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Fan Fiction: The Maze Runner:) 4

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Guys, you already know what's going on by now ;)

I woke up a grey light. I figured I'd just gotten up earlier than normal, since waking up early wasn't a problem for me, bat when I walked outside, I found that the sky was grey. No, not the sky. It looked almost like a ceiling. I woke up Newt, then ran to go get Minho. Little by little, everyone started waking up. I was too busy whispering furiously with Minho, Alby, and Newt to bother waking up my brother. I figured he'd get up eventually. We all agreed that the jobs still had to get done, most of all the Running. I ate quickly and was out in the maze before Thomas woke up.
As I ran, I thought about everything that went on here. I mean, they'd been in here for two years; why was everything going wrong now? It had to be the girl. She even said it herself; they'd sent her as a trigger, that the Trials had to end one way or another.
I'd almost reached the Blades in section seven when my foot slipped on a loose piece of ivy. As I fell, my left knee twisted under me at a nasty angle. Pain exploded through my entire leg and I screamed really loudly. I laid there, clutching my leg, my eyes clenched shut. I'm not sure how much later it was, but somehow Minho found me. And then I passed out.
He dragged me back, with me helping with my right leg when I could, when I wasn't passed out from the pain. Minho's stronger than I thought; he had to drag me for almost three miles. It was noticeably later when we reached the Glade. Both Newt and Alby were pacing in front of one of the doors, but when Minho yelled out, they both turned and ran over to us. Minho dropped me unceremoniously on the ground and collapsed next to me, drenched with sweat.
"What the shuck, Minho? Do you know what time it is?" Alby yelled. Newt crouched next to me.
"Alby, shut your shuck face! I know exactly what time it is. The real question is why didn't the doors close?" Minho snapped, exhausted.
"Jamie, what did you bloody do?" Newt asked me. I took a shaky breath and pointed to my left knee. He looked down and swore. "Alby, I gotta get her to the med-jacks." Alby looked down at me, at my knee, then back to Minho.
"Yeah, I dragged her shuck butt all the way from the Blades, Alby." Minho said. "So don't be getting your panties in a twist about me getting back so late." Alby swore too, then motioned for Newt to pick me up. Newt tried to be gentle, but as he picked me up, he brushed against my knee. I cried out in pain, then passed out. Again.

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104 days ago
144 days ago
Omg i love this please make more this is amazing and put more twists!!!
631 days ago
just finished and I loved this so much, definitely made my night. it may or may not be midnight rn but I don't care. it was worth it 100%
631 days ago
this was good, I'm reading this at 11 at night. helped my boredom. I kinda wish Newt was STRIGHT tho....
691 days ago
This was so good you should write more. undefined
1050 days ago
I feel like the story isn’t really ended properly and Jamie is waayyy too overpowered. Otherwise I really enjoyed the story! Great storyline