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Cho Chang + Harry Potter

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Not real Harry Potter just a fan fic I made

    Ever since Harry Broke up with Cho Chang he had felt miserable, and mostly stayed as quiet and unnoticed as possible. Hermione and Ron were doing the
    Ever since Harry Broke up with Cho Chang he had felt miserable, and mostly stayed as quiet and unnoticed as possible. Hermione and Ron were doing the best to cheer him up but nothing worked. Right now, Harry was sitting in the room of requirements feeling as miserable as ever. Ron and Hermione just thought of the perfect way to cheer him up! They Burst through the room Of Requirements door and found harry sitting in a chair with a Miserable look on his face, Hermione whispered something to Ron as she ran out of the room and to the surprise. Ron told Harry to follow him as he ran out the door, Harry trudged after him looking pale and sad. Ron reached the Three Broomsticks and ran inside, Harry walked after him with a better feeling in his body. He swung open the door and saw Ron and Hermione sitting there with two butterbeers in front of them, Harry sat down-slightly grinning, as he gulped his Butterbeer, the color came back to his face as he took another gulp. soon the three of them finished off their drinks and left the three broomsticks. Harry thanked them and rushed to his dorm. His butterbeer tasted better than usual and more satisfying it made him think of-of Cho Chang, her long smooth hair, beautiful almond eyes, and her beautiful smile. Not long after Harry had rushed out of his dorm to find Cho Chang, she was in the library all alone. She saw him and smiled slyly jumped up and grabbed his hand pulling him to a secret corner in the library, his heart was thumping with anticipation, why was he feeling this way? why- before he finished his thoughts his lips collided against her, they sat there for what seems like hours but only a minute had gone by, his veins felt like fire and his hands were warm as he pulled her closer to him. Her soft hand ran through his hair which made an electric shock run through his body, their lips were still locked. She pulled away and took harry's hand, together they stood up and walked towards the place where no one would ever be able to find them, The room of requirements

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283 days ago
Amazing piece of writing!!! Really shows the tension and possibly LOVE between Harry and Cho
344 days ago
I feel like Harry and Cho are meant to be together and I don't know why... I guess it's just fate that he and Ginny were together... 🤔
424 days ago
I think it should be ginny+harry cuz in the film they were really good for eachother and ginny loved harry and ginny.ch cbang loved cedric in any way
521 days ago
Hi, I don‘t really think Harry should be together with Cho, because Harry and Ginny are just made for each other. But you can right really well! And I like Cho but I think she is better for Cedric. Love Mimi
543 days ago
harry and cho!!! not harry and ginny
766 days ago
Ya same.... but i dont think cho is better..... harry deserves BETTER
831 days ago
I wrote this because harry + Ginny didnt seem right to me and Harry + Cho is better also I will start writing the next one okie?