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Y/n Lupin

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An interesting FF about the daughter of Remus. The songs in the story are not mine, but please pretend, that Y/n wrote them.

(In the story are songs from artists, but they’re her own in the story.)

I sat on my father’s lap, and he read me a book. Then our doorbell ringed and with me, he opened the door in his arms. When I saw who it was I laughed. It was my Godfather and my Godmother. Dad let them in, and together we sat down on the couch. He put me down, so I could say ‘hi’ to Lily and James. Then I ran to Lily and hugged her leg, I wasn’t big enough to hug higher parts. She picked me up and sat me on her lap. I sneezed and suddenly, I had brown instead of blue eyes. Dad saw it and was very surprised.
„Bless you,” Lily said softly.
„James, look. Y/n’s eye colour changed.” He said and everyone looked at me.
„What are you looking at?” I asked in my baby voice.
„Your eye colour changed, sweetie,” Dad said.
„How?” I asked.
„We don’t know,” James said now.
„Maybe we do, she could be a metamorphmagus,” Lily said.
„What’s that?” James and I asked at the same time.
„It’s a person who can change their looking,” Dad explained to us smiling.
„Now I get it, it’s like an Animagus,” James said.
„Not exactly, an Animagus can transform himself after he learns. A metamorphmagus can transform himself from his birth, and you can’t learn it. It works like Polyjuice potion, just that you don’t need a potion.” Lily now said.
„Oh,” James said and I laughed.
„Did you understand it the first time?” James asked me now and I nodded.
Dad and Lily laughed loudly. After some time Sirius came too. He was my absolute favourite and I ran at him. He hugged me and then picked me up.
„Hey, how are you?” He asked me.
„Good,” I said.
„That’s good.“ He said smiling.
Together we walked into the living room and the others welcomed him too. Then it was time for me to go to bed and I waved at them. Dad took me upstairs and put me to bed.
„Good night princess.“ He said smiling.
„Night dad.“ I said.
On my second birthday, my dad's friends came, so I met a few more new people. I was with dad, Sirius, James, or Lilly almost the whole time. The other ones were scary to me, til a boy with red hair came to me. He was already pretty big, and I had to look up.
„Hey, I’m Charlie.“ He introduced himself.
„I’m Y/n.“ I said shyly.
„It’s your birthday today, right?“ He asked, and I just nodded. „Happy birthday.“
„Thank you.“
„Charlie, where are you?“ I heard a woman asking.
„I’m here, mum.“ He answered.
Then a woman came with four other kids. When she saw me, she smiled.
„You must be Y/n, happy birthday dear.“
„Thank you.“
„Hello Molly.“ Then someone behind me said, I identified him as Sirius and hugged him.
„Hello, Sirius. I still don’t see why you aren’t her godfather.“ She answered smiling.
„Me neither, but it isn’t that important. She is the most important kid in my life.“
Then one of the kids of Molly came up to me, he was even bigger than Charlie.
„I’m Bill and these are Percy, Fred and George.“ He said and smiled at me.
„I’m Y/n.“ I said and then asked him interested: “How old are you?“
„I’m ten, Charlie is eight, Percy is four and Fred and George are two. What about you?“ He answered.
„I’m two.“ I said and showed it with my fingers.
Then everyone paid attention to my dad.
„Y/n, come here. It’s time for your presents.” He said smiling.
„Wow.” I was stunned, there were so many presents. Everyone put something on my present table.
„Go on, you can open them now.”
I smiled and ran towards them. At first, I unpacked a small one with a necklace in it. It was a heart-formed amulet with two pictures in it. One picture had dad and me in it and the other one Sirius and me. I looked around and saw Sirius smiling. It was from him.
„Thank you,” I said to him happily.
„You’re welcome.” He said smiling.
In the end, I needed nearly half an hour to unpack all presents. I got things like a child broom from James, a book from Lily, a knitted PJ from Molly and a small keyboard and a child microphone. He knew how much I loved to sing. Since that, I sang and played almost every day. I got better and better.
A few months later Lily and James told us that Lily was pregnant. Dad was excited and I was happy too. Soon, in April, we did a gender reveal.
„Everyone ready?” Lily and James asked.
„Yes.” Everyone else said.
They popped a balloon and blue glitter came out, it was a boy.
„There are just boys around me…” I said frustrated and dad and Sirius laughed.
The boy was born 57 days after my birthday. They named him Harry and today was the first time I was going to meet him. We knocked and James opened.
„Hey, you two.” He greeted us.
„Hey, James.” We said and came in.
„Where is Harry?” I asked directly.
„We’re here,” Lily said from the living room.
I directly ran there and stopped right before them. Harry was so small and cute. Then dad and James came in too and dad sat next to me.
„He looks like you James, just the eyes are definitely Lily’s,” Dad said to them.
„Thanks, Mate,” James said.
„Want to hold him?” Lily asked dad.
„Uh, sure.” He answered and carefully took him.
„Once you were this small too,” Lily said to me.
„Really?” I asked with big eyes.
„Yes, you were, and you were such a cute baby. We were just confused when you changed your eye colour once.” She said smiling.
„Now I can control it,” I said proudly and changed my hair colour to the same as Lily’s. She laughed. Then dad gave her Harry back and they talked. After two hours we went back home, and he put me to bed.
Three months later I saw my dad crying.
„Dad! Are you okay?” I asked in shock. I've never seen him cry before.
„I’m okay, it’s just… Peter, Lily and James were murdered…” He said and hugged me tightly.
„What!” I was in shock and started crying too. We sat there for a while and just cried.
„Who did that?” I asked then.
„The-who-must-not-be-named, that’s a bad guy.” He told me. He also told me that Sirius snitched on Lily and James and then killed thirteen people including Peter. My world broke down. I cried and screamed. He hugged me very tight, and it helped a little. I couldn’t believe it, Sirius was the nicest guy I knew.
The next years were pretty normal, just that I couldn’t go to the Potters anymore at full moon. Now, dad brought me to the Weasleys at full moon. I knew that he was a werewolf, but I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. I’d guess Molly and Arthur knew, but their children did not. Besides that, I was always happy visiting them. My favourite Weasley was Charlie because he always read something to me when I was there. Sometimes Bill told us something about Hogwarts, and I was fascinated. I was crushed when Charlie went to Hogwarts, even though he wrote to me often. I just missed my best friend. At that time, he wasn’t there I became better friends with the twins actually, we were pretty different, but we always had a lot of fun. With Percy, I often read, yes he taught me how to read. After some training, I was able to read most words. At this time, I was four. Dad, Molly and Arthur were shocked when I read a poem to them at Christmas.
On my seventh birthday, I got a guitar and learned how to play it. So, I played two instruments at age ten. I loved it and I was pretty good. Sometimes I was a little shy about playing in front of people until I started, then I sunk into the music and don’t notice anything else. I forget everything else around me and just listen to the music.

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222 days ago
Hi, thanks for your comment. Yeah, I know. I built the mistakes in, so that not everyone she has dies. But thank you for noticing :)
225 days ago
I really loved this! It gives new oerspective on everything and just is really awesome! I did catch a few mistakes, includung you forgot that sirius dies in harry's fourth year, and you mentioned dora bieng dead then kater said she went shopping. But i realy loved this! Have a great day!