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50 Signs you're a true Ravenclaw 🦅

Are you really a true Ravenclaw?
Members of each house share special traits that have made them a member of that house. Often the lines blur and some Ravenclaws even outshine the Slytherins with their ambition. 😉
But there are definitely traits that only a true Ravenclaw can display that set them apart from other students. This list includes 50 characteristics that are typical for a Ravenclaw. How many do you really have? It's time to take a look and find out if you're a real Ravenclaw!

Of course, a list like this exists for the other Hogwarts houses as well. Have a look there, too. Maybe you can make a tally list and see which house suits you best.

    1. You are a very curious person. 2. You are interested in many things. 3. You are quite a nerd. 4. You don't pretend so that others will like yo
    1. You are a very curious person.

    2. You are interested in many things.

    3. You are quite a nerd.

    4. You don't pretend so that others will like you.

    5. You are sarcastic.

    6. You love learning new things, not to get good grades, but for the actual knowledge.

    7. You are excellent in some subjects, but not at all in some.

    8. You love to have deep conversations about the universe, philosophies, and the meaning of life.

    9. You always question everything.

    10. You tend to be more of a spectator than an actual participant in life.

    11. You often think logically, but cannot necessarily work practically.

    12. You are frequently in thought.

    13. You can be very creative.

    14. You sometimes have problems in expressing yourself.

    15. You can sometimes seem a bit arrogant.

    16. You are sometimes a little shy.

    17. You can be a bit of a know-it-all.

    18. You are a good planner.

    19. You are an individualist.

    20. Superficial people bore you.

    21. There is always a book next to your bed.

    22. You would find it exciting to work as a scientist when you grow up and find out and explore new things.

    23. There is nothing more annoying than spelling mistakes.

    24. You sometimes need some time for yourself.

    25. You are a very proud person.

    26. You are an enthusiastic reader.

    27. You are almost always right.

    28. You have keen powers of observation and like to tease other people with your observations.

    29. You can sometimes be very forgetful.

    30. You are a free spirit and have a strange imagination.

    31. You know that "brainy is the new sexy".

    32. Your thoughts never stand still.

    33. You are pretty bad at sports.

    34. If you find someone who shares your favorite topic, you could talk to them about it for hours.

    35. You are very passionate.

    36. You love the series Sherlock.

    37. You would probably be a Ken in the world of "Divergent".

    38. Even though it frustrates you, somehow you do enjoy the feeling of thinking so much that your brain seems to explode.

    39. You don't get into trouble often, but when you do, it's because you're trying to figure out something you shouldn't know.

    40. You cope very well with loneliness.

    41. You care more about being honest than being nice.

    42. You are just too direct for some people.

    43. Other people see you as serious.

    44. They just don't get your sense of humor.

    45. You prefer to work alone.

    46. People who make decisions based on intuition confuse you.

    47. You always think very long and hard about important decisions and try to consider all eventualities.

    48. This sometimes makes you seem a little indecisive.

    49. You sometimes have problems expressing your feelings.

    50. And you are not always so good at recognizing other people's feelings.

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49 days ago
I never read harry potter.
116 days ago
When I read it it drives me crazy 😝