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50 Signs you're a true Hufflepuff 式

A true Hufflepuff? Are you sure?
Here you can find out how much of a Hufflepuff you really are. Can you earn your spot in the cozy common room next to the kitchens?
Members of each house share particular traits that made them a member of that house. Often the lines blur, but there are definitely tendencies that separate the Hufflepuffs from the other Hogwarts students. The following list includes 50 traits that are typical of a member of Hufflepuff. You better start counting how many are actually traits of yours if you want to convince the sorting hat!

Of course, a list like this exists for the other Hogwarts houses as well. Have a look there, too. Who knows? Maybe you're actually a Ravenclaw, witty and creative. Or maybe even a determined, strong-willed Slytherin? Go ahead and find out!

    1. You don't care that other people interpret your kindness as a weakness. 2. It is more important to you to be friendly to people than to be hon
    1. You don't care that other people interpret your kindness as a weakness.

    2. It is more important to you to be friendly to people than to be honest.

    3. You have a lot of patience with other people.

    4. ...But what you cannot tolerate is intolerance.

    5. You want to become a social worker like a nurse, a teacher or a kindergarten teacher.

    6. Just because you feel emotions more strongly, it does not mean that you always show your feelings openly.

    7. You are an excellent listener.

    8. You would rather take a bad grade than cheat.

    9. Your friends are more important than fame.

    10. You know that there are people who are naturally good at school and there are people like you that have to fight for every grade.

    11. ...But you are not jealous of these people.

    12. ...You are even proud of it, because it makes you the person you are.

    13. ...A fighter at heart, no matter what anyone else says.

    14. You think that personality is more important than looks.

    15. You can put yourself into books or movies and feel deeply touched by such things.

    16. You punish your enemies by being kind to them.

    17. In the world of Divergent you would be either an Amite or an Altruan.

    18. You don't mind belonging to the house that is most underestimated. If it were Gryffindors, they would feel their pride hurt. If it were Ravenclaws, they'd think they weren't smart enough. And if it were Slytherins, they'd think they'd failed. The Hufflepuffs are fine with that sort of things.

    19. You don't make friends with other people too quickly.

    20. ...But when you do, you are there for them with all your soul.

    21. You are mostly a very cheerful person.

    22. ...But when you are sad, you like to keep it to yourself.

    23. You love walks and picnics with friends.

    24. You also like to make friends with the outsiders.

    25. In your experience, they have a more interesting personality.

    26. You can also be very determined when it comes to solving a problem.

    27. You love to smile at other people.

    28. ...It just makes you feel good.

    29. You are a family oriented person.

    30. Children love you.

    31. Somehow you are always the one who gives the others their homework when they are sick.

    32. When everyone else is talking about a person, you think about why that person is the way he/she is and try to understand his/her motives.

    33. You just love to understand other people.

    34. You are an excellent arbitrator of disputes.

    35. But it is difficult for you to settle your own disputes, because you feel very strongly about it.

    36. You try to avoid conflicts as much as possible.

    37. You act very intuitively and make decisions based on feelings rather than logical arguments.

    38. You are probably rather extroverted.

    39. You don't like logic and hard facts so much.

    40. Other people sometimes see your behavior as irrational.

    41. You are very self-critical.

    42. There are a lot of people who like you.

    43. You do not complain often.

    44. You want to be liked by everyone.

    45. You are good at comforting other people and can help them to feel good.

    46. You are incredibly reliable.

    47. You have a good eye for the things that need to be done.

    48. Sometimes you even enjoy your work.

    49. You don't take criticism very well and sometimes dwell on it before acting.

    50. You are very generous.

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