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50 Signs that you are a true Slytherin 🐍

Are you really a true Slytherin?
Members of each house share special traits that have made them a member of that house. Often the lines blur and some Slytherins even outshine the Gryffindors with their courage. (I think we know who is meant here...)
But there are definitely traits that only a true Slytherin would have! This list includes 50 characteristics that are typical for a Slytherin.
What do you think? How many of these do you really have? All of them? Or would you do better in another house?
Check out this list and find out!

    1. You seem distant and cool at first sight. 2. ... But you are actually a loyal friend. 3. You are a loner. 4. And you have problems opening up to pe
    1. You seem distant and cool at first sight.

    2. ... But you are actually a loyal friend.

    3. You are a loner.

    4. And you have problems opening up to people.

    5. You are extremely ambitious and want to be the best at everything.

    6. ... And you are usually the best at everything.

    7. You always have to have the last word.

    8. You are extremely self-confident.

    9. ... And if the others can't live with it, they should get out of your way.

    10. You have no problem cheating on tests.

    11. You don't have many friends.

    12. ... But the few you do have, you defend like a lion.

    13. You are a born leader.

    14. You probably want to be a leader when you grow up.

    15. You are a rebel.

    16. Rules are more like rough guidelines to you.

    17. You are what some people might call a "bad influence".

    18. But you're also really fun to be around.

    19. You sometimes feel lonely.

    20. You never cry and hardly ever complain.

    21. You just don't see the point; everyone has their own problems.

    22. You know that being ambitious is not always a bad thing. If you have power, you can change the world for the better.

    23. Either people hate you or they love you.

    24. You get bored easily.

    25. You don't like changes.

    26. You are a perfectionist - and you set the highest standards for yourself.

    27. You have a bit of a problem with authority.

    28. You can be very charming when you want to be.

    29. It is very important to you to have control over yourself. You would never allow yourself to drink so much that you would embarrass yourself.

    30. When you set a goal, you do everything to achieve it.

    31. You are rather introverted.

    32. You are not quick to forgive, even yourself.

    33. You are mean to other people to protect yourself.

    34. Because you also feel hurt sometimes.

    35. Your compliments sound like insults.

    36. You hope for the best, but are prepared for the worst.

    37. You don't believe that there is anything that could break you.

    38. You are extremely mentally resistant.

    39. You are annoyed by stupid people.

    40. You would rather be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not.

    41. You love sarcasm.

    42. You are sometimes impulsive.

    43. ... But most of the time, you have yourself under control.

    44. You are quite suspicious by nature.

    45. ... You always expect something to happen.

    46. ... That's why you're the first to notice when something actually happens.

    47. You know when to fight and when it's better to run away.

    48. You hate being dependent on other people.

    49. You are usually the one who starts trouble.

    50. You know that if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.

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76 days ago
i have 26 of these traits lol. this is the most relatable thing ive seen in my life