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Fan Fiction: The Maze Runner:)

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Hi guys! I know you're all tired of looking for some good fan fiction, so I'm gonna write some for you ;)
Be Aware: this is written from a first person perspective and you're a girl! (surprise, me too lol)

I jolted awake, shivering. "Where am I?" I wondered out loud. Looking around, I tried to take in my surroundings, but it was pitch black. The air was stale, forcing me to take shallow breaths. I stood up slowly, one hand resting on my churning stomach and one on the wall. Judging by the way it felt, I was going up. I walked the perimeter of the area, bumping into boxes and cloth bags. Back in my corner, I sank to the floor. I was in a cold, metal box with stale air. I stood up again, determined to figure out what was exactly in here with me.
Before I could take a step, the box lurched to a stop. I was thrown back to the floor, banging my head on something sharp on the way down. I groaned, throwing one arm over my eyes-which were squeezed shut-as the top of the box opened and warm light flooded in. There was fresh air, and I sucked it into my lungs. Seconds later, I heard a thud and a shadow blocked the light from hitting my face.
Peeking one eye open, I was shocked to find an attractive boy inches away from my face. I quickly shut my eye, but not before I saw a soft smile form on the boy's lips.
"It's a girl." He called back to someone in an astonished voice. And oh, he had the most adorable accent. I heard a lot of low murmuring and risked another peek before shutting my eyes at the sheer brightness of the day. I saw a lot of boys standing in a circle around the box opening when I opened my eyes in that brief moment, and I opened my eyes again when the shadow fell over me, and I looked up at the boy.
"Name's Newt, Greenie." I almost smiled, then realized that I couldn't remember anything. However, this boy...this boy seemed familiar. I know I saw him before. I had a brief flash of him being this close to me before, closer even. I closed one eye and cocked my head, trying to think, but I couldn't remember.
Holding out one hand, he helped me up. I was fine for about five seconds, then he had to catch me. I almost crumpled to the ground; my head hurt really bad where I had hit it. I dimly heard another voice telling everyone to go back to work. I gasped and held my hand to the back of my head.
"Hey, what's wrong?" The boy-Newt-said. I shook my head, and he removed my hand from my head. Seeing the blood, he quickly and gently pushed my hair aside and inspected whatever I did to it.
"It hurts." I managed out, and he nodded. Swaying on my feet, he picked me up, bridal style and handed me off to another boy.
"Alby, take her to the med-jacks. Quickly." The new guy nodded and jogged towards a hut. With half-closed eyes, I watched as he opened the door and carried me to a bed. He tried to be gentle, but he dropped me onto the bed, causing me to cry out in pain, then black out.

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409 days ago
449 days ago
Omg i love this please make more this is amazing and put more twists!!!
936 days ago
just finished and I loved this so much, definitely made my night. it may or may not be midnight rn but I don't care. it was worth it 100%
936 days ago
this was good, I'm reading this at 11 at night. helped my boredom. I kinda wish Newt was STRIGHT tho....
996 days ago
This was so good you should write more. undefined
1355 days ago
I feel like the story isn’t really ended properly and Jamie is waayyy too overpowered. Otherwise I really enjoyed the story! Great storyline