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Avengers AU

12 Chapter - 4.275 Words - Developed by:
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*I do not own any and all characters in this story they belong to Marvel*
This will be an Avengers High School AU! Ships included will consist of Stucky, Ironstrange, Hawksilver, and Scarletwidow. Also this is a work in progress.

Third Person’s POV:

Throughout the night,

Avengers sleep tight,

Tossing and Turning,

The Avengers Might,

It didn’t make sense,

These people to commence,

They Differ completely,

Seeing each other weekly,

Not a single interaction,

Certainly some attraction,

Some struggled Mentally,

Others in the wrong Mentality,

Looking from afar,

Some Strength not up to Par,


Some that haven’t Spoken

For Themselves,

The Avengers,

The Avengers.

It was the first day at Nick Fury High.

Our Avengers were awaiting the next year of school.

Each one had a different morning, some good, others bad, and some really, really bad

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865 days ago
I give this fanfic a solid 6/10. 4 points for "effort"