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Dreams come true

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Many people would love to go to Middleearth but we all know that that is impossible.
That is what some friends who had met in a chatroom thought too.
When they finally met for real they had a movie night and laughed a lot. But then a portal suddenly opened right beside them and sucked them in.
They arrived in Middleearth thinking that they were dreaming but they weren’t …

Chapter 1: the first plan

Elena: I wish we could meet someday, somewhere …:)

Cini: @Elena: That would be great. I would love to get to know you all: D

Eledhwen: @Elena: Yeah, I’d love that. But where could we meet? We all live in different places.

Elena: @Cini: Exactly. Me too
@Eli: I have no idea. I guess we’d have to decide it when the time comes.

Ruby: @Cini, Eli, Elena: No offense but how is that supposed to work? You know that I’m just 12 and my parents would never let me do such a thing:( …

Kaira: Ruby’s right. And Dragie and I are only fifteen.

Eledhwen: @Ruby: You’re right…But there’s got to be a way to make it work or not?

Lilly: Hello! What are you talking about?

Cini: Hii Lilly! We’re talking about a way to make our plan, all of us meeting, work.

Elena: @Kaira: fifteen is not that difficult but it will be a little more complicated to make it work for Ruby. Well, at least I’m a bit luckier than you, Dragie and Ruby.

Lipton-icetea: That would be a really great thing!

Lilly: @Cini: Sounds really interesting!

Ruby: @Eli: You’re right, the only question is how… I’ve got an idea though:)

Kaira: @Elena: Jip that’s true.
@lip: It definitely would but we still have no idea if it will work

Cini: @Ruby: And what does that idea look like?
@Lilly: Indeed. It was Elena’s idea.

Dragongirl: Hey:) Did I miss anything?

Eledhwen: @Ruby: And that would be?

Ruby: @Cini: The older ones could take the younger ones with them. In case you don’t life too far away…
@Dragie: Yeah, you did. We’re making plans about meeting: D

Kaira: @Dragie: You’re fifteen, aren’t you?

Elena: @Kaira: See:) But being older isn’t always nice, sometimes you wish to be younger: D

Lipton-icetea: @Kaira: What a pity…

Lilly: @Cini: Ah ^^
@Elena: That was a really great idea

Dragongirl: @Ruby: I see. Sounds interesting indeed.
@Kaira: Yes, I’m fifteen. Why do you ask?

Kaira: @Elena: You wish you were older when you’re young and when you’re older you wish to be young:)

Elena: @Lilly: Thanks!

Cini: @Ruby: That’s a good idea!
@All the others: There’s still the question about where to meet…

Eledhwen: @Ruby: Pretty good idea. But who lives where?

Elena: @Kaira: That’s true:)

Kaira: @dragie: Because Ruby, me and you are the only underaged around here ^^
@Cini: I’d suggest some big city like Frankfurt or so…

Ruby: @Eli: I have no idea ^^

Kaira: @Elena: I know, I get to hear that pretty often:)

Dragongirl: @Kaira: Really? But doesn’t Cini count as an underaged too? She’s seventeen

Eledhwen: @Ruby: But that’s what we’d need to know:)

Kaira: @dragie: Right ^^
@Cini: Sorry, I forgot seventeen still counts as underaged

Lipton-icetea: @Cini: How about Hamburg?

Ruby: @Eli: True thing…

Cini: @Kaira: that’s ok:)
@lip: Not such a bad idea ;)
@all the others: What would you think about Hamburg?

Lilly: Hamburg would be ok with me

Dragongirl: I’m in!

Elena: Me too!

Eledhwen: Hamburg’s all right with me
@Ruby: We should discuss that via e-mail
Kaira: Hamburg sounds good

Lipton-icetea: I’m definitely in!

Ruby: All right ^^
@Eli: Yeah, we probably should:)

Cini: Seems as if everybody is ok with Hamburg. So we’ll meet there in about 4 days. There’s still enough time to discuss the details:)

Eledhwen: I’m totally excited already!

Ruby: I’ll go offline now. Need to sleep:) See you girls in Hamburg!
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