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Irrestible (A One Direction Fanfiction)

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Before, the incident, Andrea was a normal 11 year old girl. Her parents had been divorced since she was 1, and her dad was in a different country. But after the incident, Andrea has nowhere to go. She decides to take some money her mom left her and leaves her childhood home. After leaving, she must make some tough decisions. Will she be able to stay hidden, or will she be found? How will she make it on her own? Most importantly, will her life ever be normal again?

    It happened on a cold autumn night. It was just like any other night. Andrea was texting Michelle, her best friend, when suddenly there was a loud bang followed by a shriek. 'What was that?' Andrea wondered. "MOM!" She hollered down the stairs. She heard banging noises, then the closing of the front door. She ran downstairs.

    "Andrea," her mom could barely say from downstairs. She ran over, clutching her wounded and dying mother.

    "Mom, please, please don't leave me. I don't have anywhere to go, and I don't know anything!" Andrea blurted between her sobs. Her mom looked terrible. The wound left from the bullet was bleeding excessively.

    "Honey, I'll never truly leave you. Never," replied her surprisingly, calm mother. After a long pause, she whispered, "it was him. Your father. I refused to give him money. He was going to waste it all on gambling anyway! Whatever you do, babe, don't go to him. Don't let the police find you. Okay?"

    "Okay, I won't. But, where do i go? How do I get money? What should I do?" The questions poured from Andrea's mouth.

    "I left you money. Run. As far as you can. Follow what your brain tells you, as well as your heart." Those were her last words.

    Andrea didn't call the police, didn't call anyone. She didn't cry, either. It sounded weird, but she was too sad to cry. She found the money. 20000 euros! "Woah," she said as she pulled out the money. She went to bed.

    The next day, around 5:30, the alarm clock went off. Andrea woke up, for a moment forgetting the past day. But after a while, she remembered, and out of no where the tears poured out. She cried for at least an hour, but decided to quit. If she left too late, the school would start to wonder why she was absent. They always called home. She set off, and looked back only once. That was the last time she saw her home.

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794 days ago
is that all? is the story finished? it's a good story tho
978 days ago
Is that all the story!?
Where is one direction?
It's a good story anyway. You've got talent.
996 days ago
I thought one direction was going to be part of this. :'(
1244 days ago
too scayr!!! too scary gods plan gods plan
1755 days ago
My name is Andrea ajdndk
2051 days ago
It is a good story I like it
2122 days ago
I like how it’s going so far
2203 days ago
Hi guys. I am a quizmaker too. I hope you all check out my quizzes
2215 days ago
Where is the rest of the story?