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Drarry: A Twilight Love: Part 2

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This takes place in an alternate 4th-year universe. In the previous chapter, Harry asked Draco out to the Yule Ball, and Draco said yes! Now, Harry has to tell Ron and Hermione. What will happen next? Keep reading and stay tuned for the next part to find out!

    ((cur))I can’t believe it!((ecur)) Harry thought. He’d just asked Draco Malfoy to be his date for the Yule Ball, and Draco had accepted! As he wal
    I can’t believe it! Harry thought. He’d just asked Draco Malfoy to be his date for the Yule Ball, and Draco had accepted! As he walked into the Gryffindor common room, he smiled. Before, he had dreaded the ball; now, he couldn’t wait.
    Ron and Hermione sat in chairs by the fireplace, discussing the issue of Ball dates for Ron and Harry.
    “Ron, you have to go with someone!” Hermione said impatiently. “I know it isn’t required for you, but you really should!”
    “How ‘bout I just go with you then?” Ron answered, shrugging. “It would be easier!”
    “I told you, I’m already going with someone!” Hermione turned her gaze to Harry. “Do you have a date, Harry? Or are you waiting until everyone’s taken like he is?” She gestured towards Ron.
    Harry blushed. “I, uh… I’ve already asked someone.”
    Ron looked incredulously at him. “Who was it? Come on Harry, we won’t make fun of you.”
    “I- I asked Malfoy.”
    “WHAT?” Ron looked furious. “You asked THAT bloke? You don’t like him, do you?” Harry said nothing, but his deepening blush answered for him.
    “Lay off him, Ron.” Hermione waved him away. “Did he say yes?” she questioned scornfully.
    Harry shrugged. “I guess.”
    “I suppose we should be happy you’ve got someone at least. Right, Ron?” Hermione asked.
    “I guess…” Ron glowered at Harry. “Can’t believe you asked him though.”
    Harry stood under the gaze of his friends, blushing and wondering why he’d told them. Of course they wouldn’t understand; they had never had a crush on Draco, and always considered the Slytherins to be their enemies.
    “I’m going to go to bed,” Harry mumbled. He walked across the room while Ron and Hermione watched him, and entered the boys’ dormitories. Right before he closed the door, he heard Ron’s voice:
    “Make sure you don’t turn into a Slytherin yourself, Harry!”

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238 days ago
I.NEED.A.PART.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! PLS,PLS,PLS,PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!