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The life and lies of Lucretia Cedrella Black PART 1

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Well, I copied the name from SOMEWHERE... But I made up the story.
(Might be a part 2!)

The Life and Lies of Lucretia Cedrella Black

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Sorry about the terrible writing, tell me what to improve, THIS IS A DIARY

Harry woke up. He found Hermione and Sirius in deep talk next to a portrait of a pretty young girl with flushed red cheeks. He sighed and went back to Ron in the bedroom, but Ron was snoring loudly.
He went into the other room where Ginny was sleeping, and as he watched her roll over, he stepped on a strange material. ''What's that?'' he asked Ginny, but she was still asleep. He picked it up. It was a flimsy paper shoebox, and he saw a faint imprint of THE LIFE AND LIES OF LUCRETIA CEDRELLA BLACK
''Hmm... I should ask Sirius to look in here, if...'' he said quietly, then tiptoed downstairs to the portrait of the girl he had seen Sirius earlier. He was not there, but there was a golden plate under the painting. It said:
DAUGHTER OF------------forgot her Mum's name
Harry sighed, then went into the kitchen and found a tired-looking Sirius slumped on a brown chair. ''What's this?'' Harry asked.
''My sister's...''
Sirius looked upset. ''Open it, Harry. Did you see the pict-''
Sirius seemed genuinely upset.
''Yes. Of Lucretia.''
''I called her Lucy, Harry. She was the joy of my life. The only way I survived my miserable so-called 'holidays' from Hogwarts. Lucy.''
Harry watched Sirius walk over to a door and say
''Hermione! You know the painting earlier you saw, of Lucretia C-''
''Cedrella Black, Daughter Of Orion and -------- Black, Sister of Regulus and really-scratchy-name person.''
Hermione's voice mumbled.
''So?'' she asked
''Just. Come. Out! Plus, 'really-scratchy-name person' is ME!''
Sirius said.
She did, and Sirius led them into a room. It smelled of Butterscotch and Vanilla. He lit the silver chandelier, and they settled down to sit. ''Open it.'' He said, before leaving.

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What's happening with the emojis! it says cra then the next bit, py
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