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Dramione - Forbidden

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I totally ship Dramione, and for all those who don't, sorry.
I am planning to update this frequently, but if I don't, no judging, please.


As the carriage reached the front of Hogwarts, I gulped. This year would be… life-changing.
But at least we won't have to constantly worry about Voldemort since he's dead.
The reason we're coming back for another year is that we missed Year 7 with all the life or death choices. So we have to re-do it.
When I say 'we,' I mean myself, Harry, Ron, Neville, and a bunch of others. Including Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle. Ugh.
I stepped out of the carriage, barely noticing the thestral pulling it. I could see thestrals now due to the war. So much death…
I took a deep breath as I crossed the threshold and entered Hogwarts. It looked different now.
It had taken 2 months to fix, even with magic. But then again, it is a very large castle.
I made my way to the Great Hall for the welcoming feast. It was nearly full already.
I hurried over to the Gryffindor table and took a seat next to Luna. She's surprisingly kind and interesting when you get to know her.
"Hi, Hermione. How was your summer?" she asked delicately. I smiled. "It was… okay. You?"
"Amazing. My Dad and I went looking for nifflers. Do you at least believe in those?"
I frowned. "Of course I do, Luna. I've seen them before. Snorkacks, or whatever they're called, I have not."
Luna opened her mouth to correct me when Ginny, Ron, and Harry came over.
Ginny sat next to me, with Ron and Harry opposite. "Hermione!" Ginny grinned. "Good summer?"
"Yes, thanks. You?" I responded. "Amazing. Lots of excitement." She looked meaningfully at Ron.
I quickly looked down at my plate. Ron and I had shared a kiss the previous year, but had never officially 'dated.' So I had no idea where our relationship was at.
That was when a crowd of first years walked past. I turned, glad of the distraction.
Professor McGonagall took out her scroll, and began reading the names off.
I only listened for the house called out at the end.
And, the thing that got us all beaming, was this -
Not a single one had been placed in Slytherin.

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636 days ago
btw i only continue syories if i get support so comment if i should continue
668 days ago
;) If u have any ideas for future chapters, let me know! I would love to see what u come up with!
If u have any ideas for new first years, just comment the following:
- name
- house
- hair/eye/skin/fav colour
- anything else u want to add
Hope u enjoyed the story so far!