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First kiss ( Stucky fan fiction )

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Just a cute Stucky fan fiction

It was fourth of July,1931 and Steve heard a knock on his door and quickly hopped up to check it

At the door was well dressed, hair as perfect as always, Bucky Barnes

"Hiya Steve!" Bucky said cheerfully
"Hey Buck, gee you dressed nice, goin on a date or somethin?" Steve asked with a slight smirk
"Figured I'd dress up a bit, it's an occasion ain't it?"

Despite Bucky's mediocre excuse, he'd actually dressed up like this because for for over a year now, he'd had a heart skipping a beat kinda crush on Steve. Yet little did he know, Steve had liked him for some time as well

Steve's mom, Sarah, walked up behind Steve and ruffled his hair
"Now you stick with James and don't get into any trouble, you hear me Steve?" She said with a smile
"Got it mom" Steve replied
"Now you two had better get going, can't miss the fireworks can ya?"

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120 days ago
Yeah... I don't like to post hate comments but did you really have to have two boys ' like like' each other? I thought Bucky might have been a weird girl name at first then I realized that they Were both boys. Sorry.
665 days ago
they are definitely gay
780 days ago
are they gay? cuz i think they are.