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Justin Bieber, The pizza Man! <3

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One day I was hungry, but I couldn't have my parents buy anything good to eat, so I ordered pizza. and you'll never guess who the pizza man was!

    Today sucked! Two exams, three quizzes and four essays! And now I have three book reports and a diorama due Friday! And it's Wednesday! I walked into the living room, flopped on the couch, and picked up my cell phone. My parents were at work, and I was in charge of MY OWN dinner! Ughhh. I'm callin' for pizza! I dialed Dominos, ordered a large pie with extra pepperoni.

    Thirty minutes, they said. It's been forty-five minutes and no pizza! Finally the door bell rang. I yanked it open and was about to boast about a free pizza when I looked at the delivery man. He looked familiar, and then I realized who it was..... Justin Bieber! My idol! Squeeee!

    I was SPEECHLESS. Justin Bieber was on MY doorstep! "OMG!" I shouted. Justin smiled. "So, you're a Belieber." I stared at him. "you know it!" I squealed. Then I jumped on him and squeezed him. I HAD to Instagram this. Justin read my thoughts. "Okay, but don't forget to tag me." Together we smiled and snapped a photo. While I was doing wonders with Emoji, I noticed Justin studying my outfit. "What's wrong?" I asked. Did I have a hole in my shirt? A stain on my jeans? "Nothing, just that I love your sense of style!" he exclaimed. I beamed. JUSTIN BIEBER loved MY sense of style! Too good to be true..... yet it was! " Ya know....." Justin said. " My old stylist just quit to work for BIG TIME RUSH. Gag!" OMG OMG, I hate Big Time Rush too! " Maybe if I pull a few strings, make a few calls, I could get YOU to be my stylist." Justin replied. I almost fainted. ME? Be JUSTIN'S stylist? SQUEEEEEEEEEAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! " Yes yes yes yes yes!" I cried. Then we both realized the pizza was getting cold. So I took advantage of the situation and invited Justin in to discuss the details. That is how I became Justin Bieber head stylist AND got access to FREE Justin fanwear! I HEART YOU JB! <3<3<3<3<3

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