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50 Signs you're a true Gryffindor 🦁

Here's where you can find out how much Gryffindor you really have in you...

Members of each house share special traits that made them a member of that house. The lines are often blurred, but there are definitely traits that members of other Hogwarts houses would simply not have. This list contains 50 traits that are typical for a true Gryffindor!

Of course, I've published something like this about the other Hogwarts houses as well. Have a look there, too. Maybe you can make a tally list and see which house suits you best. 😉

    1. You have a fighter's soul 2. You would do anything for your friends 3. You sometimes overestimate yourself 4. You are sometimes very reckless
    1. You have a fighter's soul

    2. You would do anything for your friends

    3. You sometimes overestimate yourself

    4. You are sometimes very reckless

    5. You are sometimes impulsive and act rashly

    6. You have always wanted to have an adventure

    7. You are rather extroverted

    8. You hate liars

    9. You sometimes have a problem to see your own mistakes

    10. You do not like to follow rules

    11. ...So you just leave them be

    12. You always do the right thing, no matter what the consequences are

    13. You always try to meet all expectations

    14. You are a very proud person

    15. ...but also very humble, you don't really expect thanks for all the things you do.

    16. Even in stressful situations, you keep a cool head and know what to do

    17. ...that makes you a good leader

    18. You are exceptionally courageous, you have no problem taking risks or expressing your opinion.

    19. In group projects you might not be the smartest; but you are always the one who has to present it

    20. You could imagine becoming a judge one day
    21. ...But actually, you prefer a job that is more adventurous.

    22. In the world of "Divergent" you are definitely a Ferox

    23. You are quite athletic

    24. Once you have friends, it's for life

    25. You love parties

    26. You always put off work until the end
    27. ...not only because you don't feel like it, but also because you can work better under pressure.

    28. You are always full of energy

    29. You might not be the person who comforts other people when they have been beaten up every time.

    30. ...You are, however, the person who punches the thug in the face

    31. You are often in the hospital

    32. Very, very often

    33. You have charisma and can easily convince other people of your cause

    34. You are also very compassionate

    35. You always want to help everyone

    36. ...Even if they don't really want help

    37. You know exactly what bravery means: it doesn't mean to not feel fear, but to do something in spite of fear.

    38. You are a team player, and you also accept the opinions of others

    39. You can always be counted on.

    40. You are sometimes a bit gullible

    41. You are quite spontaneous

    42. You like to debate with others

    43. You hate pretending

    44. If you don't like someone, you show it openly

    45. You are very open and like to meet new people

    46. You are quite a daredevil

    47. You probably do some kind of extreme sport

    48. When you want something, you fight for it with determination

    49. Some people think you are rude

    50. You are self-confident.

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