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Dramione- Love is a dream Part 1

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Hermione + Dramione = Love- Drama- and Heartbreaks

    Hermione trotted down The hall of lunch tables searching for her Close friends-Ron, Harry, and Ginny. A week or two ago Malfoy had kissed her- Yep he had snogged her, every day since then she hasn't seen him since. She was sort-of happy but she also had known he had snuck a WHOLE BOTTLE of Amortentia in her lunch drink and hadn't stop thinking about him since. Hermione plopped down on the table as the food appeared, she immediately drank all of her drink- Before the love potion could be planted. Before she could swallow there was an announcement that somebody had tampered with the magic food- and that some people may feel woozy or might throw up. Hermione's mind went blank and her vision went blurry-to black, all she could make out before she hit the floor was her friends' expressions, Shocked- Confused- Angry- Sad. It felt like she had her eyes closed for a second, When she opened them she was on a cot- her vision was still blurry but she could make out Ginny Weasley-Violet Brown, and all the other girls she knew. No boys Period. Her eyes were adjusting and she could see again, and gave a deep sigh, which made all her friends perch up from chatter. She blinked once and end up having a woman sitting on the side of her bed reading through a spellbook from the library. The woman murmured words and grumbled when she gave up looking, Hermione spoke sharply and loudly so the woman could hear her, " Page 549" she stopped to take a deep breath "is... the... cure..." the woman glanced her gentle eyes at Hermione and smiled, grabbed her wand and said an unknown spell, which made her wake up, her friends surrounded her giving cries of joy and a healer ushered them out of the way... " Ms. Granger... You have been in a coma or 28 hours from a potion that has been taken too much by you- still unknown what potion but if you have any ideas of what they could be speak now." The first thing that came to her mind was Amortentia but her mouth was closed shut, and all she could do was shake her head. A couple of hours later she was standing in the lunchroom with her robes on and hair down. Trotted down to dinner and plopped her rump down next to Ginny. In the morning all she could think of was the handsome Draco Malfoy. She tried to shake it off, but her thoughts said something else. Before she knew it she was sneaking off to the room of requirement to find Draco. She whispered to the door " I need to find Draco Malfoy" soon she entered a room looking rather romantic. She saw Draco there reading a book. She walked over to him and grabbed his face hand and smiled. Before she could stop herself she was in the room of requirement Kissing Draco his tongue swirled around in her mouth. She had never felt so happy.

    To be continued.

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