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Fan Fiction: The Scorch Trials:)

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Guys! Since you all loved my Maze Runner fan fictions, I decided to make a Scorch Trials one too.

I was asleep, haunted by the wonderful memories of what we had to go through to get here, when Teresa spoke.
'Guys, something's wrong.' I woke up, none too gracefully, and spluttered.
'What? What is it?" I asked, my concern growing. I was exhausted, but I couldn't shake the feeling that something was actually very wrong.
'I don't know. And Thomas won't wake up.' I snorted.
'Figures. Hold on, I got this.' I took a deep breath and switched the focus of my energy from Teresa to my brother. 'Thomas! Wake up!' I screamed. I felt his subconsciousness ripple, then sink back into the black abyss of exhaustion. I didn't blame him. He'd been through the most pain of any of us here, not including myself and Newt.
There was a thud, then another, and the Gladers started waking up. I tried something I hadn't tried before; I called out to Newt. He wasn't getting up, but I could feel him under me. Then glass broke somewhere.
'Newt. Newt, wake up.' I pushed with my mind, and I felt a return of energy. He'd heard me. He'd heard me! But before I could get too excited, something snapped. It was like loosing an organ, a part of my brain. I couldn't feel Teresa anymore. Quickly, I checked, and I could still feel Thomas and Newt; only Teresa was gone. I looked for Thomas, who'd finally waken up. Our eyes connected, and I could tell he'd felt it too. I'd been sitting in my bed, trying to stay calm, while people tried to get through the windows from outside. They all had the same crazed look in their eyes as the woman that had grabbed Thomas the day before, when he was running to the bus. I had stayed on my bed mostly because of my leg-which the people who took us here had wrapped properly-but also because I realized that I was safe where I was. At least for now.
Minho and Newt ran over to the door and all the other Gladers just stayed away from the windows.

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341 days ago
Bro, u write so well! Gimme more, shank, lol