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Fan Fiction: The Maze Runner:) 2

14 Chapter - 6.327 Words - Developed by:
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Here's the next part to my fan fiction I wrote:)

"Newt, can you cut my hair off?" It was two days before the new Greenie was supposed to arrive. Newt looked up from whatever he was doing and frowned.
"Why would you want me to do that?" I looked back in the makeshift mirror I had made and sighed.
"It keeps falling out and hitting me in the face when I'm running. I almost got stung today because of it. If Minho hadn't jerked me out of the way, I'd be going through the bloody Changing right now." After living with Newt for so long, I'd adopted his favorite word. We were living together since I didn't really need a whole place to myself, and Newt was as sweet as ever.
"What the bloody hell Jamie? Why didn't you tell me? You could have died!" I sighed; I loved Newt, but he could be a pain in the butt sometimes.
"But I didn't, Newt. Stop worrying about me, okay? I'll be fine." He grumbled and stood up, walking up behind me, since I had turned around again.
"I can't help it. Someone has to look out for you. Are you sure you want this all off?" He took a lock of hair between his fingers and played with it. I sighed.
"Yeah. It's just too much of a burden right now." He sighed and grabbed my knife. "No, not that one, the small one." Furrowing his eyebrows, he put it back and grabbed my throwing knife.
"And you're positive you want to do this?" he asked me again.
"Yes." Newt sighed and took a chunk of hair, cutting it off. He made a choppy cut that barely grazed my jawline. I gently took the knife from him and started cutting it even shorter. By the time I was done, I looked like a feminine boy. I turned this way and that, looking at myself from all different angles. I turned around and looked at Newt's back.
"What do you think?" He turned around and did a double take. I sat down next to him and he took my face in his hands, turning it side to side.
"It's definitely something, Jamie. You look really different."He colored slightly and let go of my face. I raised one eyebrow and got up, walking to the bathroom we built. As I walked in, I asked him to grab my sleeping clothes, which happened to be one of his shirts and the spare pants that were in the box with me when I came up. I took a bath, submerging myself when he walked in.

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156 days ago
196 days ago
Omg i love this please make more this is amazing and put more twists!!!
683 days ago
just finished and I loved this so much, definitely made my night. it may or may not be midnight rn but I don't care. it was worth it 100%
683 days ago
this was good, I'm reading this at 11 at night. helped my boredom. I kinda wish Newt was STRIGHT tho....
743 days ago
This was so good you should write more. undefined
1102 days ago
I feel like the story isn’t really ended properly and Jamie is waayyy too overpowered. Otherwise I really enjoyed the story! Great storyline