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Fan Fiction: The Maze Runner:) 3

14 Chapter - 5.629 Words - Developed by:
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We were all there, watching, as Ben was Banished. Thomas was there too, and my eyes kept drifting over to him, no matter how much I tried to keep them on Ben, Newt, Minho; anyone else, really. I managed to watch as Ben was thrust into the closing maze, but I couldn't help noticing how Thomas cried as the doors shut. It wasn't a lot, just a few tears, but it made me feel protective over him. He had compassion for someone who tried to bloody kill him, and I couldn't help wanting to be like that. The worst part was that I knew; I knew we were connected, but I didn't know how yet.
I'm not sure where he went afterwards. Probably to go lay down, because I didn't see him at dinner that night, nor did I see him when I visited the girl that night. I don't know what made me want to stay with her, I just knew I needed to be with her when she woke up.
Someone cleared their throat behind me, and I could tell it was Newt. He was the only one polite enough to ever give me a warning before speaking, or not sneak up on me.
"Jamie, you need to sleep. It's already almost nine." I looked down at my watch, surprised. It was actually nine right now. Sighing, I threw one last glance at the sleeping girl, then left quietly, Newt following my lead.
"Jamie, you need to st-"
"Newt, don't say anything. I'll tell you later." He gave me a questioning glance, but I ignored it. Motioning for him to go ahead of me, I drew my knife silently and held it close to my side. Not too tight, not too loose, holding the blade instead instead of the handle because that's how I threw my knives. I ushered Newt inside when we reached our door, then looked around quickly, scanning my surroundings before darting inside and shutting the door. I leaned against it, putting all of my weight on it.
"Newt, help me." I hissed under my breath. He knew better than to question me right now, and he quickly pressed against me, adding his weight to the door. There was a brief moment where I noticed everything; how heavy the door was, how much combined weight we had, how fast that boy was coming at the door. And oh, how perfectly Newt's body fit against mine. I blushed slightly, but quickly sobered when someone thudded against the door. I swore under my breath. My shoulder had taken most of the blow, but my heart was nearly beating out of my chest, and my adrenaline was too high to tell how bad my shoulder really was.
"Let me in! I just want to talk." they said. I swore again and motioned for Newt to move away from the door. Internally, I pouted for a couple seconds; Newt was warm and tall, and I just wanted to curl against him and never move again. I took a deep breath and yanked open the door.

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156 days ago
196 days ago
Omg i love this please make more this is amazing and put more twists!!!
683 days ago
just finished and I loved this so much, definitely made my night. it may or may not be midnight rn but I don't care. it was worth it 100%
683 days ago
this was good, I'm reading this at 11 at night. helped my boredom. I kinda wish Newt was STRIGHT tho....
743 days ago
This was so good you should write more. undefined
1102 days ago
I feel like the story isn’t really ended properly and Jamie is waayyy too overpowered. Otherwise I really enjoyed the story! Great storyline