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Spider man meets project mc squared

12 Chapter - 547 Words - Developed by:
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This story is about the emotional tension between Peter Parker and Adrienne Attoms btw this takes place directly after spider man homecoming so if you haven’t seen it go watch it or you will be confused also SPOILER ALERT!

What the @#$%! Screamed May. I can explain! Sad Peter. You go and risk your life every day for the safety 0f others. May said. I am so proud of you! You of all people are the spider man! Wow I thought you’d be mad said Peter. So May said slyly who’s your guy in the chair? Wait that’s an actual thing? Peter asked. It’s Ned. Oh really? Anyway I should really get to bed Peter exclaimed

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1540 days ago
I liked it but who is Ned and Adrian
1541 days ago
Good read , lots of action.