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A hobbit fanfic(Kili x reader).

2 Chapter - 531 Words - Developed by:
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I love Kili!

The young dwarf Prince had your attention from the beginning of the journey. He was taller than you by only a few inches but you didn't care about that, besides it wasn't his height that you found so attractive, it was his eyes. Every time you made eye contact with him you blushed and looked away before anyone else caught you looking at him. But Kili always saw it. One night it was raining and all of the dwarves were sitting around a little fire in a cave. Everyone else seemed unaffected by the weather but you were freezing! (Y/N) Kili called! You turned your attention away from the story ori was telling about the time he got stuck in an awful snowstorm and found a monster to look at him. Yes? He looked at you. You look cold. He said plainly. A little. You replied. Well there’s only one way to fix that, you know how? He asked. You shook your head. No how? He stood up and walked over to where you were and smirked. Just like this. As he said this he sat down beside you and wrapped you up in a hug. All the company smiled at this as your cheeks turned red. You looked up at Kili shocked and confused. How could the Prince of Erebor like you? You silently thought. Kili must have read your mind because when he caught you looking at him he quietly whispered, don’t worry about it (Y/N) just try to go to sleep. And sleep you did better than you had ever slept before in the arms of Kili.

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