alright. Just who are you planning to turn to?” asked Riyo when we did not respond to her. “You promise not to tell?” asked Fiona. “Sure, I keep promises.” Fiona nodded to Cle who cleared her throat. “Okay. We want to turn into Ginny, and Risa and Mary. Mary Cattlemole.” Cle said. “My sister? Oh, persuading her will be easy. And Ginny? I bet that will only be 10 minutes. Now Mary, I will meet her and next day, I will come with some hair for 3 of you two days away from now. Well, I better go see what Pansy is up to. The girl was swelled in tears when I saw her. I think I ought to help her with her homework. I feel so sorry. I can’t bear not to help her.” Riyo said as she stood up and went down the Great Hall into the school. “I want to go too. I better look in the library for this Half Blood Slytherin before it closes up for today. Well, have a nice time having a snack.” Cle said. Mariah followed with Fiona and Leah. “We should come too. I need my homework done so I can hang out with Tina.” Fiona said. “Okay then. Let’s go already.” Cle said.

    Ginny rushed to them from the second landing. “Hi,” she said, `` we haven’t talked in a while now Chloe. Anyways, I heard that you guys had very hard homework.” “Hard? But, how are we supposed to do that?” asked Fiona. “Well, when I was little, I always heard wizarding stories. One was about the Half-Blood Slytherin. I can't wait till one of you figured it out! Hermione reckons there is one in Hogwarts now! I can’t wait! HBS is so popular, I wish I could meet her in person!” Ginny squeaked. “Does Snape know this HBS? I mean who is it?” asked Leah. “No, then why would he ask you? He probably wants the prize for it. I heard it was 20,000,000,000,000 galleons. What would someone expect from him?” Ginny muttered bitterly. “We could try I guess--” “Oh, Cleo...help! Pansy….she is- she-s-she…” Riyo came running. “What happened Riyo? Is it something serious?” asked Cle. “Yes! Yes it is! I know...come on!” Riyo said as she tugged on Cle. Fiona and the others followed. A whole group was surrounded around someone and Hermione was crying. “I didn’t! I swear! I didn’t hurt her!” she cried. “What’s all this about? Is it..” Ginny started. Pansy was lying there, she was frozen, motionless. “What happened?” asked Fiona to Malfoy. “I-I don't know! I was standing here...and s-she asked to g-go to the bathroom, and she didn’t come, then I checked on her…..she was frozen!” Malfoy cried.

    Ginny rushed. “Is there-?” Malfoy sneered. “So, you blood traitor really dares to talk to pure blood? Like an equal?” he said. “I'm pure blood, just if your isolated parents haven’t told you that! You are a badly influenced boy!” Ginny said. Malfoy seemed upset. He left with Crabbe and Goyle in his heels. “That was terrific Ginny!” Ron said. “Really? Oh, thanks” Ginny said. “What will happen to Pansy? We can’t just leave her! Even though she had been mean all the time” Riyo said. “I’m sure Madam Pomfrey will be here soon?” asked Ginny. She looked very alert as she ran her fastest toward the hospital wing. Minutes later, Madam Pomfrey came running toward them along with McGonagall. “What happened to-- Pansy Parkinson?” she asked. “We don’t know! We were walking here and….she was…..f-frozen..” shuddered Ginny. Madam Pomfrey quickly levitated Pansy in the air and walked back to her office. McGonagall turned sharply to Ginny and Hermione, whose face was red from crying. “Granger, wash your face in your dormitory, and Ginny, go to Gryffindor Tower. Don’t get out. I have to talk to Professor Dumbledore about it first. This may be serious…..” McGonagall said. Her voice trailed off leaving only Ella, Millicent, Mariah, Leah, Fiona, Cle and Riyo there. Millicent rounded up Riyo. “You made it happen. I know it. Pansy said she never liked you and you never liked her anyways.” she said. “Excuse me!” Riyo replied; shocked. Ella came next to Millicent. “You guys heard what McGonagall said. We should go to our common room if we don't want to end up like Pansy. Oh, well, come on Millicent, let’s go. It’s no use staying here.”

    Riyo looked pale as they walked. “You don’t believe that I did that to Pansy, do you?” she asked. “No, you’re our friend! Why would you even do such a thing?” asked Cle. “I don’t think it is nice to blame it on Hermione though. She needs a break.” Riyo said stiffly as they went into the common room. There was a party going on inside. Every single person was wearing green and silver. Riyo’s mouth dropped open. “What is happening here?” she asked as she rounded onto Malfoy. “We are having Quidditch tryouts tomorrow, Suzuki! Everyone knows that!” he said. “Well, I didn’t. I don’t think Quidditch is a big deal anyways.” she said. “All right. Too bad” Malfoyn said as he joined the party. Cle turned to Riyo. “Do you at least know who the Half Blood Slytherin is?” she asked her. “I have no idea Cleo.” Riyo said. “And good night.”

    The next morning was usual. But except there was no Pansy Parkinson like usual. Instead Riyo Suzuki asked her: “Have you had a good night?” Cle woke up and answered. “Yes, I did,” she said. “Oh, good. I will meet Mary Cattlemole and talk to Ginny today. Since we couldn’t do that. Anyways, I decided that I will watch the Quidditch tryouts today. Wanna come?” Riyo asked. “Sure….” Cle said. Riyo frowned. “You look very tired. Are you alright Cleo?” she asked. “I’m fine. I just had a very bad dream. It was that….forget it…” Cle said. “Sure, if you say so. Anyways, Risa said okay, and I will meet Ginny and Mary today. So, get dressed. It’s Transfigurations this morning” Riyo said as she got dressed and gave Cle her clothes. Cle dressed early and fast so she would not miss breakfast that day. Cle walked by herself and reached the Great Hall. She sat next to her friends. Mariah grunted. “How could I be so stupid?” she asked. “What?” asked Tina.

    “About PolyJuice Potion. I only got three. Don’t you see? We are 5 people. There are only three. Get it?” asked Mariah. Tina nodded. “We will have to pick who will go. Okay, we will be Mary, and Ginny and Risa.” Fiona suggested. Mariah gave a sigh. “We know that Fiona, but who will be those people?” she asked. “Well, Chloe, you can be Mary, and Tina, you can be Ginny. I don’t know who could be Risa though.” Mariah said. “How about Riyo?” asked Cle. “Riyo?” Mariah repeated. “Sure, Riyo would do well. She knows how Risa acts like. They are so much alike.” Cle said with a shrug. “But, isn’t Riyo already meeting Mary and Ginny for us? Are we asking for too much?” Tina asked with her eyebrow raised. “But, it was her idea! She wanted to help us! We didn’t ask!” Cle said. “You’re right. Cle, we are sorry.” Mariah replied. “It’s okay. I can ask Riyo when she is not so busy. Anyways, I think I just lost my appetite. I will go straight to class now.” Cle said as she stood up.

    When Cle came, several people were there. Cle sat quietly in a seat, and saved some for her friends. When it was 8:45, everyone was in class except Harry and Ron. Hermione rolled her eyes as the two came in. “Where have you been! You are 5 minutes late already!” she said. “Sorry. We got--we got lost.” Ron said as he and Harry scrambled into seats. Professor McGonagall cleared her throat but Hermione raised her hand. “Professor, by any chance, do you know about the- the thing that happened to Pansy?” she asked. “Yes. I do, it is serious. Once again, it is dangerous here at Hogwarts. The same happened 50 years ago. Now, let’s get back to class. Get out your wands. Let’s practice the spell that turns animals into water goblets. Remember the wrist movement we have been practicing. The swish, swish, and flick. Do you have your animals? Good. Now, pair up and practice. Hannah, practice with Hermione. Now, get along.” Professor McGonagall said as she looked at the class. Hannah Abbott moved toward Hermione and sat.
    As soon as Hermione had her raven, she did the swish, swish, and flick. Hannah was frustrated. She started stabbing the creature, Hermione’s eyes widened. “Stop, stop, stop, you are going to take someone’s eye out! Besides, it’s RimertOnia notRimertOOOOOnia!” she said. “Well, let’s see you do it then smartie!” Hannah said. Hermione gave a curt nod. “Prolitera Rimertonia” she said. The raven became a water goblet. Hermione smiled. “Great job, Granger! Well done! It looks like you are getting no homework today!” McGonagall said. Hannah grumped. “You know, you should try. From the expert! Me!” she said. “So what?” asked Hannah. Hermione said no more.

    At lunch, Riyo came to them. “Hello! I met Mary! She is so nice! I met her at Potions today! And Ginny, I talked to her just now. They won’t get in your way for an hour. I decided to make them you guys! So no one knows you guys are missing.” she said. “Us? Oh, sure. Have you got hairs for us? We want to transform today. And you can have some of our hair.” Mariah said. “Oh thanks. Anyways, who will be transforming?” Riyo asked. “Mary will be Chloe, and Ginny is Tina. Who should Risa be? We thought umm…..you?” asked Fiona. “Umm…..sure! Sure I can! I will be delighted.” Riyo said as she handed Cle and Tina the hairs. “When will we do it?” she asked. “Oh, maybe at 6:30? I’m going to be watching the Quidditch tryouts at 4:30. Want to join me?” Riyo asked. “Sure, we don’t have much to do except go to Herbology, Defense Against the Dark Arts and Potions.” Cle said. “Come on. Lunch is almost over. We should get going for Herbology.” Tina said. Cle’s friends went away with Riyo rushing off to Ancient Runes. The grounds were so cold. It was the Slytherins with Gryffindors. Cle and her friends saw a group of Gryffindors that included Harry, Hermione, Ron, Seamus Finnigan, Neville, and Dean Thomas. When they saw Cle and the otherSlytherins they looked like they had seen something so disgusting. “What are you all looking at?” sneered Millicent. “Oh, it sure is none of your business. We are just Gryffindors, aren't we?” asked Hermione all know-it-all like. “One one asked your opinion about it you filthy little mudblood.” Malfoy said.

    Hermione put her nose in the air and marched toward the Herbology GreenHouses. Inside, there were huge pots. “Professor, what are we doing today?” asked Ella. “We are doing--” “Mandrakes.” Hermione finished. “Well done, Granger! Yes, Mandrakes! They come in useful ways. Now, who wants to tell me what a Mandrake does?” Professor Sprout asked. Everybody was quiet, except for Hermione, who’s hand shot in the air. “The root and leaves are used to make medicine. People take European mandrake root for treating stomach ulcers, colic, constipation, asthma, hay fever, convulsions, arthritis-like pain (rheumatism), and whooping cough.” she said. “Good girl. Take 10 points for that. Now, who knows actually what a mandrake is?” asked Professor Sprout. Hermione’s hand went in the air. “Granger?” asked Professor Sprout. “A mandrake is the root of a plant, historically derived either from plants of the genus Mandragora found in the Mediterranean region, or from other species, such as Bryonia alba, the English mandrake, which have similar properties. The plants from which the root is obtained are also called "mandrakes".” Hermione said. “Very good. Take another 10 points for that. Now, mandrakes are used as medicine. Now, what is negative about this creature?” asked Professor Sprout. Hermione answered. “They scream.” she said. “Folklore. The root is hallucinogenic and narcotic. ... In one superstition, people who pull up this root will be condemned to hell, and the mandrake root would scream and cry as it was pulled from the ground, killing anyone who heard it.” Hermione said. “Great. 10 more points. We will see some mandrakes today. As you see, we have protective earmuffs, so they won’t harm you. Now, get a pair of earmuffs and put them on.” Professor Sprout said as she demonstrated it in front of the class.

    Everyone got out the earmuffs and put them on. “Now, pull out your mandrakes. Do NOT take out your earmuffs.” Professor Sprout said. People started to pull out mandrakes. After a while of taking notes, they put the mandrakes back inside the flower pot they were in. When it was almost time for their other class, students got out planners and wrote their homework in. “All right. Granger, no homework for you. Just review for the upcoming test and write about your favorite plant. And the rest of you, I want a 12 inch essay on mandrakes. Well, good day to you all.” Professor Sprout said as she cleared the greenhouse for the other class. People filed out and soon, they were on their way to their next class. “How come Hermione did not get any homework? And besides, I think that next class, we are going to be studying the complicated creature Hermione adores.” said Fiona. “Isn’t it obvious? It is probably a school record. She earned 30 pointes for her house! She is the best student!” Tina said. “Except, she is a failure in Potions.” giggled Mariah. The rest of the walk was calm and quiet. They went to Dark Arts and sat in their seats. It was their first class of Dark Arts, yet, many people looked forward to it. Mainly because it was taught by the world famous author: Gilderoy Lockhart.

    “Isn’t he a wonder?” squeaked Fiona when they entered the classroom. “I dunno, Fiona. Well, maybe he is great…..” murmured Tina. There was a huge cage in the classroom and it looked like most girls had picked a front row seat. Fiona quickly sat in the front row, leaving Cle and the others to sit back. “At least we get to talk now. And not listen to that know-it-all.” said Mariah. “Yeah, I suppose that is a good thing. I wonder what he has in that cage!” Cle said. “Ladies and gentlemen, today, we will frolic.” Lockhart said. “Frolic? What does that have to do with Defense Against the Dark Arts, sir?” asked Malfoy. “Don’t interrupt. Thank you. Now, who knows what frolicking is?” asked Lockhart. Hermione’s hand went in the air like a torpedo. “Yes...umm……--” “Granger.” Hermione said. “Well, go ahead, Granger,” Lockhart said. “ Frolic means (of an animal or person) play and move about cheerfully, excitedly, or energetically. And it also means to play about with someone in a flirtatious or sexual way.” Hermione explained carefully. “Well done. 5 points. Now, who knows what we will frolic with today?” asked Lockhart. Even Hermione did not know that since the cage was covered with a blanket. “Butterflies?” asked Hannah. “Bees?” asked Dean Thomas. “Nope, and nope. You are wrong. Now, you guys are second years, right? Should you not know? A girl called Ginny Weasly and Mary Cattlemole who were first years quickly knew the answer.” Lockhart said. “Well, perhaps, we can guess if you take that blanket off?” asked Hermione. Lockhart looked at the cage. “My bad...I’m very sorry I forgot to take off the blanket so you guys can see. There you go…” he said as he took the cover of the cage. Hermione’s hand shot in the air.

    “Yes Granger?” Lockhart said politely. “It is a blue pixie. The Pixie is a small, bright blue, mischief-making magical beast. Description. It is able to fly, and enjoys lifting people up by their ears and depositing them on the tops of trees and buildings, showing incredible strength for creatures of their tiny size.” she said. “Well done Granger. 10 points for that. Anyways, today we are going to dance with pixies. Yes, and first we have to learn about them of-course!” Lockhart said. Hermione raised an eyebrow. “I don’t think they are most comfortable to dance with, sir.” she said.

    “Well, these are trained pixies.” Lockhart said. “Trained? Like tamed?” asked Hannah. “Yes, now let’s study what pixies eat. Does anyone have any ideas?” Lockhart asked. Hermione’s hand shot in the air. “Yes, uhhh….sorry yes--Granger..” Lockhart said in the most bored way. Hermione looked uncomfortable but she answered it anyway. “Mid-size Pixies should eat mid-size insects, babies should eat small insects, and full-grown frogs weighing from three and a half to five pounds can eat large insects (i.e.locusts, large nightcrawlers, and big beetles). Full-grown Pixies can also eat frozen/thawed mice in moderation.” she said. “Yes, well done, 10 points for that. And now, someone besides Granger tells me where pixies live.” Lockhart said firmly.

    Risa raised her hand. “Suzuki?” Lockhart asked. “Pixies are concentrated in Southern England, especially in Devon and Cornwall. According to early folklore, they live in ancient underground locations, which usually have some connection to their ancestors. These may be the barrows (mounds of Earth covering a burial ground) or stone rings.” she said. “Yes, well done. 10 more points to Gryffindor. And now, who has more interesting facts they want to share to us about pixies. Oh, oh, wait...how many years do pixies live? Anyone?” asked Lockhart. Hermione answered without turn. “10 to 12 years professor.” she said. “Good. 5 points. Any now, to the fun part…….DANCING! COME ON EVERYBODY! LET’S HAVE FUN WITH CORNISH PIXIES!” Lockhart bellowed. “What is he talking about? Has he lost it?” Malfoy whispered. “I think s-so…” Cle whispered back. The students were about to stand up when Lockhart reached the cage and opened it. Cornish Pixies were everywhere. Then, faster than a minute, pixies were messing and zooming everywhere. Some were ripping Malfoy’s hair, some other ones eating Hermione’s books and a few were dragging Neville toward the sky. “Gerroff!” screamed Ron who was getting little cuts all over him. “Peskipiksi Pesternomi!” Lockhart said. “Uhh…..” said Hermione as she tried to pull away a pixie from her book. She looked in horror as the pixies dragged Neville to the chandelier and hung him there. “No! Stop it you horrid fairies---I mean PIXIES! LET HIM DOWN! IMMOBULUS!” Hermione said as she raised her wand. Lockhart was nowhere to be seen, he had obviously escaped and was in his office. White light burst all over the room and all the cornish pixies had froze.

    “There, now, we shall put them back in their cages so they won’t cause any more mess here.” Hermione said. “Reparo.” she added to the books. Then she said ‘Reparo’ to Malfoy’s hair, the chandelier and all the books. “Professor Lockhart, you can come out now. The pixies are gone.” Harry said. “They are? I mean….they are!” Lockhart said as he peered out of the door. “Yes, I think we should go to our next class Professor. There are only 2 minutes left.” Ron said. “Very well, off you go then.” Lockhart said as he beckoned them toward the door. Everyone went away quickly. Cle heard Neville murmur to Hermione: “Thanks, I would have ripped my 12th uniform if it wasn’t for you.” he said. “Oh, it was nothing really……” Hermione said; she was obviously blushing with Neville. “What’s next in the schedule?” asked Fiona. “Well, the schedule says it is Potions! Oh no! I forgot to write my essay completely!” Cle said. “Well, I suppose Snape will be easy on us, I mean, we are Slytherin’s after all. All we will get would probably be lines or detention, right?” asked Mariah. “Oh, I would not be so sure Marie….” Tina mumbled. “Remember what Pansy had to do? It would take her a month to do all that writing with such a stupid brain like hers anyways.”

    While they were talking, Riyo came up to them like thunder. “Come on guys! I say, do NOT dare to skip Potions! It is so important! You have 45 seconds to go, or you will be late.” Riyo said. “Why? Is Potions so important?” Fiona asked sarcastically. “Uhh….it is! Okay, now let’s go already and no explanations to why I did not say why Potions were so important!” she said as she pulled Cle and Fiona. It was probably a record, because the girls ran faster than lightning. For their bad luck, Peeves the school Poltergeist was on the way. He threw down the nearest chandelier; causing it to fall down and crack all the eggs that Peeves himself had put on it. Riyo and Fiona were soaked in water and egg white when they had finally come to a halt on the Potions class door. Riyo looked like she was a bucket of puke herself. “Eeww, look at my uniform now! What would Snape say when he saw that his best student is covered in egg white and water?” she asked. “What will Ella and Millicent say? ‘This is Pansy’s revenge, Fiona’ or ‘look at Fiona and Riyo! They are so pathetic!’” Fiona said as she looked at her reflection in a puddle that was on the floor. Just as Cle was about to open the door, Riyo pointed at Fiona and said “Reparo” then, she said ‘reparo’ to herself too. The girls entered in, their clothes were nice and perfect. It looked like everyone had given their homework to Snape already so Riyo, Fiona, Tina, and Mariah handed theirs. “Chloe, essay homework is due today if you haven’t noticed.” Snape said. “I--I know sir…..it…...I…..I just forgot to do it?” Cle said as she smiled nervously. “Well, we will have detention next day. Only lines. All right. Now, we will learn about Love Potions. What are Love Potions? I am picking. Potter?” Snape said. “Well, umm…..Love Potions are only related to girls and they gon-give it to the g-guys? And then……(Malfoy was holding his mouth so he would not laugh)......the….g-guys…….will….somehow..d rink…….the…...potion like..in…..um…...juice or….the girl would smuggle it in the guy’s breakfasts and…..they g-guy would become the…...girl’s boyfriend?” asked Harry. “Horrible Potter, just horrible. Okay, let’s try Granger” Snape said.

    “So, in mythology, a love-potion is a magical drink that makes the person who sips it fall in love. ... Love-potions are featured in a variety of literature, fairy tales, and the mythology of many cultures. Influencing a person to return your love might seem from many stories to be as simple as mixing up an elixir.” Hermione said confidently. “Yes, right. 5 points. Now, how do you make a love potion? We will go with Millicent.” Snape said. “M-ME?” Millicent asked. “Yes, Millicent, you.” Snape said. “Okay. Love Potions are made with 9 oz sweet red wine 9 basil leaves, fresh, 9 red rose petals, fresh, 9 whole cloves, 9 apple seeds, 9 drops real vanilla extract, 9 drops strawberry juice, 9 drops apple juice, 9 small pieces of ginseng root, 9 pink candles, large cooking pot, cheesecloth or fine strainer, small glass bottle.” Millicent said. “Impressive, yes, correct, now, are you guys writing what love potions are and their ingredients? There will be a quiz at the end of class and your next essay will be on Love Potions.” Snape said as he wrote the first question on their quiz. “Get a piece of parchment. Write the question, your name, and the question’s answer.” he said. The first question wrote:

    What is the main ingredient of the love potion?
    Cle wrote: I think real vanilla extract.
    Who invented love potions?
    Cle wrote: Laverne De Montmorency.
    Which year was the Love Potions invented?
    Cle wrote: The 1800s
    According to Potter, what are love potions?
    Cle wrote: Something that the guy will drink accidentally and then fall in love with the girl.
    What are Love Potions really?
    Cle wrote: A drink that makes the person who sips it fall in love with the maker.
    What was the first ingredient Millicent named?
    Cle wrote: I honestly don’t know, sir.
    Are poppy leaves used to make Love Potion 9?
    Cle wrote: Maybe.
    Name 5 ingredients.
    Cle wrote: Apple seeds, hummingbird cocktails, small bottle, cauldron, cheese cloth.
    What is a moon stone?
    Cle wrote: A stone that gets energy from the moon.
    What will Pansy Parkinson’s love potion would mostly smell like?
    Cle wrote: Draco Malfoy. Or, Crabbe and Goyle? Maybe cupcakes. Or fashion.

    After Cle had completely finished her test, she sat quietly reading her Potion’s book. When everyone was done, the class was almost finished too. “Okay, now, I will give a treat. Instead of all the importance of love potions in greek mythology, I will have you write 6 inches about who you would like to give a love potion to, why and what personal belonging you would put in your potion. Now, I will keep it a secret, so, write the guy or girl your heart desires the most. You guys can go now to snack and lunch.” Snape said as everybody wrote in their homework for the day. When everybody was dismissed, Cle’s friends got together again. Riyo followed them. “Oh, are you guys going to lunch and snack?” she asked. “Yes, I will only have an apple and cheese stick. But don’t worry, we will come to the Quidditch tryouts.” Fiona informed her. The rest of the girls including Cle nodded. “Well, is it okay if I come with you guys? I really do feel lonely all by myself.” Riyo said. “Oh, sure. It wouldn't hurt.” Tina said. The girls walked to the Great Hall where they ate an apple and cheese stick. “Oh, yum! This is good!” Riyo exclaimed. “Yep, my Grammy said the food in Hogwarts is very good.” Fiona replied. “My parents don’t like to talk about hogwarts. They have bad memories as kids.” Riyo said. “Well, that is okay, I can tell you everything my Grammy said to me.” Fiona said. “That would be nice, but no tank you.” Riyo said. “Well, okay, but that was kinda mean of you!” Fiona said as she put her nose in the air. “What? Mean, me? S-stop, I was not mean! I was telling the truth!” Riyo said as she gasped. “Riyo Suzuki, you are the meanest girl I’ve ever met, now really! Well, other than Pansy!” Fiona said angrily. By now, most of Slytherin was looking at Cle and her friends. “Stop….I…..said…stooooop!” Cle murmured.

    “I am not the meanest girl! How can I mean if I decided to help you guys with your…….your……..your arrangements?” Riyo asked Fiona; still shocked. Ravenclaw are looking at Fiona and Riyo now too. “You are Pansy’s friend! You have got her bad habits! You are not just perfect because you are a Know-It-All! You are not a good and nice wizard Suzuki!” Fiona said clutching her glass of water “I heard the Chang girl and Eggcomb girl of Ravenclaw spreading bad rumors of you!” she said. “No, you--you are lying…...I…..I----” Riyo was in tears as she ran off to the door, still crying. Mariah and Cle looked at Fiona, their hands crossed. “What was that for? The girl has been so nice to us from the beginning, Fiona!” said Cle, as she raised her nose tall in the air. “Yeah, I think that was not nice!” Mariah said as she put her hand on her hips. “Okay, I was a little mean but, I’m sure she will---” “What did you do, Fiona! You are really the worst. Pansy has been saying what kind of queen bee you are. You don’t really like these people, do you? I know why! Because none of them are purebloods like you are! Riyo is a half-blood, you hate her and you have different friends you hang out with! Don’t you?” Malfoy interrupted angrily. “I don’t have different friends---what are you t-tal--link a-about?” Fiona asked in shock. “I heard you talking to Lily and Mia last night. Well, Lily is mudblood, but Mia, she is pureblood. They are your ACTUAL friends! Aren’t they, Fiona? And I heard that you were planning to tattletale them to a teacher after your plan…..” Malfoy sneered. “No, he is not telling the truth, Mariah, Cle!” Fiona gasped as she beckoned people away from her.

    Mariah frowned. “You really are going to tattletale us to Snape, Fiona? But why? Haven’t we been best friends with you?” she asked. “Actually, I haven’t! I was not your friend one bit, and I was never a real human. Or witch. I was created by the evil wizard, Voldemort himself. They call me Elvira.” Elvira laughed as she drew out a wand. It was a petal dragon wand, a very powerful wand. McGonagall was just walking in when she dropped her papers and looked very white. “Miss Fiona, is that a Petal Dragon wand? H-how did you get it!” she whispered. “I did not have to get it, Minevra, my master presented it to me, when I promised that I would help destroy his killer, Harry Potter.” “Avada Kedavra!” Elvira said as she pointed the Dragon wand toward Harry. “Harry, watch out!” squeaked Hermione as she threw herself infromt if Harry. Ginny grabbed a glass cup and threw it infront of both Harry and Hermione. “Professor, she is You-Know-Who’s person!” Ginny said. By now, many teachers and students were scrambling out of the Great Hall. Professor McGonagall was about to do a spell when Elvira turned, spun, and disappeared in green light. “What did she do? Is she really Fiona?” students asked. “I think she might have created Fiona. I will send a search party. Now, she only turned into an animagus, and went away.

    “She won’t come back, I am sure. Now, run along, continue your day….” said McGonagall as she plastered a fake smile across her face. But Cle knew that things were not okay. It was dangerous, but still, Cle’s friends went to see the Quidditch tryouts. The weather was rather chilly, when it was finally Slytherin’s turn, Cle’s hands were almost freezing. “It is cold out here…” she murmured. “Don’t worry, it won’t take long.” a girl in white-blond hair said to Cle. “Whoa….who are you? I’ve never seen you before!” Cle exclaimed. “My name is Cassandra. Cassy for short. I never go to lunch, or dinner. I never attend parties, but since Malfoy insisted me to come, I did. I could not break his heart” Cassy said dreamliy as she looked into the sky.

    “So, you know Malfoy and Malfoy knows you?” Cle asked. “Right. We have some connection, as Malfoy says, but I don’t agree.” Cassy replied. “Well, ooooh! Here comes the Slytherin tryouts competitors! I wonder who will make it to the actual team!” Cle said; changing the subject. “Me too!” Cassy smiled. The Slytherin team soared into the air. Cle could hear the boos of Gryffindors. She suddenly felt very uneasy. After 10 minutes, the keeper was picked: Miles Bletchely. Later, the chasers were picked: Lucas, Oliver, Violet. Beaters: Marcus Flint, Stella Lewis. Seeker: Draco Malfoy. After the team was picked, many Slytherin girls were cheering on Stella Lewis for making it in the team. Cassy smiled. “I think I will cheer on Stella and Malfoy. Stella is my best friend.” she said as she glanced and then walked away sashaying in her silky moon dress. Cle stood up with her friends to congratulate their friend: Violet Joy. Mariah gushed. “Violet! I am so happy for you! Who are these?” she asked when she saw 2 other girls next to Violet. Violet smiled. “Oh, these? This is Grace Garcia and that is Aviva Cooper. Aviva, Grace, these are Mariah, Chloe, Tina and Leah. Guys, meet my friends!” she said. “Hi!” Aviva said. “Hello!” Grace said.

    “Why do you have new friends when there is us?” Mariah asked. “Because, you guys never talked to me, I guess! Anyway, Mariah, I think you should be proud to have your friend in the team. Now, excuse me, and come on girls! There is a party and we should get ready!” Violet squeaked. “Oooooh! A party!” both Grace and Aviva said as they followed Violet to the castle. “She has changed. I mean, really changed….” Leah said. “I know, right?” Mariah murmured as they went to the castle like Violet and her friends. As they walked inside the castle, Cle decided that she would go to the hospital wing first. “What? Are you crazy? Do you want the same thing that happened to Pansy happening to you?” Mariah asked. “Well…..I….I gotta tell Madam Pomfrey…..some---.....something….” Cle murmured. “All right Cle, but don’t forget about the party...okay?” Mariah said. “Sure, I would not dare to forget….you guys should get going. I have something to tell Madam Pomfrey.” Cle said as she beckoned her friends toward the basement on the castle. But Cle did not see the nurse at all. She was there to visit Pansy Parkinson. “I know it is hard staying here, and I wish you would be there because your friend is the seeker! I know you would be thrilled to hear that. I really regret that you are missing the party tonight at Slytherin. But don’t worry. Madam Pomfrey will find a cure to your case after all. Bye Pansy….” Cle said as she stared into the frozen face of Pansy. After she was there for 5 minutes, Cle stood up and left.

    As Violet had described it, the party really was a blast. Silver and green flags hung everywhere. The people were cheering on Malfoy, because he had made it to the team. Cle saw that the only vacant spot was next to Riyo Suzuki. Just great! Cle thought. “H-hello...um Riyo.” she said. “Oh….hi Cleo. I was...just upset but now I am fine...actually, I feel great!” she said. “Well, that is good to know! Come on, let’s see what everybody is looking at.” Cle said. “Oh, sure!” Riyo said. Cle jostled everyone to see what was happening. “Excuse me, oof! Can you move a little bit there Goyle? Thanks….” Cle said as she smiled fakely into Goyle and Crabbe’s face. Violet and Malfoy were dancing on the spot along with the other Slytherins. “Wow...I wish I watched how he became the seeker….” Riyo said. “Oh, it was quite boring. I was about to freeze to death, really.” Cle said. But before Riyo could respond, a cheer from the crowd filled the room. Malfoy and Violet had kissed lip to lip, Cle was very surprised. Riyo looked horror stuck. “Cle...I--I need to do something….” she said as she ran away from the room and toward the door. “Riyo wait….” Cle began. But Riyo had already disappeared from the room.

    “Riyo….are you there?” Cle asked carefully trying not to disturb the other couples sitting by the windows.
    “Oh…..I just wanted to get some...some fresh air you know?” Riyo said, wiping her face with her shirt.
    “What happened….Riyo? Are you okay?” Cle said. “Me? I….I….I’m fine…” Riyo said; she was obviously sniffing.
    “Cleo...how….how does it feel like when you see...when you see Lucas and Stella….t-together…?” Riyo said. Cle shrugged. “How do you know I like Lucas?” she asked as she put her hand on her mouth. “I guessed. You...really act….different...when Lucas is….around” Riyo said sniffing.
    “I don’t know. I feel I mean, I feel upset or a...a little down...like...like I am a failure .... and---” the girls were rudely interrupted when Violet and Malfoy came down the stairs in the place where there was Riyo and Cle. “Ooops…” laughed Violet with no shame. “I think this spot is taken, Draco….” she said. Violet went up the staircase. Malfoy stayed. “Are you okay….umm Riyo?” he asked. “Okay?” Riyo asked, shocked.
    Malfoy looked confused. Riyo had stood up now and she was petting some birds that were next to her. “What happened--”
    “Oppugno!” came a shriek from the doorway. Riyo made all the birds attack Malfoy. “Gerroffme!” he said as he covered his face.
    Cle thought that she heard a sob before the door slammed shut.

    Cle was pretty worried sick about Riyo after last night. She woke up and saw that she was late again. Even Riyo, who had a complete meltdown last night was on time. Yes, Cle thought. Riyo was always perfect and she was the best in everything. But she could not control her feelings yet. Cle woke up and dressed quickly. She stumbled upon the Great Hall. There was Riyo. “Hello. Have you had a good dream?” she asked like she was the happiest person on Earth. “Yes, well, are you all right?” Cle asked. Riyo frowned. “Why--does--everybody--ask if I am all right?” she asked. “, I am only, just a little upset….about l-last night. I really thought that Malfoy liked me and…...I guess I was w-wrong.” “Sorry...anyway, it’s Herbology time. We did Mandrakes yesterday...and ....” Riyo stared. “Remember that my schedule is different than yours silly!” she said. “Oh, right….I totally forgot! But we have Potions together, though.” Cle said. “Yeah….oh, Cleo, what about the plan?” Riyo asked. “Well, we could not do it, so, how about we do it today?” Cle asked. “Well, if it is okay with your friends, I mean, if you guys have the time, I think we can do it today! I mean, why not?” Riyo asked. “Okay! So, can you be Risa? Or, should Mariah do it?” Cle asked.

    “I….I mean, sure. I can be my sister. And, don’t worry, I have the hairs.” Riyo added. “Good. Now, I think I will go to Herbology now. It is in my schedule. First thing.” Cle said. “Bye Cleo, have a good day! I will see you later!” Riyo said as Cle stood up to leave. But then, she stood still and turned around. “When should we take the potion, Riyo?” she asked. “Well, how about after dinner? Like, at 6:00?” Riyo asked. “Sure, I will tell Tina. Bye…” Cle said as she skipped off to Charms in the East Towers. When she finally reached Charms, Mariah waved her arm at her. “Cle, you can sit here, okay? Anyways, today, we are learning...petrified….totalum?---” Tina raised her tone. “It is Petrificus Totalus, Mariah!” she said. “Right, so Professor Flitwick will be here soon. I hear that he isn’t the type to deal with..” Mariah said as she drew out her wand.

    Professor Flitwick came in later. “Good morning everyone!” he squeaked. “Good morning Professor!” Hermione beamed. “Know it all….” Mariah whispered. As Flitwick continued to talk about the lesson, Cle squinted at the figure next to Hermione and saw her own best friend: Mia Drewpale.
    “Mariah, you know Mia, right?” Cle whispered.
    “Yes, why? I mean, isn’t she your friend?” Mariah said back. “No, she is not my friend! Mariah, someone needs to tell Mia something!” Cle said angrily. “Why should we? Why should anyone say anything about her in the first place?” Mariah asked. “Because, I am mad at her! Very mad at that girl!” Cle said. “Wow, calm down girlfriend! What have you gotten into with a Gryffindor?” Mariah asked. “I want to show everyone that she isn’t perfect! It is like she is a- a stealer-stupid-know it all loving-psyche!” Cle said angrily as she clutched her wand.
    “But, Mia hasn’t done anything wrong, has she? I mean to say, not like she did anything bad or mean to you. She has been doing her own business all the time, Cle. It is kind of mean…..” Mariah said. “But, that is what we do. We are Slytherins, am I correct? We don’t care about a filthy mudblood like her!” Cle said. “Well, oh, oh, is Mia a mudblood!” Mariah asked as she looked at Mia and Hermione, talking and practising the charm together. “Yes, Mariah! She comes from the poorest, muggelest, and stupidest family ever! The Drewpales! Even their names are foolish! Mia…….Drewpale……” Cle muttered.

    “Well, what do you want to do to Mia? Like duel, or make fun of her?” Mariah asked. But they were rudely interrupted when Cho Chang stashed their conversation. “What are you girls doing? Professor Flitwick has already taken 20 points from Slytherin, and you guys still were deeply stuck in your conversation! Anyways, Rocortia, we are paired. Twilight, you are with my friend, Marietta Eggcomb! Well, come on Chloe, let’s go. I want to see if you actually did listen to Charms or if you are a failure at it!” Cho snickered. “Failure?” Cle repeated in her brain. The girls sat down in the Ravenclaw corner with all the Ravenclaws squished there. “Sit!” Cho pointed at a chair next to hers. “Okay…” murmured Cle. When Cle had finally sait down, she drew out her wand. “Now, I will demonstrate it to you first, Chloe.” Cho said as she drew out her wand. “Petrificus Totalus!” Cho said as she pointed her wand at Cle. “What are you---” Cle began. But she could not finish because the same coldness that Cle had felt in her first year was surrounding her again. Cle was freezing, her body was getting covered in ice.

    All she could see was Cho beaming, Flitwick clapping and Mia giggling. Cle saw Flitwick approach and fix her back, and all of a sudden, the warm air of the Charms class returned to her body. “What did you do that for?” Cle argued. “Woah! Hold still, sister! Did you not listen? This charm freezes the body! Have you not been listening?” Cho said as she held her mouth so she would not laugh. “You think it was funny?” Cle said angrily. “Well, a little?” Cho said as she burst into laughter. “We will see about that….” Cle murmured. “Petrificus Totalus!” Cle cried. Then, it happened very fast. Ice spurted from the tip of Cle’s wand, and as the ice splashed all over Cho, The Slytherins cheered on Cle. “That was the best freezing charm I have ever seen, Miss.Rocortia!” Flitwick said as he unfreezed Cho Chang. There was a disgusted look on Cho’s face as she sat next to Terry Boot who patted her on the back. The rest of the class, Cle felt proud and happy.


    When the class was dismissed, Cho Chang rounded up on Cle and her friends. “Chloe, well done. But, remember, Ravenclaw is where I was sorted. That means, lie you know, Ravenclaw only takes the cleverest of clevers! That means, I will be more successful in Hogwarts than you.” Cho said. “Yeah, birdbrain? You know, life isn’t very fun when you are clever! And, pretty, like a goody-two-shoes!” Cle said. A few Slytherins snickered at what Cle said. “Why do you care? Is it because you are jealous of her, you little girl?” Terry asked. “No, we are not jealous of some pathetics, so Chloe, let’s go to our next class. Dark Art….” Malfoy said as. Cle turned and walked away with her friends. “Cle, that was brilliant!” Tina said. As they were about to go to Dark Arts, Cle bumped into the person she wanted revenge on: Mia Drewpale. “Hi, Chloe. Uh….I heard you were screaming to Cho?” Mia asked. Cle put her nose in the air. “Well, I was! Flipendo!” Cle said. Mia fell down, her leg was deeply hurt and covered in blood. “Chloe, what happened? Did I make you upset?” Mia whispered. She was in tears now. Hermione and Harry came to the commotion. Hermione folded her arms. Harry frowned.

    “Why did you hurt Mia, Chloe!” Harry asked. Hermione shushed Harry. “I know why, Harry. She is just jealous that she has stupid friends and Mia has better friends. Mia has been caring about you, and now what?” Hermione said. But Cle just ignored Harry and Hermione’s complaints. She left Mia there, crying, while her friends followed her. Malfoy came next to Cle. “Chloe, that was so good. You showed that mudblood that Hogwarts was no place for losers like her.” he said as he sat next to Crabbe and Goyle. “Come on, Chloe, let’s sit down here.” Mariah said. But Lockhart came up to them. “No girls, not today. Chloe, partner up with Violet, and Mariah, with Grace, and Aviva, with Tina. Now, sit down in your spots. Cle took her spot next to Violet. “Hi, Chloe.” Violet said. “Hi, uh- Violet.” Cle said. “Are you excited about the Quidditch game that happens this Saturday? I practised so well, and now, I am ready! I will be so happy if you hold up signs that say: GO VIOLET, GO, GO, GO-GO-GO” Violet said. “Well, sure, I can do that.” Cle murmured. But all her thoughts were wiped out when Lockhart yelled. “LET’S HAVE FUN! OKAY CLASS! THIS LESSON IS FREE LESSON! DO WHATEVER YOU WANT FOR ONE HOUR! YAHOO!” Lockhart screamed.

    Hermione raised her hand. “But, Professor, aren’t we supposed to learn?” she asked. “Well, I always took a break when I was exploring new things, so, why can’t you guys take a break too?” Lockhart asked. “Well, okay Professor, can I help my friend, Mia to the nurse, please?” Hermione asked. “Sure, Granger! Do whatever you please!” Lockhart said. Cle watched as Hermione helped Mia to her feet. Then, she got out her notebooks from her bag and took out her homework. The half blood Slytehrin task seemed almost impossible, because Cle didn’t even know half-blood Slytherins existed. Cle wondered if Hermione was having trouble with this homework too. She tapped Violet’s shoulders. “What now, Chloe?” Violet said; she was obviously annoyed. “Vi, do you know who the half-blood Slytherin is?” Cle asked. “What? No, of course not! I have more important things to do! Like, Quidditch!” Violet said as she continued chatting with a girl. Cle immediately recognized her: Cassandra Riddle. But, Cle could talk to Cassy later, so, she just decided to do her love potion homework.

    The homework said:

    Love Potion Homework:

    My Name: Chloe Rocortia Year: 2 House: Slytherin

    What would my love potion smell like?
    = I am not sure, but, maybe cherries, or pineapples. Maybe moonlight flowers.
    Who would I like to smuggle this to?
    = I don’t really know. But, maybe it can be Lucas Evans.
    Why should I pick this person?
    =He is popular, he is on the team and he is nice. Like, really nice to everybody.
    What is his or her blood status?
    Is your person a girl or a boy?
    = Boy
    What will be your main ingredient?
    Do you think anyone else likes this person?
    =Yes. Another girl really is into him.
    And if, who wants this person?
    =She is Stella Lewis. Actually, Lucas liked Stella and Stella likes him.
    Do you think you are related?
    = No, of course not! But, I think Stella and Lucas are kind of related somehow.
    What do you think he/she thinks about you?
    = I think I am just a neutral. I don’t know if he even knows I exist.
    Write down 3 other people you like.
    =....Draco Malfoy.
    =......Harry Potter(maybe, okay, maybe)...
    =.....Ron Weasly ( I mean, I haven’t decided yet! Maybe!)
    Subject: Potions Teacher: Snape Due February 10
    There. All done. Cle said inside her head. She quickly tucked her homework in her bag so no one would see. OMG! If anyone saw this, they would taunt Cle all year, and she would never live it down. Violet looked at her. “Chloe, Mariah wants to talk to you.” she said. “Oh, okay.” Cle said as she stood up and went over to Mariah’s desk. “Cle, we need to plan what we are going to do.” Mariah said. Cle smiled. “Riyo is fine. She said we can do it today. After we finish our schedule and all that.” she said. “Okay, I was just you know, wondering?” Mariah said. “Have you done your homework yet? The Half-Blood Slytherin?” she asked. “No, I don’t think I will be able to. You know, I think I love DATDA now. We don’t have to do much, really.” Cle said. Mariah rolled her eyes. “I’m not so sure, Cle. This isn’t really going to prepare us for what is out there.” she said. “What can possibly be out there, Mariah?” Tina said; rolling her eyes. Mariah shrugged. “I don’t know, uh--- maybe…….Lord Voldemort?” she asked. The room erupted into quietness. “W-what?” Mariah stammered. Violet gasped. “There is no such thing as Lord Voldemort, Mariah.” she said. Grace and Aviva nodded. Malfoy gulped. “I think there is. I have never seen him, because he lost power 11 years ago. But, I know he exists.” he said. Violet was clearly mad, but she took in control. “Very well. But, don’t say I didn’t warn you. If I were you, I would call him the Dark Lord instead.” Violet snapped at Cle, Tina and Mariah.

    Tina rolled her eyes. Cle giggled. “What?” both Tina and Mariah asked in unison.
    “I was just laughing because Violet was such a know-it-all. She reminded me of--” but Cle erupted into giggles. “Uh-oh.” Tina murmured. Mariah laughed. “Let me guess. She reminded you of…...CHO CHANG?” she asked. “Yes! The exact look on Cho’s face when she was frozen in ice! It was really so funny!” Cle said.
    Tina rolled her eyes. “How about we talk about the plan instead? Like what we, I mean, me and Cle would tell Hermione. We can’t just go up there like headless chickens and ask…..are you the half blood slytherin or something? That would make no sense. She is a mudblood, right?” Tina asked. But both Mariah and Cle were frozen and looking at Tina with their mouths open. “What?” Tina asked.
    “You know what, Tina? I think that is a great idea!” Cle said. “Which one?” Tina asked. “We should ask Hermione if she is the half blood Slytherin! We will be granted beyond our dreams if we actually get the right answer! It will at least be a try!” Cle said.
    “What? No way! I was only joking!” Tina said in horror.
    “No, it was a great idea! We might actually be true! Anyways, who knows who it is?” Mariah asked.
    “Don’t make me regret this!” Tina asked. “I was only joking, Cle!” she said. “No way! We can’t miss it! Anyways, when we step in the dormitory or whatever….common room, you, Tina, you will say this: “Good evening Hermione.” and then, I will say. “Is Mia okay? We were worried since she was pushed by that Slytherin, Chloe Rocortia.” and then you will say: “Do you want to sit down? To talk?” and then we will start the conversation. But then, I will say: “Hermione, feel free to talk to us. We are your friends and we only want the good for you.” and then, we will start talking according to what Hermione is going to say. Got it?” Cle asked. Tina looked puzzled.

    Mariah was awestruck. “That was awesome! Yes, you should probably say that. Now let’s think about how we are going to introduce the half blood situation.” she said. Cle thought. “How about we-- I mean Tina says this after Hermione responds: “ So, Hermione, we were asking a couple of people this question. Is it okay if we ask you?” and then Hermione would probably say yes. So then, I would ask: “Is there a chance that you are the Half Blood Slytherin? Not that we are accusing you or interrogating you or anything.” and then, we would hear what she has got to say. Sounds good?” Cle asked. “Splendid. That was wonderful. I think we are ready. Just study your lines and then you will be fine, okay? Oh look! 2 minutes until the end of class! I was so bored! Cle, you would probably want to head back to your seat.” Mariah said, checking her watch. Cle stood up and took her seat next to Violet once more.

    Lockhart looked at the clock. He smiled. “CLASS DISMISSED! ONE MINUTE EARLY! SEE YOU KIDS NEXT DAY!” he said. Violet, Aviva, Grace, Mariah, Tina, Malfoy and a couple more students rolled their eyes at Lockhart. He was being too stubborn. When everybody stood up, Lockhart started playing the kazoo. Violet covered her ears. “Seriously! Will something stop that sound!” she whimpered. Everybody quickly went out of the room and shut it behind them. Next on their list was Transfiguration. Maybe Cle liked this best. Professor McGonagall was sure to be nice to Cle. Even though Cle and her friends were Slytherins, McGonagall was fair to them too. They entered the classroom. “Good morning.” Professor McGonagall said. “Hello!” Hermione said brightly. Cle looked at the bushy figure. “When had Hermione come here?” she asked, tapping Mariah’s shoulder. “I don’t know? Anyways, I do no care what a idiotic muggle does.” Mariah said; putting her nose in the air. “What ever.” Cle said as she sat down next to Tina. Professor McGonagall was about to start the lesson when Hermione raised her hands. “Professor, can you um……” she started. “What do you need, Granger?” McGonagall asked. “Can you tell us about the-- the half-blood Slytherin, please?” Hermione asked. “Well, I know that all the half-blood Slytherin’s were girls, no boys.” McGonagall said. “And, all of them got their education in Hogwarts. They were only muggle-borns. That is all I know.”

    “Thank you, Professor.” Hermione said. “Yes, you are welcome. And now, for today’s lesson. Yes, we are turning animals into bowls. Like so.” Professor McGonagall said as she tapped on the bird with her wand. Cle blinked. Then, the bird that was there was only a little fruit-bowl. “Now, we do it very simply. So, we do it in the rhythm: tap tap tappy tappy tap tap tap. Now, do the same. If you are able to do it in this hour, you will have no homework. Well, start practising. We will see how it goes out at the end of class.”
    “Well, looks like we are going to get some homework. But, of course, Hermione would ace it. I wish we were the top of our class.” Tina said. “Yes. I wish we were. But, I like the way we are. Let’s study so we get no homework.” Cle said. The class started to practise. Usually, Hermione was the top in everything, but today she seemed to have some trouble doing it. Cle could hear her arguing from all the way to the other side of the room. “How do you do it, Mia? I mean, I was always the best. How come you can do it and-- oh look! Even Ron can do it! There must be something wrong! Uhhhh!” Hermione said angrily. Cle tries it. The cat turned into a bowl.
    “Wow! You really meant what you said!” Mariah said. Cle smiled. “That means no homework for me.”
    It was lunch time. Cle was not hungry at all. They walked down the staircase into the Great Hall where there was lunch. Cle was looking forward to getting some fresh air. Everyone was going down the stairs. Cle decided that it wouldn't hurt to visit the library. She was looking for a book on the half-blood Slytherin, well, if it even existed. Cle turned the aisle down to search for the book. Then, she screamed. Cassandra was frozen still, on the ground like what happened to Pansy. Next to her was Stella. They were both frozen. Cle ran out to the Great Hall, screaming. “What happened?” Mariah asked as Cle ran into the Great Hall. But Cle ran, ignoring Mariah. “Professor! It is Stella and Cassandra! They -- g-got petrified.” she said. “What?” exclaimed Professor Sprout who was the nearest. Professor McGonagall blinked. “Where? Are you sure of what you saw, Rocortia?” she said in horror. “I knew this would happen.”

    Mariah ran to Cle as she was walking down the Great Hall to the Slytherin table. “Are you sure of what you saw, Cle? Was it really Cassy Riddle and Stella Lewis?” she asked. “B-but….Stella is on the team! We have a match coming up this weekend!” Lucas said. Oliver nodded. Mariah sighed. “It is your friend that is hurt! That stupid match is so not important.” she said all know it all like. “Winning that match is important! Very, I’m sure Stella will be fine.” Oliver said. “Whatever. You guys are not what I call friends.” Mariah said as she drew Cle to the place where Riyo and Tina were sitting.
    “How could I be soo stupid!” Riyo fumed. “About what?” Cle asked as she sat down.
    “Mary can’t keep secrets.” Riyo said. “So, what is the problem about that?” Cle asked again. “Well, she might tell Hermione that she actually let you be her for one day. I do not want to get in trouble for sneaking into other houses' common room! That would be a disaster!” Riyo shrieked.
    “Well, what can we do about it then?” Mariah and Tina asked in unison. “Umm…...we can put all of them to sleep. Like, we can put Risa, Ginny and Mary in sleep. With cupcakes.” Riyo explained.
    “Okay. Do you have cupcakes? Or a sleeping draught?” Cle asked. “Yes, I’m always prepared. Today, we will give these to them. In secret. Come on, follow me.” Riyo said. “We are doing it now?” Cle asked with a confused expression. “Yes, of course! Now, or never.” Riyo said. “Okay, but what about our lessons?” Tina asked. “What lessons?” Mariah asked. “Our schedule, Mariah! If we don’t turn up in class, we will get detention!” Tina said. Riyo shrugged. “Let’s ask Professor McGonagall. I think there won’t be any lessons now that there have been 2 more attacks. But, let me make sure.” she said. After a couple of minutes, Riyo came skipping down the hall. “Yep. All the lessons are canceled for today. That gives us extra time. Anyways, we should get ready to give these cupcakes. Let’s hide and wait until Hermione’s friends come. We will use Wingardium Leviosa to lift the cupcakes in the air. I heard that Ginny and Mary love cupcakes. Risa likes them too. Come on, Cleo!” Riyo said as she beckoned Cle, Mariah and Tina toward the door.

    “Here they come!” Riyo squeaked as Mary, Ginny and Risa walked out of the Great Hall. “Quick! Tina, say Wingardium Leviosa!”
    “Okay.” Tina said as she murmured the spell. The three cupcakes went in the air in front of the giggling girls.
    Ginny gasped. “Look, Mary! What are those? Are those cupcakes? They are my favorites!” she said. “Yes, they look like cupcakes to me, alright! How about we eat them?” Mary asked. “Weird.” murmured Risa.
    “Who cares if it is weird? It is probably a prank Harry pulled on me. Like, he is super hot for me, you know.” Ginny bragged. “Oh, don’t start that again!” Risa said. “Okay, let’s get them.”
    “Wait, if Ron sees this, he will want it so badly. It is his favorite. Blueberry, Chocolate, and Lemon. He likes the chocolate best. Okay, I get chocolate, Mary gets lemon and Risa gets blueberry. Let’s eat them right now.” Ginny said.
    “If you insist.” Risa said. Ginny grabbed the chocolate. “This is awesome! It’s even better than mums!” she said. “Mary and Risa took a bite. “I….feel…..dizzy…..” Ginny said. “What?” Risa said as she dropped the cupcake.
    “Me too. I’m too sleepy…..” Mary’s voice trailed off. Risa took one last look and murmured. “Me too.”
    The girls fell down in the stone. “Ouch! That must have hurt.” Mariah pointed out. “Well, it was the whole point of it, wasn’t it? Come on, before they wake up. Grab hairs. And you see that cabinet? We will lock these girls in there. No one will find them, trust me.” Riyo said as she ran over to the girls. Cle walked to Mary and pulled out some of her hair. Tina did the same to Ginny and Riyo did the same to Risa. “There. All done?” Riyo asked when she was done with hers. “Yes, what are we doing now?” Tina asked. “Yes, Mariah, do you have the Polyjuice Potions?” Riyo asked. “Yes, in my bag here. Let’s go to the bathroom to do the transformation.” Mariah said as she beckoned Tina, Riyo and Cle toward the nearest girl’s bathroom. Cle felt uneasy. “Tina, Riyo, Mariah, Ginny has this weird black journal with her! Should I--” But the girls did not listen to Cle since they were busy talking about their plan.
    “Well, grab a bottle. Make sure to add the hairs inside before you drink it.” Mariah said as she pulled out three bottles of Polyjuice Potion. Cle grabbed one and added Mary’s hairs inside it. Tina and Riyo did the same. The potion was bubbly and a brown-black mess. Riyo lifted up her glass.
    “Riyo-- I found this old black diary, or journal--” But neither Riyo nor Tina could hear. Looked like the only chance was carrying the diary.
    “Cheers.” she said as she started to drink the bottle of polyjuice potion.

    “I…..I have to go….bathroom….” Riyo muttered as she dropped the glass. It shattered on the stone. Little pieces of glass reached everywhere. Cle took a sip of the potion, and it already tasted horrible. “It’s like goblin piss!” Tina said as she dropped her glass and rushed to one of the stalls. “Me too. Mariah, I have to go. I think I might throw up.” Cle said as she ran to the nearest stall. When she came out, she looked in the mirror to see Mary. “Oooh! I look exactly like her!” Cle Cle said as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. She turned around and saw Ginny, which was actually Tina. And Risa who was actually Riyo. “What do we do now?” Cle asked. Mariah was about to speak when Leah came into the bathroom. “What are you guys doing, Mariah?” she asked. “Transforming!” Mariah said. “Oh, yeah….well, what are you guys waiting for? You guys are going to be late.” Leah said she rushed out.

    “Come on, Hermione should be in the common room by now. And the girls will wake up soon. We should get going. Bye, Mariah….” Riyo said as she led Cle, and Tina out of the bathroom. They ran into Harry on the way. “Ginny! What are you doing?” he asked. “Uh, me….I…..eh-- common room. Got lost…..” Tina said nervously. “Got lost? Yes, sometimes I got lost too. Come on, let’s go to the common room, then. Did your friends forget the password as well?” Harry asked. “Yes.” Cle squeaked. “Okay then, follow me.” Harry said as he led the way. When they finally arrived at the portrait hole at Gryffindor Tower, Harry turned and smiled nervously. “Uh...anyone remembers the new password?” he asked. “We..uh..” Tina murmured. “Oh, yeah! The password was ‘gumdrops’!” Harry said. The portrait opened and the girls and Harry finally entered into the common room. It looked like Hermione was in a bad mood. “Harry, oh, Harry! Where have you been?” Hermione asked rudely. “I was……” Harry began. “I found Ginny, Risa and Mary somewhere near the bathroom…”

    “Hi.” Hermione said, changing her mood. “Are you guys up for a conversation? Ronald is driving me crazy. I want a rest.” she said. “Sure!” Cle said. They followed Hermione to her dormitory. She locked the door, so only they were in the room. “Why are you upset?” Tina asked suspiciously. “Well, some girls have been….been mean….and….” Hermione sighed. “Where were you girls anyway?”
    “Us….we were in the bathroom” Tina said.
    “Sure, I just wondered…” Hermione said.

    The silence was broken at last by Hermione who pointed curiously at the black diary that Cle was holding. “What’s that, Mary?” she asked. Cle guled. “This…..uh, it’s my…..yeah, it’s my diary!” she said. “Well, Mary, I thought that was Ginny’s diary. What happened Ginny? You said that diary was so precious to you.” Hermione said. Tina looked embarrassed. “Well, I gave it to Mary because we are friends.” she said. “Oh.” Hermione said. That was when Riyo interrupted.
    “Hermione, are you having a good day?” she asked.
    “Yes, but it was ruined when that idiot Chloe Rocortia broke my friends ankle! For no reason at all!” Hermione said frustrated. Tina raised her voice.
    “By any chance?”
    Hermione looked confused. “By any chance, what?” she asked.
    “Half Blood….uh….are you…” Tina continued.
    Hermione looked worried. Tina did not need to finish the sentence for her because Hermione finished it right away. “Half-Blood Slytherin?”
    Tina nodded. Hermione looked very upset. “Well, I'm so sorry, I shouldn’t have kept it a secret…” she sobbed.

    “What is it?” Riyo asked. “I am so sorry, Risa, but I am the Half-Blood Slytherin. I’m so sorry for keeping it a secret from you girls, but, it just reminds me of bad times..” Hermione said. She rushed out of the room. Riyo looked alerted. “Let’s follow her! We are about to discover one of the greatest mysteries of the Wizarding World!” she said as she ran out of the room. When they reached the corridors, they saw Hermione’s bushy hair go into the darkness of the bathroom. That was when it made all sense. “I know! The person that rescued me, Pansy and Malfoy that night was Hermione! It all makes sense!” she said. Tina stopped. “Wait, why were you hanging out with Pansy and Malfoy that night?” she asked. “Well, Malfoy invited me to his dueling club, so I did not want to upset him, so I….” Cle’s voice trailed off. Tina looked mad. “I knew it. Chloe. You are our friend, what have you been doing with Pansy?” she asked. “Tina! I didn’t mean to and……” but Tina’s eyes suddenly became huge, and soon, her body was freezing and all motionless. “Tina?” Cle asked.

    Cle could hear sligherign behind her as she took a few steps in front. Scared of what might happen when she turned back, she rushed into the bathroom where Riyo and Hermione were. Hermione was crying, and Riyo was helping her. “It’s going to be okay, Hermione. Just tell us. Everything. Right from the beginning.” Riyo assured Hermione. “I don’t want to. It reminds me of bad times.” Hermione said. “But we want to know so we can help you!” Riyo said. Cle nodded as she went inside and locked the door. But as she listened to Riyo’s and Hermione’s conversation, she wondered what might be slithering on the corridors at this late of the night. Hermione blew her nose and got her wand out. Cle watched as she put a hair stray into a glass tube and handed it back to Riyo. “Here, that should explain my odd behavior. And please, Risa, Mary, do not tell anyone who I really am.” Hermione said. Cle wanted to warn Hermione about what might be out there that had frozen Tina, but Hermione rushed out of the bathroom. Just as Riyo was about to say something they heard a malicious scream from outside the bathroom.
    It sounded just like Hermione. “Oh no! It’s that slithering thing that’s out there! It did that to Tina, like, freezed her. But Tina did not scream.” Cle explained. Riyo looked scared. “What did you say? Cle, what did you exactly hear?” Riyo asked; still looking scared.
    “It was something like a……” Cle tried to reply. But a dreamy voice above them answered Riyo’s question.
    “A snake, silly. Did you not know? This is where the snake hides in, so if I were you, I would do something quick and get out of here.” Myrtle said.
    Riyo grabbed Cle by the arm as she quickly put the glass tube in her bag. She quickly locked them in the same bathroom stall. She put a silence charm over them saying: “Silencio!” t her wand and put her finger on her lips. The snake was hissing from the entrance of the very same bathroom that they were in.

    Cle was stricken in terror as the snake hissed again and again from the icy corridors of the bathroom. It seemed like it was going away from them into another part of the bathroom. Riyo looked cautiously at Cle’s diary as she looked back at Cle. Then, she grabbed a quill from her bag and she took out a piece of parchment. When nodded at the quill and it quietly wrote what Riyo herself was thinking. Cle read it. It said:

    -Where did you find that notebook or diary? Did you have it all this time? Like is it your’s or not?

    Cle shook her head and then she started giving instructions to the quill, too.

    - Well, I tried to tell you guys about it when we were getting the hairs from Risa, Ginny and Mary, but you and Tina and Mariah did not seem to notice. So, I just took it with me.
    -Do you know what that is, Cle? It might be something very special about the past or it might be something that can help solve the mystery of what is the Chamber of Secrets!
    -What is that? I don’t know what the Chamber of Secrets is, Riyo! You are the smart one here, not me!
    -Well, who had it? Mary, or Ginny or my sister, Risa? It might be important that we know this Cle.
    -Well, it was Ginny who had it. If I remember correctly.
    -Cle, I think that we are up to something. Hermione and Ginny, it all makes sense now!
    -What makes sense now, Riyo, what?
    - Remember that it was Ginny who had this notebook in the first place? Well, what if Ginny let Hermione know about this diary and then what if Hermione started writing in it! Maybe the diary is possessed!
    -By who, can it possibly be possessed by?
    -Well, I will find out. But, on the cover of the diary it writes: TMR. That should stand for the initials of the person who owned this diary. Plus, it seems very old.

    Cle read the last thing that Riyo had written on the parchment. But they had no idea that Moaning Myrtle was reading their text.
    “About 50 years old,” she replied. That was when the snake, which was almost going to it’s real hideout, put it’s head up and started coming toward them. Cle made a face that said: “Now you have done it. Besides, why did you even talk? Now we are all going to get dead or be frozen!” she said.
    Myrtle made a face that said something like: “Ooops.” as she hurried out of their stall and started to head toward the door. “Cle, the snake heard us. It’s no use to still stay silent. Come on, let’s get out of here! I hope Myrtle calls for help!” Riyo said as she pushed them out of the stall. They could hear Myrtle screaming.
    Riyo sighed. “We just have to keep alive before they rescue us.” she said. The snake got closer and Riyo exploded the stall as they ran to another corner of the bathroom. Riyo quickly whispered to Cle. “Never look in the snake’s eye! That’s how you will die!” she said urgently as she pushed Cle into another corner of the bathroom. “What if I accidentally look into its eye? Then what will happen?” Cle asked, frightened of what might happen if she turned around. “Well, then make sure it doesn’t happen at all.” Riyo said in a cold voice. “Okay.” Cle said. They were distracted just for a moment, and that was when the snake got closer. Riyo gave a scream. “AHHHH!” she said. “Cle, help!” she said quickly. Riyo's hand fell down because she had panicked. Cle couldn’t look up, or she might die. “Where are you? What should I do?” Cle asked. “I don’t know any spells! I don’t know what could help!” Cle said. She couldn’t let Riyo die, not when she was a good friend of hers. Just when the snake was going to kill Riyo, Cle heard a dreamy but desperate voice from near the back of the snake.
    An average girl came, and Cle suddenly realized who she was. “C-Cassandra?” she asked. Cassandra didn’t say anything, she quickly held Cle and Riyo, and escaped out of the bathroom. Cassandra turned to the door of the bathroom. “Colloportus!” she said. Cle looked at the bathroom door as water splashed on them, completely making them wet. Riyo fainted on the spot. Just then, Professor McGonagall came at last, and she saw Cle and Riyo, safe and sound. “What-- how-- when---?” Professor McGonagall said as she put her hand on her mouth. “Miss-- Miss Riddle…” she said. Cassandra looked up. “I had to save them… they were going to die, Professor!” Cassandra said. “Do I get detention for saving lives?”

    Professor McGonagall shook her head. “That was very brave of you, Miss Cassandra. 50 points to Slytherin.” Professor McGonagall said. That was when she suddenly noticed Hermione, who was frozen. There was a mirror in her hand, and Professor McGonagall predicted “You will visit Dumbledore at once.” Cassandra walked along with Professor Snape, wondering what this might be about. Violet, Grace, Aviva, Stella and Lucas quickly ran next to Cle, to ask what happened. Stella shuddered. “So, Cassy saved you? Cle, this was dangerous.” Stella said. Violet nodded. “Cle, you should pay attention in class. If Cassy had not come, you could have died. I;m sorry, but Hogwarts is full of danger. Or will be. When Elvira Lestrange helps Lord Voldemort come back.” Violet said. Cle widened her eyes as Stella covered her mouth. “You-Know-Who’s dead, Violet! Stop being ridiculous.” Cle said. “He will come back. I just know it. Elvira is a very powerful witch, and now with the Dragon Petal wand, she will be even more powerful.” Stella said. Cle knew that they were right. She needed to be ready.
    How did Cassandra know Confrigo? And Colloportus. She sighed. “I don’t know who can help me.” Cle said. “Ask her.” Stella said. Cle looked as Stella’s eyes looked at Mia. Cle shook her head. “No, she won’t help me. Especially after I injured her.” Cle said. “You got to try. Mia was your friend, besides, this is not about you. If Voldemort You-Know-Who returns, people like you, and Harry and maybe everyone needs to learn, to protect the school! Mia is your only chance! She’s clever, if my rumors are correct!” Stella said. Cle stood up. This really wasn’t about her, or Mia. It was about Harry Potter, as everyone said. But Cle wasn’t an idol for Harry Potter. She was going to face her frenemy for Hogwarts.
    “Hey, Mia!” Cle said as she started to go next to the group of Gryffindors. Mia turned around. Her eyes looked so cold, towards Chloe.
    That was when Chloe started to speak. “Mia, I am so sorry! I just was so mad, so, alone, when you were in Gryffindor. I guess I was just not used to seeing you with different friends. Look, I know that I---” Chloe tried to say. Mia smiled. “Chloe, I know you are upset that we are not together. But we are still friends. And the important thing is, that when you need help, I will be there. Me hanging around with Harry doesn’t make me enemies with you. And besides, now you have friends too! I forgive you, Chloe, but you should be more careful with your decisions. Are we good?” Mia asked. “Yes, we are good.” Chloe said. Mia looked at Chloe as she started to speak once more.
    “Chloe?” Mia asked.
    “Yes?” Chloe asked.
    “I was wondering where Hermione was. For the last couple days, she’s been all crying. That’s all she’s been doing. Does her disappearance have something to do with the Slytherins?” Mia asked.
    Chloe didn’t want to lie to Mia, not when Mia had been so kind towards Chloe for the last minute. But she could not lie. She had to tell the truth to Mia, her best friend. She was going to tell the truth.
    “Mia, it does have something to do with us.” Chloe said.
    “What? What do you mean, Chloe? What do you mean by ‘us’?” Mia asked.
    “This is not just about any Slytherin, Mia. It’s all me, Tina’s and Mariah’s fault. Well, you see, we supposed that Snape would give us more points, if we guess who the HBS was. We tried so hard, that in the process, we actually hurt someone’s feelings. Well, we had so many suspects, but we went into one which was Hermione---” Chloe started.
    Mia widened her eyes. “What? How could you say that? Hermione? Slytherin?” Mia asked.
    Chloe ignored her.
    “And we even slept some Gryffindors and got information from Hermione. And she confessed, she couldn’t hide it
    No more, I am so sorry, it is our fault! We just found out, and the next minute, she was frozen.” Chloe said. Mia widened her eyes more.
    “I couldn’t lie, not to you, Mia! Please, don’t be mad at me!” Choe pleaded.
    “No, I am not mad. Actually, I am happy to meet a truthful Slytherin, at last.” Mia said. Right at that moment, Professor McGonagall came and told them it was time for bed. Mia and Chloe eventually had to say bye, but they weren’t upset. Or mad. They were friends.
    “Next day, at Charms, Chloe! See you!” Mia laughed.

    Since that evening, the only thing that Chloe had been talking about was Mia. Mia. Stupid old Mia. Mia. Mia. Mia. Mariah could barely stand hearing Mia’s name anymore.
    “We have to get rid of Mia.” she said suddenly as she turned to Tina. Tina made a confused face. “But, Chloe likes her so much….we would be bad friends if we harmed Mia, and besides, Mia’s a lame Gryffindor. Why should we spend our time with her nonsense and offense?” Tina asked back. Mariah held Leah’s and Tina’s hands. She brang them upstairs.
    “We were all okay with the idea of Mia existing, until she stole someone which was our friend! Our dear Cle is under her spell! Her Gryffindor look makes me embarrassed…” Mariah said. Tina was confused. She knew Mariah’s point of view was wrong.

    The next day, at breakfast, none of the Slytherins missed coming. Pansy suddenly noticed something was wrong. She closed next to Mariah with Millicent and Ella.
    “Hi, Mariah. I can’t even believe I’m talking nicely to you, but I am! So, you better give me the answers I want!” Pansy said. Mariah looked up at Pansy. “Go away.” she said.
    “Why should I?” Pansy asked.
    “Because I don’t want you to be here? Duh?” Pansy said. Mariah grabbed Pansy’s hand and walked with her next to the girl's restroom. “You better stay away from me and my friends, no offense to you Pansy, but you are stupid. Stupid. I mean, really. Look at you! Shee yourself? What the hell are you trying to become? You weren’t even a bully in the first year! You don’t need to be in the popular spot by being mean!” Mariah argued. Pansy gasped.
    “What happened to you, Mariah?” Pansy suddenly said like she was crying.
    “So know you only care about the outcasts?” Mariah asked. Pansy did not answer her question.
    “I don’t know what you want, Mariah, but if it’s a fight you want, I’m ready.” Pansy said. “I went to the Dueling Club every day. I learned tons of things from Draco.”
    “Like Draco knows something! He’s a stupid person! Stop thinking Draco’s the smartest person ever! Even Hermione has more brains than him!” Mariah said. Pansy gasped as she dropped her wand. Mariah knew this was her chance.
    “Glacius!” Mariah said. Pansy froze. Mariah picked up her wand. Pansy was now wandless. That was when she turned to the real world.
    “No, no, n, no!” she whispered. “What have I done...I…” Mariah said. She quickly ran to the restricted bathroom. But then, she met her fate. The same thing that had happened to Violet was going to repeat. Hogwarts was in danger, and the same monster had come again.

    Mariah walked into the bathroom, as she cried. She took off her clothes, and went to the bathing section of the bathroom and started to bath, completely unaware that she had entered the restricted section. She was taking a bath, when all of a sudden, she heard the voice of someone she had not heard in a while.
    “So, you’re now against friends are you? Life is cruel, but I can help you get rid of that one.” an evil voice said. Mariah turned around. Who was that?
    “Who’re you?” Mariah asked, still unaware of where she was.
    “I don’t have to tell you. You’ll see yourself. No, I can tell you. Remember that girl that had the Dragon Petal wand? I think I might be her.”
    “L-Lestrange? E-elvira girl?” Mariah asked.
    “Oh, yes. Good memory you have, Mariah. I can help you become completely powerful. There’s no imcompetent if you’re great. Voldemort will help you. But first, we all need to help him. You’re against Mia, right? I can sense you! I’m against someone too in fact. Harry. Help me kill him, and the two of us will be rewarded.” Elvira said as she came out of the shadows.
    “I can’t john you! I’ll become a ruler like Dumbledore! No one can make me decide what I want!” Mariah said.
    Elvira smiled. “Ha! Funny, Mariah. But can I ask you a question?” she asked. Mariah nodded, fearing that this girl might kill her.
    “Remember that when you said Mia shouldn’t exist, remember Tina’s face. She didn’t agree with you. Leah couldn’t care less about someone. You know who someone is? YOU! You always made the plans, you would not have known who the HBS was if it wasn’t for you to think. You did all of those for them. But in return, what did they do for you?” Elvira said.
    “They did lots for me!” Mariah tried to resist. “GO AWAY!”
    Elvira did not move. “Remember how Chloe forgot you when Mia forgave her. You have been a true friend to her, but she was a fake one, and just didn’t want to look friendless without Mia.”
    Mariah gasped. Elvira laughed. “What did she do for you?”
    Mariah looked down. But then, she raised her tone. “NOTHING! SHE COULDN’T CARE LESS ABOUT ME! I”M DONE WITH HER, SHE’S DONE! SHE IRRELEVANT, ABSOLUTELY IRRELEVANT!” Mariah said. ELvira suddenly got a wand from her pocket.
    “Mariah, use this wand, and use it for the power of evil only. You will onlys serve your new master, VOLDEMORT. It's time to make those who helped Dumbledore regret. Especially Cassandra Riddle. The one that saved Riyo and Cle. From the Basilisk.” Elvira said as she handed a black wand that looked like a twin to hrs. On the wand were the initials CR.
    “Who is CR?” Mariah asked.
    “The wand belonged to my sister, Cassandra. I stole it from her when she betrayed me and Voldemort.” Elvira said. SHe held Mariah’s arm. They were going to go out, away from Hogwarts. Right that moment, Mia and Cle suddenly went inside. Cle dropped her glass as she looked and saw Elvira. That was when she saw Mariah.
    “Mariah! No! What the hell!” she asked. Mairah turned her wand towards Cle as Elvira turned her wand towards Mia.
    “Crucio!” ELvira said to Cle the Mia. They suddenly fell to the floor, as Elvira grinned. “This should give them a lesson. Let’s go.” Elvira said. Mariah nodded. They left Hogwarts, an Mariah was not going to b good every again. She was instead going to get revenge from the ones that upset her. Especially Cle.

    A few hours later, Filch came to clean the bathroom. He was going to swipe the floor when she saw Mia and Cle. They were still drizzling on the floor, still under the Crucio spell. Filch ran o the Great Hall next to Dumbledore.
    “Two of the students are in the restricted section, DUmbledore. They’re under some curse, I don't know of. You better check them. Slytherin and a Gryffindor. And I saw a frozen Slytherin.” Filch said. Dumbledore quickly rushed towards the halls and saw Pansy.
    “Twilight.” he muttered. That was when he went inside the bathroom and saw Mia and Cle. “Drewpale and Rocortia. What has happened to them?” Dumbledore asked himself.
    “Crucio spell, Dumbledore.” McGonagall said. Dumbledore nodded. “I have not seen that spell in a long time. Only someone can do this.”
    “Who?” Snape asked.
    “Voldemort and his followers. It must be one of them. Call Pomfrey so she can help these students.” Dumbledore said as he said a spell to stop the Crucio.
    Cle immediately stood up. Mia shaked herself. They were bleeding. “Owww…..” Mia mutetre. Madam Pomfrey quickly came and helped them into their beds in the Hospital wing. But right before that, Dumbledore asked them.
    “Did you see who did this?” he asked sternly.
    “It was----E-Elvira….and M-Mariah….T-Twilight….” Cle said. Mia nodded. Dumbledore picked up Mariah’s wand from the floor.
    “Thank you, Rocortia. Now you two must get rest. I’m afraid you two will be having your summer here, in Hogwarts. So sorry.” Dumbledore said. He left everyone and backed into his office. McGonagall followed him.

    It was the following day, Cle woke up to a storm, and Mia is still sleeping. It was the last day of school, but she and Mia was going to spend it in Hogwarts. That was when she noticed that in the bed across was Pansy and then Hermione. She noticed that Hermione was moving. She must have had healed.
    Cle looked up. “Hermione, is that you?” she asked, Hermione glanced at Cle and then got a book.
    “Look, I’m really sorry! I was mean to you!” Cle said again.
    Hermione laughed. Cle started to speak again. “If you want we can be good again. Are we good?”
    Hermione looked at Cle through her narrowed eyes. “You were right, Cle. We’re not friends.” she said and continued to read her book once more. Right that moment, Mia woke up. She suddenly saw Hermione.
    “Hermione!” she said. Hermione smiled. “I was worried about you, Mia. I heard you were crucified. Are you okay?” she asked.
    Mia nodded. “Yes, it was Elvira Lestrange and Chloe’s friend Mariah.” Mia said. Hermione looked at Chloe.
    “Ah, of course. You can’t expect anything nice from them anyways.” Hermione said. Cle tried to ignore that. Mia looked at Cle and then sat on her bed. “Are you staying here at Hogwarts this summer too, Hermione?” Mia asked. Hermione nodded. “Yes, I will. I still have a problem inside my brain, it;s because of my life and how I lived it. Like, some of it. Like, yesterday of it. Like, yesterday's yesterday of it.”Hermione said looking at Chloe. Right that moment, Tina and Leah came inside the Hospital Wing. They quickly came next to Chloe.
    “Are you okay, Chloe? I heard you were crucified!” Tina said. Leah nodded. “I’m fine, girls. I’m here with my friends, Mia, Hermione and Pansy. The four of us will have a fun summer. Now, you two must pack your stuff and go to the Great Hall. You don’t want to miss the Express, do you?” Chloe asked. Tina looked back while they were going. “I’m so happy you’re okay…” she said.
    Mia looked at Hermione and then Chloe. “So this year is really over then, huh?” she asked. Hermione nodded as she glanced up at her book. Mia started to speak again.
    “Do your parents know about this, Hermione?” Mia asked. Hermione nodded as she read another sentence. Mia asked the same Chloe.
    “No, and I think it’ll be better this way.” Chloe said. Right then, Riyo came inside the Hospital Wing.
    “Hey, Cleo, are you okay?” she said. Chloe nodded. “Yes, I was just crucified..” Chloe murmured.
    “Oh, anyways, Draco’s mother and father are going to pick me up today! We’re having the party he mailed me about long ago!” Riyo squealed. Chloe laughed. Pansy suddenly stood up. She smiled at Riyo. “You’re not pretty, but, I think everyone can change. I’m happy for you. Have a good time Riyo.” Pansy said.
    Ritiviyo was surprised. “Thanks!” she said.
    Chloe thought it was the best way to end a year, but most of all, she was wondering what was going to happen next. Now that Mariah was no longer good.

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