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Take your chance with this rapper [Chance the rapper Fanfiction]

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Chance the acid rapper is featured in this new twist of love story. Chance the rapper is dating the lovable sexy Christiana in this somewhat steamy comedy of a love story. But when Chance meets Jade the tables start to turn. This is bound to be a story you'll love no matter what you like. So come on take your Chance with this story!

"You're never going to leave me chance are you?" I said rubbing his chest."I wouldn't think of it babe," He said smiling
"You're never going to leave me chance are you?" I said rubbing his chest.
"I wouldn't think of it babe," He said smiling. I giggled. I love having him by me he was my favorite dude in the whole world.
"Alright imma make breakfast and then head out to work," I said stretching and throwing the covers off of me and getting out of bed.
"I'll be down in a minute Christiana," He said his voice groggy.
I shot a smile at him while I put my clothes on and then brushed my teeth and got ready and shit. I put on some Cocoa butter lotion. After I got out of the shower. I know he likes it when I smell like that.
I headed down the stairs and started making his breakfast. I checked my phone it was 11:15 so basically lunch my job started at one today so I better hustle. Maybe an easy grilled cheese sandwich for him instead a big lunch. I made him that and some mac and cheese and then gave him some Juice on the side. I know he was a big guy and that was barely a meal but he was going to have to roll with it. Because I was going to be late for work. Chance came coming down the stairs.
"Christiana what you make today?" He said as he walked towards me by the dining room table and gave me a kiss. He then paused and took a big sniff.
"You smell so good," He said taking it in. His eyes lit up, "I bet you got that cocoa butter I told you to get last time you went to the store," He said as he took a seat. He was laughing.
"Shut up boy and eat," I said with a chuckle and a grin.
He stared at his plate.
"It's been a while since I had a diagonal grilled cheese," He said holding one of the pieces up in his hand.
"If you don't want it Chance you can eat something else I didn't have time today to make you too much though," I said placing a hand on my hip. And staring at him.
"Naw I'm good," He said taking a bite.
"Good," I said firmly. " Now what are you going to do on your day off?"
"Sit here all day missing you," He said sweetly.
"Ha. Ha. No really!" I said my hands begging for an answer.
"Um, I don't know I'll think if something," His hand waving the thought away. "Now hurry up and go before you're late,"
I started to get up and pick up my purse and gather my things.
"My back is still hurting from that adventure we had in bed last night," I said wincing in pain.
"Yeah do you still have those blisters on your knees?" Chance laughed loudly and hit the table. I rolled my eyes and walked out the door.
"Bye Chance," I said as I waved goodbye.

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